The Curious World of Conspiracies: 12 Strange Theories That Spark Controversy


There's a chance you've heard someone talk about a conspiracy theory so insane that you can't help but roll your eyes. Or maybe the opposite is true. You hear something and go, “Yes! Why don't more people choose to believe this?” Either way, you're not alone. 

1. Mattresses Stores Are Huge, Fluffy Fronts

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Think about it for a second. Mattress stores have little to no advertising, are never hiring, and seem to have no customers, yet they thrive in this economic market. Some people think these furniture stores are fronts for money laundering schemes. 

2. Joe Jackson Exploited Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson
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Joe Jackson is the father of pop king Michael Jackson and talent manager of the Jackson family, but not many good words can be said about him. He was tagged “one of the most monstrous fathers in pop” and was accused numerous times, even by the late Michael, of abusing and exploiting his children, amongst other heinous crimes.

People swear that Joe Jackson gave Michael Jackson puberty blockers to prolong his career.

3. Lip Balm Makes Your Lip Drier

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How crazy is this? It wouldn't be the first time a product is designed to be used more often. People point out that lip balm has phenol, salicylic acid, and menthol ingredients. These are all designed to make your lips drier, encouraging you to use more lip balm.

4. Frozen Is a Cover-up for Walt Disney's Secret

frozen 2
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This one is a personal favorite.

Frozen was made solely to ensure that when people search “Disney Frozen,” they'll get results for the movie instead of the idea that Walt Disney's head is frozen and hidden somewhere in Disneyland. 

5. Cougars Are Not Extinct East of The Missouri River

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Someone's been doing a lot of research. According to one commenter, “There are breeding populations of cougars in the U.S. East of the Missouri River. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has maintained that the population went extinct in 2011 and that all cougar sightings have been individual vagrants that have wandered hundreds of miles East of their breeding grounds.”

It does seem strange that an entire population of animals suddenly disappeared. Unless they were running from some bigger, more threatening, animal…

6. Ugly Sonic Was a Marketing Move

Ugly Sonic
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Ugly Sonic is the name of the original design for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. It received major dislike from the public that it had to be reworked. However, some feel the beloved hedgehog's ugly workup was a marketing ploy to get people to pay attention to the movie. 

7. Men's Deodorant Trumps Women's Deodorants

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This is a theory I can get behind. I also believe that women's “clinical” deodorant, which is super expensive, is the same as men's regular deodorant. People use men's as a cheaper alternative and see the same results. 

8. Women's Clothing Lack Pockets for a Reason

Jean Pocket
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Women everywhere know the struggle: that pair of pants you love doesn't have pockets. Why? So you're forced to buy a bag. Design oversight or plot to help sustain the entire purse industry? We'll let you decide. 

9. Michael Jackson's True Parents Are Not Who You Think They Are

Diana Ross
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One theorist provided a lengthy post to support their claim. While Google only records Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson as the pop star's parents, this person believes that Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson are Michael Jackson's parents. They said this explains why Michael was the most talented Jackson family member and why there were rumors he was Evan Ross's father (they both look like Diana).

10. The Rich Are Distracting The Poor 

Rich Vs Poor
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Many conspiracy theorists believe the rich feared a new French Revolution following Occupy Wall Street. As a result, they are heavily investing in artificially inflating tensions regarding social issues through the media. The logic is that if “the peasants” are too busy fighting each other, they can't attack the rich. 

11. The Ten Year Challenge 

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If you were on Facebook in 2019, you probably remember the infamous “Ten Year Challenge,” where users were encouraged to take a selfie of them in the present day and upload it with a picture of them from 2009. On the surface, the challenge seemed like a great way to show off your glow-up, but some believed it to be a ploy to improve Facebook's facial recognition technology. 

12. Updates Slow Your Phone Down 

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Have you ever downloaded the latest software update for your phone only to discover it started loading slower than usual? You're not alone! Several people mentioned this “coincidence” and said it's happened to them when new phone models are released. Could tech companies be trying to get you to buy new stuff? 

Source: Reddit.

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