25 Best Coupon Websites To Save Tons of Money

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Have you been searching for the best coupon websites? Studies show that 96% of shoppers use coupons while making a purchase. The truth is, every shopper loves the feeling of getting mouth-watering deals, and coupons always help them get that.

With online shopping and digital discount codes, you can save money without even leaving your house. You can get most of these coupons from browser extensions, and you can get codes automatically.

For instance, finding the right coupons when shopping will save you tons of cash, so you really can’t go wrong with coupon websites.

So, Below Are Some of The Best Coupon Websites To Start Saving Money Today!

1. Amazon Coupons

Amazon has been popular as an e-commerce platform, and only a few people know that Amazon is one of the coupon websites around. These coupons help you to get better deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

The most common products offering these coupons are household items. Also, some coupons are only available to Prime members.  You can only use the coupons when purchasing products owned by Amazon.

The best way to know when coupons are available is to sign up for email notifications and receive updates on Amazon coupons.

Start Saving with Amazon Coupons

2. Wikibuy

Wikibuy is one of my latest browser extensions. It is a free browser extension for coupons and savings. Wikibuy helps with price comparison by allowing buyers to search for better deals (for items within the same category) on the Internet.

For instance, if you add a wristwatch to your Amazon cart, you may come across Wikibuy's pop-up window displaying the same item at a cheaper rate on a different website like Walmart, Target, eBay. During the buying process, they may suggest a redeemable coupon code.

The extension is available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. All you have to do is download the browser extension, and Wikibuy will start comparing prices for you. Codes are updated in real-time based on which codes save other Wikibuyers the most.

Start Saving with Wikibuy

3. Swagbucks

Most individuals consider Swagbucks to be just a survey website though it offers more than that. The website was designed to earn ‘Swagbucks' in multiple ways, but the widely known method is the online survey.

However, earnings can be made by printing coupons on their website to use at grocery, clothing stores, and other brands. For every coupon you print out, you will earn 1 Swagbucks. To earn more, you can redeem deals online.

Furthermore, when you accumulate enough Swagbucks, you can redeem them as cashback or gift cards at your popular stores. You can sign up for Swagbucks exclusive deals to receive updates and coupons.

Other ways to earn cashback with Swagbucks include watching videos, taking online surveys,  playing games, purchasing gift cards, and using the Swagbucks search engine. I remembered earning a few bucks by doing a survey and watching video years back.

Signup today and get a $5 bonus

4. Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals offers the latest deals from a range of popular brands and retailers. The deals offered on the homepage are hand-picked by the editor. The website owner, Jason F., tries to promote money-saving tips on his site by having deal experts canvass the Internet daily for mouth-watering deals. Together with the hand-picked deals, you can search for deals that offer coupons.

Brad’s deals also offer shopping guides on seasonal and popular items, including discounts on technology and deals under $25, and a more general money-saving tips section.

Check out Brad’s Deals

5. Rakuten

Rakuten is renowned as one of the biggest coupon websites on the Internet, and it is valued at over $1 billion.  It’s completely free to sign up for Rakuten, and doing so will give you access to some of the best deals on the market. 

Although Rakuten offers coupons, the site was mainly designed for cashback, which comes in different forms. While it supports cash back for in-store shopping, Rakuten also supports cash backs for purchases made in over 2500 different stores, including Walmart and Amazon.

The site even offers a handy Chrome browser extension that will alert you if the site you’re using offers cashback.

Signup for Rakuten today and get a $10 bonus

6. Couponcause

Like the other coupon websites on the web, CouponCause offers price slashes on a wide range of brands. But what differentiates them from the other coupon sites is that a fraction of their profits is donated to charity.

If you wish to save money and help your society simultaneously, this website is your best bet. They offer coupons for different stores, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon, and so on.  

Check out CouponCause here

7. Coupon Pro

This site was launched to promote the couponing culture. Coupon Pro provides money-saving ideas as well as deals and coupons, which are peculiar to certain stores.

A section of the website is centered on giving details about giveaways and freebies, and there is another section for sweepstakes.

Check out Coupon Pro here

8. Coupons.com

This website has a straightforward name, so you don’t have to think to find out what they do. Established in 1998, Coupons.com is among the pioneer online coupon sites. This website offers a selection of digital coupons that can be used for online and physical shopping.

When it comes to the best websites for free printable coupons, you can never be wrong with coupons. Sign for its emails and get regular updates on the best deals.

When you first use the site, it’ll ask you for your ZIP Code to locate relevant deals in your location. You can also print out coupons and use them at grocery stores, drugstores, and retail shops in your area.

Coupons.com will also allow you to link a credit or debit card to your account for cashback on everyday shopping.

Check out Coupons.com here

9. Dealnews

This website places focus on apparel, home improvement items, and consumer technology. DealNews is a treasure-trove for finding exceptional deals within this niche.

Every deal that goes live has a stamp-time on the website; this makes it easy to know if a coupon has expired or not. Additionally, they organize sweepstakes that offer you an opportunity to win up to a thousand dollars.

Finally, there is a phone app available for download, which can make things easier in your next purchase of a TV or a pair of trainers.

Check out DealNews here

10. Dontpayfull

DontPayFull was created for buyers seeking discounts on anything. It offers free online coupons and promo codes for the stores you love! The search bar permits you to look for offers, brands, and stores, and you can also choose to browse manually.

You have access to millions of offers from a wide range of stores, but you will be redirected to the retailer's website for you to complete the deal.

You can sign up for their mailing list to have the latest offers delivered to your inbox regularly.

Check out dontPayFull

11. Freeshipping

FreeShipping was created to address the problem of outrageous delivery fees experienced by online buyers. However, the site has broadened its horizons by venturing into cashback.

You can get 10% cashback when you purchase from major retailers, 20% cashback during seasonal sales, free shipping return, and price protection if you find the same item sold for less elsewhere.

There is a membership fee of $13 but you can get a 7 days free trails for $2.

Check out FreeShipping

12. Entertainment Coupon Book

Entertainment Coupon Book was established in 1962, and it is one of the oldest coupon sites you can find. In its early stages, it was a coupon book company that raises money for schools.

Presently, it is among the popular coupon websites, and you can get discount offers as high as 50%.

The disadvantage of this website is that you have to pay membership to be able to access the deals; this comes at $2.99 a month or $19.99 annually.

Check out Entertainment Coupon Book

13. Frugaa

Frugaa is a search engine for coupons that boasts of about $27 average savings per user. Also, you save more when you use the site for an extended period. This website features tons of coupons that are updated daily and offer free delivery deals.

Check out Frugaa

14. Groupon

Groupon is among the popular coupon websites on our list. The platform is reputed for restaurant deals. Also, you can get travel discounts or utilize their app store to sell discounted merchandise. They also offer coupons, and you can save as much as 70% or more on deals.

Groupon is known for its great deals on vacation or restaurant dining experiences. With Groupon, you can enjoy your monthly entertainment on a low budget

Groupon also offers ideal coupons that you can use to shop online and offline. Get discounts from Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, The Home Depot, Blue Apron, and Amazon.

Check out Groupon and start saving

15. Hip2save

Collin Morgan launched Hip2Save to help her family and friends save money. Today, it has become one of the biggest coupon sites with a reputable coupon database run by a team of experts.

The site also features a freebie section for books, recipes, ideas, and sales events.

It's also available on iOS or Android devices, which makes it easy to browse for deals anytime.

Check out what to Expect From Hip2Save.

16. Honey

Honey is a Chrome browser extension that helps you utilize present coupon websites. It’s one of my best coupon websites; I always use it to shop, giving the best coupon and discount.  

With Honey,  the coupon finding process is automated, and this ensures that you do not use an already expired coupon. This is a perfect website for those who do not have the time to manually search for coupons.

Check out Honey and download it for free.

17. Living Social

Living Social is owned by Groupon and was set up for users to purchase products and share fun stuff to do in their respective cities.

The site, which has over 70 million users, is one of the world's biggest coupon websites. This website offers coupons for local businesses in big cities.

It has diverse categories from food and drinks to beauty and spa services where you can get huge savings.

Living Social also features cool deals on home products, children’s items, and other goodies.

Check out Living Social here.

18. The Krazy Coupon Lady

The platform was launched by two passionate coupon ladies, Joiner Demer, and Heather Wheeler. Presently it boasts of being the number money-saving app.

You can find weekly deals, online, and printable coupons on this website. Also, the coupons are updated daily.

Check out Krazy Coupon Lady

19. Price Blink

This is another browser extension, but unlike Honey, it is compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. However, it has the same function as Honey; it automatically searches the Internet to find the best deals and coupons. Therefore, you can enjoy the best prices without any hassles.

Check our Price Blink Here

20. Retailmenot

Here comes another big coupon website on our list. You can scan for recent deals of any popular retailer, get cashback offers and discounts. Furthermore, there is also an online community for submitting coupons as well as getting feedback.

21. Retailmenot Everyday

This website was established when RetailMeNot acquired a physical coupon company called RedPlum. Unlike RetailMeNot, which focuses on luxury products like apparel and consumer electronics.

RetailMeNot every day is all about basic items like cleaning products, groceries, and many more. The coupons on the website are usually updated on Sundays.

Check out RetailMeNot Everyday

22. Savings.com

Saving.com is also another old coupon website. Here, you have access to a wide range of items like groceries, apparel, and flights. You also get online and printable coupons that can be used in large retail stores.

You must also note that this website is meant only for U.S. residents, but the same company launched Savoo.com to serve consumers in other countries.

Savings.com lets you find great promotions and huge discounts, from grocery items to airline flights. Similarly, they also offer printable and online coupons. Savings.com lets you see deals in your local area.

Get all your promo ads and details in one place with Savings.com.

23. Smartsource

SmartSource has been in existence for a long time. Although they are still involved in traditional paper couponing, they have also taken their business online.

Therefore, you get to double your savings by exploring both options. SmartSource focuses more on everyday items. There’s also an app available to download.

Check out Smartsource

24. Slickdeals

SlickDeals is a community-based coupon website. On this platform, deals are curated by both the editorial team and users. Similarly, it features a lot of forums to help your source deals easily or provide tips. Coupons are rated by users, and only the top-rated ones are put up on the front page.

Check out Slick Deals

25. Southern Savers

This website was created only for those who reside in the southern part of the USA. In conjunction with offering coupons, the website dishes out useful resources to help you maintain a frugal lifestyle.

Check out Southern Savers


Whichever shopping method you use, coupon websites can help you save a lot of money.

To sum it up, don’t forget to search for a coupon code before you make any online purchase. For in-store shopping trips, check out the coupon websites that offer printable coupons.

Take advantage of these amazing offers today!

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