4 Phrases Confident Women Tell Themselves When They Don’t Land Their Dream Job

Looking for a new job can be difficult. Filling out all the applications, networking, and interviewing takes time and energy. It’s not always easy to stay upbeat and positive, especially when you don’t get the job you want. Here are some things you can say to yourself to keep going.

1. Companies Will Want to Interview and Hire Me

When you’re feeling nervous about job hunting, it’s easy to start questioning yourself. If you’re feeling this way, it’s a good idea to stop and list your strengths. Many women discount the things they do well because they’re easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for others.

When we feel doubtful, we may think to ourselves:

  • I don’t have the right skills
  • Nobody will want to hire me

Instead, turn these thoughts into:

  • I’m great at X, and companies value that
  • I’ve done a great job at X, and my next job will appreciate that

Knowing that a good job and good manager will appreciate you can help you to feel motivated and keep looking for the right match.

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2. That Was Great Practice

After you don’t get a job, you may beat yourself up about everything you did wrong instead of thinking about what you did right. This is especially true for interviews. You may replay the interview over and over in your head, focusing on some small things you could have done better. You might say something to yourself like:

  • I can’t believe I did that – that was stupid
  • That’s why they didn’t hire me

Instead, realize that every interview is a learning experience. It is a good idea to think back over the interview but do it positively. Review some questions asked that you could have answered better. Write them down and prepare answers for the next interview you have. Also, always review what you did well and make sure you continue to do that in the next interviews.

Think instead:

  • I did well at X
  • X was a tough question, and a better way to answer a question like that next time would be…
  • I feel better prepared for my next interview

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3. People Want To Help Me

One of the best ways to get a new job is to network. We know that, but so many times, we’re reluctant to ask people for help. Think about it though, if a friend of yours was looking for a job, wouldn’t you be happy to help her? Of course, you would.

Many women say they don’t want to be a bother to other people. Stop worrying about that. Tell your friends you’re looking for a job and allow them to help you.

You might say, ‘ok, that’s true, I’ll let my close friends know, but I don’t want to tell anyone else.' Why not? Someone out there is looking for someone like you to fill a position. You could be are the person someone needs to perfectly fill a void at their company. Allow their friends and colleagues to help connect you so they can fill that job. Everyone wins!

4. The Right Job Will Be Available

When we feel bad, we tell ourselves things like:

  • I’ll never find anything
  • It’s hopeless

This can be especially true if you’ve been looking for some time or received a few rejections. That can make it difficult to continue to feel confident. Replace those negative thoughts with:

  • I haven’t found the right job yet
  • I will keep going so the right job will be available
  • The job search will pay off for me

It’s easier to keep going when we believe we will be rewarded for our hard work.

When you get rejections, it can be difficult to keep a positive attitude. Remembering these four phrases on your tough days can help you to get back on track and keep going so you can get the job of your dreams.

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