Is Covid Still Important in 2023? Some Believe Not

As we start 2023, one hot topic is the ongoing fight against COVID-19, especially an issue known as Long COVID. Unfortunately, the fight isn't always about how to best deal with these viruses. Sometimes it's about whether COVID is real, whether people should still be wearing masks, and other questionable arguments.

Twitter was here for all the debates, no matter how baseless and we've got some of the best Tweets for you to enjoy.

User @morethanmySLE wanted to know who was still wearing a mask in 2023.

On the opposite end of the argument, @PeterSweden7 thinks COVID is the biggest scandal in history.

@AmitAryaMD is irritated, to say the least, that 2022 became the year of ‘ignore COVID.'

Another user in the medical field, @DrLoupis, took a different approach to what we learned from COVID.

@GrayLauryn wants everyone to remember what reality looks like going into 2023.

@alexjgoldstein has been paying attention to the prevalence of long COVID in obituaries.

@TerriGreenUSA doesn't think she's interested in FLOTUS Jill Biden's New Year's resolution.

@DailyLoud wants to warn of a new CDC-confirmed COVID variant.

User @TheGhost270 shares a stark reminder that the COVID vaccine might not be a treatment for everyone.

To say there's still a fierce debate over the validity of COVID-19 or the vaccine sets is a severe understatement. The divisive nature in America and the world over this virus and its course of treatment are unlike any disease or issue we've faced in the history of the human race.

Conquering our differences on the matter may be more than most are willing to give.

Is a ‘live and let live' mentality too far of a stretch?

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