Creative Ways to Avoid Spending Money

How to Creatively Stop Spending Money

Creative Ways to Avoid Spending Money

Let's face it. We all have triggers that cause us to spend. No matter how hard we try to be frugal, we come face to face with temptation and other circumstances that cause us to backslide. Spending Fasters know full well how challenging it can be to commit to not spending money on things you don't need. Although we are drawn to it we must hold fast and avoid spending money, whenever possible. Here are some creative ideas to help you out.

Creative Ways to Stop Spending Money:

  1. Remove temptation
  2. Remove your ability to spend
  3. Remove your need to spend
  4. Remove the impulse to spend

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Remove Temptation to Avoid Spending Money

The hardest challenge to face on a Spending Fast is beating the temptation to spend. You may have an addiction to spending, or you might feel a strong desire to buy something from time to time, even if you don't need it. There is a rush we get through commercial transactions that often results in returns to customer service. Whatever is fueling your desire to open up your pocketbook, try this creative plan. write it down, or take a picture to reference later. Tell yourself you will revisit the decision. Get out of the store without paying for anything, and then let your cooler head prevail when determining the actual need for the item.

Remove Your Ability to Spend

One frustrating but effective way to avoid spending money is to take away the option of spending. Go to all of your shopping sites and delete your credit card info. You should also cancel any subscriptions you have that automatically withdraw money from your credit or debit card. This not only gives you more control over your spending, it significantly slows you down and even discourages you from making a purchase. You can go even farther by hiding your credit card. You can keep it under lock and key, or just out of reach, depending on what you are comfortable with. Just make sure you are sober enough to make an effective decision.

Remove the Need to Spend

Part of a Spending Fast is to avoid spending money on wants while continuing to pay for needs. However, needs can come at different prices and are subject to the same competitive spirit as any other commercial good. You can do a lot with needs based buying to cut down on your monthly costs without eliminating those needs. Shopping for cheaper car insurance is one example. Another way to tackle needs is to remove them by being more efficient. You may have a budget for groceries, which is a need, but if you buy groceries more efficiently and use what you have before buying more, you will save a bundle and go to the store a lot less. Thus you will also avoid temptation and remove the ability to spend on other unnecessary items.

Remove Your Impulse to Spend

The impulse to spend can feel like temptation, but it's not exactly the same thing. You can have a spending impulse that is driven by a variety of factors, from your mood to your conscience. Have you ever picked up a free product and bought more stuff, just because you felt wrong not buying something? That free product coupon was probably the reason you went out to begin with, am I right? We all have those things that trigger an impulse to spend money. The enemy of impulse is cold hard calculated shopping lists. You might already make a list when shopping for groceries, but you can make a list for any store or shopping situation. You can even make a list to keep by your computer before you go online. stick to the list you write out for yourself to avoid spending money on an impulse.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these creative ways to avoid spending money. What creative ways do you avoid spending? Tell me in the comments! And, if you found the article helpful, please share it with your friends!