Cop Craft Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

It has been almost two years since fans last saw Cop Craft on screen, and now they’re wondering when Cop Craft Season 2 will be released on the screens. The first season of this detective drama gave a mixed feeling to its viewers. The audience liked its story, but they felt the animation was a bit too much. Still, they think that the anime has great potential and want to see its second season. So, when will the series return to the screens? 

Cop Craft is a Japanese action fantasy anime series. It is the remake of Shoji Gatoh and Range Murata’s light novel series of the same title written back in 2009 and still ongoing until now with six volumes. Studio Millepensee animated the debut season of this show. The anime made its debut in July 2019 and ran for a total of twelve episodes. The viewers saw the last episode of its first season in October 2019. Now, are there any possibilities for this anime?

Cop Craft Season 1: Recap Story

Cop Craft Season 2

Fifteen years ago, a mysterious hyperspace gate appeared over the Pacific Ocean in our world. Elves, fairies, and other fantastic creatures came through the gate from the other side and established diplomatic relations with Earth. In the present day, Kariana Island and its main city of San-Teresa serve as Earth's front door to the magical world on the other side of the gate, and over two million non-humans live within the city, mixing with additional human residents. 

This results in both prosperous growth for the island, and a seedy underbelly of criminals who seek to take advantage of it. The San-Teresa Metropolitan Police Department is established to keep order within the city between those two forces. After a drug bust goes horribly wrong, Detective Sergeant Kei Matoba loses both the fairy being sold as a catalyst for new drugs and his partner of four years in the Metropolitan Police to a Semanian attacker. 

Despite his attitude towards the Semanian people he derisively calls aliens, Matoba is forced to partner with a Semanian knight to find the fairy lost in the drug bust, as they consider the fairy an important Semanian citizen. From there, Matoba slowly learns to tolerate the Semanian people, while the knight slowly acclimates herself to Earth and its customs.

Cop Craft Season 2: Renewal Status

Cop Craft Season 2

Cop Craft is one of the anime that follows the light novel series of the same title. It followed the storyline of its source material closely, but it did rearrange and skip a lot of content. In fact, not only chapters, but this adaptation skipped entire volumes. The story’s pacing was also a bit fast. On average, it used one volume per four-episode With the current pace, Studio Millepensee has all the three skipped books to make Cop Craft Season 2. These three books are enough for them to produce another 12-episode anime installment.

Cop Craft Season 2: Release Date

Cop Craft Season 2

The debut installment of this action fantasy series received a mixed response. Both viewers and critics praised the anime for some of its brilliant action sequences. Its storyline is also pretty simple and linear. But the excessive use of CGI and animation somewhat ruined this show, and fans didn’t like its art style as well. As previously mentioned, despite the average reviews, the viewers want to see Cop Craft Season 2 because they think it has great potential. Also, the popularity of this anime is enough to convince the makers to renew it for the second season.

For more than two years, we still haven't made any announcement yet. But it seems like they have to wait for the same amount of time again as the series is yet to get a renewal. Therefore, the chances are pretty low that the production studio will soon give the green light to the sequel of this show. Well, according to that, fans might get to see Cop Craft Season 2 only in our imagination.