Sarah Gilliland

Sarah Gilliland is a travel journalist and managing travel editor for Wealth of Geeks. She has over ten years of experience writing, editing, and producing content related to family travel. Sarah freelances for other online outlets in addition to her role as the managing travel editor at Wealth of Geeks. Her work has appeared in Conde Nast Traveler, Insider, Yahoo Life, Attractions Magazine,, and more. Sarah's love of travel began when she was a child during her father's service in the United States Air Force. Now, she loves traveling with her own family, solo, or with friends. Sarah has expert knowledge and experience with theme parks (especially Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Dollywood), family travel, cruises, and road trips. She can be found on her website, On the Road with Sarah, when she isn't traveling or writing freelance columns. She lives in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama with her husband and three kids.
  • Job Title: Managing Travel Editor
  • Alumni: Auburn University
  • Member of: Society of American Travel Writers
  • Employer: Wealth of Geeks, Explore, Attractions Magazine, Yahoo Life, Insider, and more.