12 Things Millennials and Boomers Alike Are Confused by With Gen Z

If there's one thing millennials and boomers can agree on is that Generation Z is utterly confounding. Sometimes they seem like an entirely new species of human. Recently, millennials and boomers met in an online discussion to reveal the things they are most confused about by the youngest generation.

1. Their Penchant for Broadcasting Their Entire Lives

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Why are so many Gen-Zers comfortable broadcasting their entire lives across multiple social media platforms? Do they not care about the ramifications? “Do none of you realize putting your entire lives on the Internet is going to come back to bite you in the butt someday?” asks one outraged boomer.

2. Their Amazing Hair

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Although you can chalk this up to millennials and boomers being jealous, it's worth noting. “How do all these young guys get their hair to look that way that's super ‘in' right now? Are they out getting perms?” says one boomer.

But, of course, it's true; their hairstyles are impeccable! Life isn't fair.

3. Their Hypocrisy

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While I disagree with this sentiment, it's one that many other people share. “Why do all of Generation Z claim to be shy, antisocial, and don't wanna be the center of attention, all while posting every single selfie and dance video of themselves constantly,” wonders one boomer.

It seems that Gen-Zers will do whatever it takes to become famous!

4. Their Willingness To Cry on Camera

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One of their most bizarre traits is their willingness to cry openly on camera. From overly-emotional TikTok selfies describing their terrible day at work to Snapchat videos lamenting a recent breakup, it's confounding to think why they decide to begin filming themselves whenever they feel the slightest emotion.

5. The Way They Talk

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I don't know about you but I must catch up with the latest terminology. More times than not, Gen-Z conversation is littered with words whose definitions I am not privy to. To make matters worse, these words are mostly slang that has become embedded into the cultural vernacular.

So now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find out what “based” means.

6. How Tolerant They Are of Being Tracked Online

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Countless millennials and boomers are shocked at how Gen-Zers don't mind being constantly tracked. Whether it's website cookies, targeted ads, or diving head-first into the latest technology, Gen-Zers don't care. They have no privacy anymore, and they're perfectly fine with it.

7. The Way They Skipped Their “Awkward Phase”

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Going through life's “awkward stage” was a rite of passage for most millennials and boomers. But, somehow, Gen-Zers found a way to skip that part of growing up. “Why does it seem like they all skipped the awkward phase?” one millennial incredulously asks. “It's like they came out of elementary school knowing how to coordinate outfits and drink Starbucks.”

8. Their Love of Cryptocurrency

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No generation has bought into the hype of anything more than Generation Z buying into the lure of cryptocurrency. The (false) promises of being wealthy beyond their wildest dreams are too much to pass on, but millennials and boomers know better.

9. Their Acceptance of Labels

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While I applaud Generation Z for being more accepting, millennials and boomers alike are puzzled by their enthusiasm for personal labels because it differs from how we acted at their age. One person puts it all in perspective saying, “When I was in high school, we hated being labeled,” confesses one woman. “Now it seems people want their labels on display – whether it's sexuality or learning differences (ace, neurodivergent, etc.) – I respect it, I just remember not wanting to be boxed into labels.”

10. Mom Jeans

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For the life of me, I can't explain Gen-Z fashion in 2023. Trends like every young person wearing unflattering mom jeans are considered “cool” these days. So what happened to people wearing clothes that flattered and accentuated their bodies?

11. Their Obsession With Taking Over Public Spaces To Take Pictures

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No public space is safe from Gen-Zers wanting exclusive access to take photos of each other. From full-on photo shoots to attempts at viral videos, it seems like most Generation Z members think in a very entitled manner.

12. Their Love of Portrait Videos

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One person makes a great point about how Gen-Zers have a nonsensical side about them. “Your eyes see in landscape mode,” he explains. “Your TV is in landscape mode. Movie theater screens are in landscape mode. But every video you make is in portrait mode for some reason!” This is arguably the most egregious trait of them all. Thanks, social media apps.

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