Saad Muzaffar

Saad Muzaffar is an entertainment, lifestyle, and gaming writer at Wealth of Geeks. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a focus on Cyber Security and Data Science with an accompanying Minor in Political Science. When not writing, Saad enjoys playing the latest exclusive on his PS5 while trying to maintain his authority as the best Smash player in his group of friends. Community work is his passion, and he tries to help out whoever he can to the best of his abilities. He has one cat, Riki, and loves talking about his latest scratches. At WealthOfGeeks, Saad writes contributing lists focusing on entertainment, lifestyle, and politics.
  • Job Title: Writer
  • Competency: Gaming, Technology, Lifestyle, Books
  • Languages: English
  • Alumni: Forman Christian College, Lahore
  • Employer: Wealth of Geeks