Amy Albers

Amy Albers is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer based in Atlanta. She has over a dozen years of experience writing and using social media to share destinations and events. In addition to Wealth of Geeks, Amy has contributed articles to SheBuysTravel (formerly TravelingMom), Carful of Kids, and Savvy Mama Lifestyle. Amy didn't travel much as a child and decided to make up for that by instilling a love of exploration in her three boys. She enjoys the new perspective of traveling with them now that they are young adults but loves that they are old enough to leave at home for kid-free vacations with her husband. Amy enjoys tent camping and has special expertise with state and national parks. However, she is never mad about a luxe hotel stay. She loves exploring her home in the southeastern United States but is always happy to explore other destinations. As a genealogy and Georgia history librarian, Amy loves all things historic. She's a sucker for old houses and forts and loves to hear and share what happened where. She loves road trips and is highly likely to pull over for random oddities – the weirder, the better. Her family of five enjoys all things Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars and can throw down movie references like it's their job. When she's not traveling or reading, she's busy being a marching band mom in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. You can find more of her work on Muckrack or on Instagram at Exploring the Amysphere.