How To Become a Consultant and Make More Money Consulting

Are you a consultant, or are you looking to get started in the world of consulting? Then great news!!! We have all the details for you can make more money consulting in 2020 and find the best consulting jobs.  

Plus, in this guide, were are going to share how you can start your consulting career as well as bring new life to your existing consulting business. 

What is a Consultant?

One who gives professional advice or services – Dictionary

Simply put, a consultant is a person with relevant experience that provides expert advice.

However, consulting requires more than just giving specialist advice. To succeed in consulting you must;

  • Provide Practical information
  • Diagnosis and solve problems
  • Make Recommendations
  • Assist with implementations

To consult successfully, your main goal is to reach your audience, the client.

You try to accomplish this in several ways, but nothing works better than when you can talk directly to them, face-to-face.

When you’re able to speak to them in this personal, engaging way, you can see their reactions. This allows you to read their body language and adjust to create a conversation that is like a perfect game of table tennis.

The problem is, in our world of digital technology, your audience may not be standing right in front of you. There’s a good chance that they’re not even standing on the same continent. This creates a massive obstacle in reaching them on that personal and effective level.

You can send emails, create funnels, connect over the phone, or text back and forth, but it often doesn’t create the relationship you're hoping for. And, it's not the best method to convey information, impart knowledge, or to interact in a way that allows you to get to the next level in your sales process.

Not to mention that it takes a significant hit on your schedule to have to wait around for a reply. However, there is a way you can accomplish, creating an interpersonal relationship with face-to-face interaction.

As a bonus, you'll also achieve quick responses and with that instant gratification. The solution to the problem is simple, and it's called Symposium.

Symposium is an app that brings life back to your client relationships and humanizes you as not only their business partner but as a person, who they can see and talk to. It allows you to overcome the barrier of distance and speak to them over a cup of coffee, despite your separation of thousands of miles.

If you’ve read our previous reviews of Symposium, then you’ll have a general idea of the app and its possibilities. However, we’re going to give you the information again as well as tell you how you can use it to further your business and networking relationships.

What Is Symposium?

Symposium is a digital app that you can download from your app store and use on your smartphone. It supports a user-friendly platform that enables entrepreneurs to reach their target audience.

They accomplish this through video chats, voice chats, and pay-per-view live broadcasts. These interactions can be 1:1, or they can include as many participants as you desire.

One of the best features of Symposium is that it is highly functional on your cell phone. You know how on some apps you “can” use them on your phone, but they perform best on your desktop or laptop? This isn't the case with Symposium.

The app's design is specifically geared toward use on a smartphone, and therefore it performs at the highest level on your handheld device. Users have boasted of the app’s ability to defy cell service and Wi-Fi connections and maintain crystal clear video and voice quality.

So, if you're getting ready to travel the world but still need to work, Symposium may be the solution you need to stay connected.

What Benefits Does Symposium Provide Consultants?

Symposium provides users with several benefits that set it above any other platform of its kind.  Through the app’s flexibility and ability to monetize your business at every step of the game, you can make your time both purposeful and productive.

Here are a few examples of why consultants should be using Symposium.

Provides Flexibility

As a consultant, you're working 24/7, and you're on-the-go just as much. With the ease of using the app on your mobile device, you can take your meetings with you wherever you go. Remember that trip we were talking about before?

Symposium is the app to help you with that. Connecting with your clients is easy and stress-free. It will allow you to rest assured, knowing you won't have to run to your office or make sure traffic will enable you to get across town in time for the 2 pm roundtable.

You can meet with your clients wherever and whenever you need to. So, whether it's from your living room couch or Yellowstone National Park, you can make your client meeting. Not to mention, rock it without ever having to veer from your pre-established plans.

Cultivates Personal Relationships

Using the Symposium app’s Symchat option, you're able to develop personal relationships with your clients.

You can see their facial expressions when you pitch your newest idea, or you can read their hesitancies better when they're concerned. Seeing a person's body language is so crucial to your business interactions.

It helps better guide your ability to navigate your conversations toward closing a sale, by understanding your clients’ needs, concerns, or roadblocks.

By utilizing the video chat option of Symposium, you’re able to read those signs and respond. It takes the wondering out of those pregnant pauses in conversations and opens the world of understanding to a whole new level.

Assists With Collecting Payments

When you're preparing for a consult call, the inevitable awkward conversation of payment always seems to be the elephant in the room. Instead of sending over an invoice or requesting payment at the close of your communication, Symposium will prompt your users to pay when they schedule.

This eliminates the uncomfortable discussion of money and allows you to focus on diving into your work together.

Enables You To Create Quality, Paid Content

When you're interacting with your audience, it may include more than a 1:1 client meeting. If you're a speaker or an educator, it may be essential for you to provide your offerings to a large group of individuals.

If this is the circumstance, you can schedule a Symcast, which is a live pay-per-view broadcast. This allows you to arrange specific times that you will go live to share your content, and users can log in and pay to view.

Whether you’re offering an educational workshop for students or you’re allowing your followers a glimpse into your life, you will be able to use Symposium to monetize these offerings. In turn, this will help you maximize your income when you incorporate the app into your daily business practices.

Creates a Personal Touch

With the Symgram option, you can reach out to your clients, so they know you’re thinking of them. This can be through a simple birthday message, a quick greeting, or even a snapshot follow-up to a conversation you’ve had earlier.

The Symgram enables business consultants to add a personal touch to their relationship with clients. It also maintains a level of business professional conduct that will allow you and your clients to connect comfortably.

Supports the Side Hustle

The great thing about Symposium is that you don’t have to use it for only one of your endeavors. If you're like most Americans, you aren't operating on one stream of income. You're likely working several jobs and some side gigs to not only make ends meet but to also cultivate your creative spirit.

Symposium is suitable for use across a multitude of business models and can work for you no matter what hat you’re wearing.

So, if your fulltime job is as an entrepreneur with a thriving content marketing company, then you can use Symposium to connect with your clients and pitch your latest proposal.

If, after hours, you offer your services as a fitness enthusiast, you can also use Symposium to provide personal training or group fitness classes to your clients. You can work all your angles from the comfort of your home, with the support Symposium offers its users.

The Bottom Line

Symposium isn’t just an app you incorporate into your business. It is an app that you can employ in all your business practices. It’s an app that allows you to streamline your processes to make your workday more efficient. You work hard, and there's nothing better than finding ways to work more effectively. As a business consultant, you know every moment of your time is money, and therefore you must make each minute count increase your bank account. Do this by downloading and beginning your journey with Symposium.

With Symtalk, Symcast, or a Symgram, you can connect with your clients. Your ability to reach them in this personal, yet convenient way, will enable you to create the connections that will set you apart as their service provider of choice. They'll know precisely how to find you and book your time, and you won't have to navigate the awkward conversation that comes with payment collection.

Let your apps work for you and stop working for your apps. Symposium is one of the best platforms out there to integrate this mantra into your day-to-day operations. It will enable you to make the most productive use of your time and energy.


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