Syed Arham

Arham's a writer at Wealth of Geeks who loves to dabble in anything related to entertainment, lifestyle, and gaming. From the latest Hollywood gossips to everyday hacks you can use, he has got you covered. Pursuing his Computer Science degree at the side, Arham's focused on the development side of things and aims to become a computer developer. While Arham isn't taking 8 am classes and finishing up assignments at the last minute, he's casually flaming his teammates in DOTA 2. More than just a student and a gamer, Arham is deeply committed to community service and harbors the ambition to establish free-of-cost medical facilities in his hometown. 
  • Job Title: Writer
  • Competency: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Gaming, Anime
  • Languages: English, Urdu
  • Alumni: FAST NUCES
  • Employer: Wealth of Geeks