Mark Young

My name is Mark Young, and I am a freelance writer from Corpus Christi, Texas. I began my writing career writing film and television reviews in my college newspaper before working my way up over two years to become editor-in-chief. While in college, I also founded my own LGBTQ+ club, became a GLAAD campus ambassador, and traveled across the country for my journalism before ending my schooling, winning Journalism Student of the Year and being entered into Del Mar College's Hall of Fame. After an internship in breaking news at The Corpus Christi Caller-Times, I became a freelance writer working on cannabis news, LGBTQ+ topics, and politics while being on the advisory board for my town's first-ever LGBTQ+ Pride Center, helping raise funds and provide services for queer people. I have been focused on my work as an entertainment journalist and critic, with a weekly television review column with Metro Weekly and work in BuzzFeed LGBTQ+, Into, GLAAD, and have been a member of GALECA: The Society for LGBTQ Entertainment Critics for over two years.