United States Ranks Amongst Countries Most Interested in The Stock Market

A recent study found that the United States is amongst the top 10 countries interested in the stock market. Singapore and India were the top two countries most interested in investing in the stock market, with Canada rounding out the top five.

Researchers at CMC Markets, a financial services provider, looked at Google Trends data to see what people were searching for most regarding stocks and trading. By aggregating these terms, CMC Markets derived a “total search score” for each English-speaking country, revealing which regions had shown the highest interest in stocks over the previous year.

Singapore Ranks First

According to the results, Singapore has the highest interest in investing and trading. When comparing the global popularity of the search terms “stocks,” “purchase stocks,” and “interest rate,” Singapore came scored 100 for all three search terms and ended up with an overall total search score of 555 out of a possible 700.

The Singapore Business Review reported that 5 in 10 Singaporeans have investments in the stock market, with an expected 18.29% to enter the market. The country is the third most curious about the “stock market,” scoring 72 points for that search term.

India and Canada Rank Second and Third

With a search score of 492, India comes in at number two. When looking at the search term “stock market” and “swing trading,” India has the second largest percentage of its population searching for both. But, the research suggests that Indians aren't all that interested in day trading, with a score of 35, making them the second least interested in this word behind the UK (34).

Compared to the rest of the world, Canadians' curiosity for stocks ranks third. Canada has a total search score of 462 because it has the second-highest levels of searches for both key phrases, “invest in stocks” and “purchase stocks,” with both terms ranking in the top five globally.

Investing in Stocks Peaks Interest in The United States

In the overall ranking of the countries, the United States is #4 for being the most interested in the stock market. Interestingly, the United States ranks first for ‘invest in stocks' and “stock market' searches, suggesting that many Americans are interested in the stock market as an investment strategy.

The US ranked fourth for “purchase stocks” searches, with a total search score of 453 out of a possible 700.

Day Trading In the UAE

With a combined search score of 374, the United Arab Emirates lands in fifth place. The United Arab Emirates ranked fifth for ‘day trading' and fourth for ‘swing trading' in the survey. Since the UAE is among the ten largest oil producers in the world, there is no surprise that day trading and swing trading were trending, especially with the many avenues of oil trading, such as the options trading market and oil futures contracts.

No Patience in Australia

Australia ranks #6 overall with a search score of 338. Australia ranks sixth globally for the percentage of its population that conducts Internet searches for the term “invest in stocks.” Australia is the country most interested in “day trading,” suggesting that Australians may prefer to hold their investments for the shortest possible time.

Low Interest in Swing Trading

For the keyword “swing trading,” only five countries have scores higher than 50. The UK has the lowest keyword rank, followed by the US and Australia. Whereas India is the top country for this word, followed by Nigeria, having the lowest numbers across the board, except for the keyword “swing trading.”

Global interest in the stock market remains strong, with Singapore and India leading the pack. With advancements in financial technology and online stock trading platforms, investors and potential investors worldwide will have more opportunities to participate in the stock market and potentially reap its rewards.

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