Chris Karl

Chris is a word-wielding virtuoso whose career is as diverse as his daughter’s repertoire of sippy cups. A New Jersey native, Chris begins each day cooking up the state’s signature Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese breakfast sandwich while listening to a self-DJ’d playlist of 90’s alternative and reading the morning headlines. Chris’s work is featured in numerous media outlets across the web, including the likes of Screen Rant, TheThings, and Chris has also led various content teams, formerly acting as the Lead Editor for a well-known online SEO content agency and currently serving as the Content Manager for a SaaS growth agency dubbed Monkeybox Media. When he's not weaving words, leading content teams, or re-filling sippy cups, Chris is likely catching up on the latest TV shows, meditating somewhere in a float tank, or heading out on new adventures with his wife and two children