16 Controversial Foods People Love or Won’t Touch

Food is one of life's greatest pleasures, but it can also be a source of controversy. While some people love certain dishes, others would never touch them. From strange textures to slimy and gritty, some of the foods that people adore others absolutely cannot stand. 

1. Liver

Grilled Liver with Onions closeup in the bowl served with bread on the table.
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Liver has a chewy texture that some people find unappetizing. Quite a few people described it as gritty and like chewing on rubber. If you're not a fan of chewy, meaty textures, pass on Grandma's next liver-and-onions dinner.

2. Spam

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Some people love it, and some people hate it. It all depends on preparation. I have friends in Hawaii who swear by it as a weekly staple. 

3. Overripe Fruits

Delicious ripe kiwi fruits, isolated on white background
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Nothing is worse than being excited to eat a fragrant piece of fruit only to discover it is entirely mushy and tasteless. Still, some people like overripe fruit.

4. Jellyfish

hydrozoan Turritopsis dohrnii Jellyfish
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Jellyfish is a popular delicacy in some parts of the world, but its slimy, rubbery texture can be off-putting. People describe it as chewy but not in a good way, and like eating a wet piece of plastic. If you're not accustomed to eating jellyfish, it's best to stay away.

5. Oysters

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Oysters are a love-it-or-hate-it food, and the slimy texture is often the culprit. While oysters can be delicious (with hot sauce), they're not for everyone.

6. Okra

Close up of boiled and cut okra
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Okra is a divisive vegetable, thanks in part to its slimy texture. More than one person compared it to eating a ball of slime. If you're not a fan of slimy vegetables, okra may not be for you. I like it deep-fried and dipped in ranch.

7. Tapioca Pudding

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Tapioca pudding is a creamy dessert that contains small tapioca pearls, which can be polarizing. Multiple people described the texture as soggy and like eating eggs. If you're not a fan of chewy textures, tapioca pudding may not be your thing.

8. Squid

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Squid has a chewy texture that some people find unappetizing. Many individuals describe it as rubbery and like chewing on a rubber band. If you're not a fan of chewy seafood, you might skip the squid.

9. Coconut

Image Credit: Ivar Leidus/Wikimedia Commons.

Coconut is a versatile ingredient, but the texture can be divisive. If you're not a fan of tough, fibrous textures, skip the coconut-sprinkled desserts.

10. Durian

Image Credit: Dudva/Wikimedia Commons.

Have you seen this fruit at the grocery store and wondered what it is? Durian is a fruit with a pungent odor and a custardy texture. Some described it as like eating wet socks and sour and slimy. If you're not a fan of pungent, custardy textures, pass on the durian.

11. Tofu

Image Credit: Francesc Fort/Wikimedia Commons.

Tofu is a popular meat substitute made from soybeans, but its texture can be divisive. Some people say it's like eating a sponge while others swear it's their family mealtime go-to.

12. Canned Spinach

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Canned spinach has a mushy texture that many people find unappetizing. A few different people described it as slimy and like eating baby food. 

13. Olives

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There are two types of people in this world: people who hate olives and people who would eat everything at an olive bar every single day. For those who hate them, it's a combination of the taste and the texture. 

14. Mushrooms

Portion of preserved Mushrooms, canned mushrooms
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Mushrooms are slimy and they have a super strange texture — which is why a lot of people don't mess with mushrooms. But a lot of people love their flavor and will eat them on everything.

15. Cilantro

Boards with fresh cilantro and lime on wooden table
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Some people can love cilantro and for others, it can taste like dish soap. That can make or break if you like cilantro on your tacos or not.

16. Sushi

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Yes, some people love it and some simply won't touch it. With so many variations, try it cooked or fried before you turn it down forever.