Credit Repair Cloud Review – Scam Or Legit? Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an honest credit repair cloud review? Wondering whether the credit repair cloud is legit?

If this is what is on your mind right now then please continue reading this in-depth and comprehensive review of credit repair cloud.

When you start up a credit repair business, you require some kind of experience and education to run the business.

This is not just another side gig. It is an enterprising business that has the potential to earn you a lot of money.

If you focus fully on it, you can turn it into your main source of income.

Just like a lot of other businesses, you need to have some form of help when running the business.

A lot of automation is happening in businesses everywhere.

In the case of the credit repair business, you have various software platforms that offer credit repair services.

This article is about one of the software platforms known as credit repair cloud.



What is credit repair cloud?

credit repair cloud

Credit repair cloud is a cloud based software company that helps entrepreneurs launch, run and grow their very own credit repair business. For context, a credit repair business is one that seeks to improve your credit scores in exchange for a fee.

They work to improve your credit reports.

Credit repair cloud is just one of the numerous credit repair businesses that exist in the country. This one in particular sells its credit repair software to support and grow your credit repair business. It was founded in 2013.


Who created credit repair cloud?

Credit repair cloud was created by Daniel Rosen. He is also the co-founder of the credit hero challenge which teaches entrepreneurs about how to manage and run their credit repair businesses.


What do you get when you subscribe to the credit repair cloud?

When you subscribe to the credit repair cloud, you get access to credit repair software with a host of features.

All paid plans include the core features listed below:

  • Import online credit reports. The software has a section that allows you to import credit reports from your local storage space or from an online platform.


  • Letter finder. The algorithm runs a search for the letter that can best suit the disputes you have in your clients’ credit reports.


  • Capture leads and signups from any website or blog. The program comes with features best suited to accommodate your affiliate marketing program.


  • Credit dispute automation faster than any other method. The program automates all the non-value addition work in your business.


  • KPI business dashboard. This provides you with the metrics to scale your business.


  • Import clients and leads from any other software. The platform allows you to import your client information from another software program making moving day convenient.


  • 1-click credit audit. This helps you create an audit in an instant. Once you enter the credit report into the software program, the algorithm makes an audit and generates a credit report showing all areas that need to be looked at.


  • CRM features. This feature mainly serves your sales team. The customer relationship management feature is used by sales to interact with customers regarding any queries they have regarding the nature of the business.


  • 2-month free web hosting. The platform offers you a chance to create an instant website especially for CRC users.


  • Batch printing. This feature helps you to handle complex printing requirements when dealing with reports.


  • Affiliate tools. The software comes with tool that help you track success and payments on your website if you are involved in affiliate marketing.


  • Developer API/ Zapier. The software has the ability to integrate with thousands of popular web apps to ease your advertisement and communication needs.


  • Client and affiliate portal.


  • Complete dispute library. You get access to a library of over 100 dispute letters that reduce the creative burden of your business.


  • Client onboarding. With credit repair cloud, you have the support of the developers as soon as you start using the software program.


  • Client signature capture. This feature provides your online clients a way to sign off letters. This improves your online client engagement.


  • Dedicated support. On top of regular support, the software creators train you on how you can best utilize the software.


  • Credit repair training. Following the subscription to the platform, you are trained in the basic aspects of disputing credit reports.



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How does credit repair cloud work?

When you create your credit repair business, you are tasked with improving the credit scores of your clients.

Credit repair has become lucrative mainly because:

  • Credit reports usually contain errors.
  • The gradual rise in identity theft
  • Large number of people with poor credit ratings

This has caused the rise of credit repair businesses in America.

They have been created to serve the needs of people and businesses alike.

Whenever you have a poor credit rating, financial institutions see you as a person that does not handle your debt obligations well.

This means that you are given the worst credit deals to cater for the perceived risk of the lending institution.

A credit repair business serves to improve the credit scores of their businesses and clients alike.

A lot of the tasks you have to complete are time consuming with limited value added to the process.

This means that you incur more money than you should when running your business.

The credit repair cloud software comes in to automate some of these processes for you.

Credit repair cloud has a software program that you can incorporate into your credit repair business to streamline your earnings.

For you to be able to use the software program, you have to follow the steps below:

1. Step 1: Get the credit repair cloud software

The first step is to get the software program. The software program has a free trial period that last30 days.

You can purchase the software program upon completion of the trial period.

The trial period only gives you access to a specific package so you have to know the features of each package.

You can learn about the specific features of the software packages in the next section.

After you try out the software, you can proceed to buying it at a price that suits your needs.

You should know before-hand that you get a 20% discount on the price you pay for any of the plans when you pay for it annually.



2. Step 2: Join the credit hero challenge

As mentioned earlier, you get access to some training modules to teach you how to handle the credit repair business in addition to the software.

The credit hero challenge contains all you need to know about credit repair businesses and how to earn money from them.

In the course, you get to interact with Daniel Rosen, the creator of the credit repair cloud.

Alongside Corey Gray and other credit repair coaches, you are given a basic training on how to build a successful credit repair business with the help of the credit repair cloud software.

This training lasts 14 days and it gives you a step by step guide of scaling a credit repair business.

You can see our comprehensive review of the credit hero challenge here.


3. Step 3: Start changing lives

The last step is to put what you have learnt into action.

Assuming you already had a credit repair business running, you have access to a software program that will greatly improve how you run your business.

With the training you receive in the credit hero challenge, you can set your goals to improving your software business.

The platform also has a program of investing part of its revenue to finance charity drives around America.


How much does credit repair cloud cost?

The credit repair cloud is a software offering with different features to serve its customers. There are four plans you can purchase from credit repair cloud and they include:

1. Start plan.

This is the most basic plan you can purchase at credit repair cloud. This plan currently goes for $179 per month.

If you purchase this plan on an annual basis, you get it at $1,718.

This means that you can get a 20% discount off the actual price.

Its features include:

  • Connects up to 3 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited affiliates and leads
  • Private label client portal
  • Up to 300 active clients
  • All of the core features.

There is an option to increase the features of this plan slightly by

  • Adding a team member at $5 per month
  • Adding 100 more clients at $50 per month or just moving to a larger plan.


2. Grow plan

This plan costs $299 per month and it is the second plan in the hierarchy.

You can also purchase this plan at a discount fee of 20% if you pay for it annually.

When you pay for it annually, you pay $2,198 as opposed to $2,748.

Its features include:

  • Hosting up to 6 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited affiliates and leads
  • Private label client portal
  • Up to 600 active clients
  • All of the core features of the software


You can increase the functionality of the software on this plan by

  • Adding a team member for $40 per month
  • Adding up to 100 more clients at $40 per month or just moving on to the next plan


3. Scale plan

The scale plane is an upgrade to the grow plan. The plan costs $399 per month.

Just like all the plans on the platform, you are given a 20% discount when you pay for the plan on an annual basis.

You pay $3,830 as opposed to $4,788 thus saving just under $960.

It has the following features:

  • Up to 12 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited affiliates and leads
  • Private label client portal
  • Up to 1200 active clients
  • All of the software’s core features


You have the chance to improve the features of this plan by:

  • Adding a team member at $30 per month
  • Adding up to 100 more clients at $30 per month or upgrading to the next big plan


4. Enterprise plan

This is the last plan available on the platform. Beyond this, you just have the extra options as we shall explore below. This plan costs $599 per month. You enjoy a 20% discount if you purchase the plan on an annual basis.

You are charged $5750 as opposed to $7,188 thus saving over $1,400.

The features to this plan include

  • Up to 24 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited affiliates and leads
  • Private label clients and portal.
  • Up to 2400 active clients
  • All of the software’s core features


You can add more features to this plan by

  • Adding a team member at $20 per month
  • Adding up to 100 more clients $20 per month.

You must note that all of the plans include a free trial program that can be terminated before you get to pay for it.

The platform does not give you back the money you have paid for an account.

You have to utilize your account up to when your money gets done.

If you pay for a certain period of time, say a month, you do not get the money back for the services you have utilized.

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What is the credit repair cloud lawsuit?

The lawsuit was filed by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on the 20th of September, 2021.

The CFPB alleges that the creator of the credit repair cloud, Daniel Rosen is providing assistance to credit repair companies that use telemarketing to reach consumers and charge unlawful fees.

This is unlawful according to the TSR act. The section of contention is that companies that use telemarketing are not allowed to request or receive fees from a customer until the company has provided that customer with a credit report that shows the promised results and that was issued more than six months after the results were achieved.

Apparently, the platform is accused of asking for payments for what they have not delivered.

There has not been a final verdict on this case.


Pros of credit repair cloud

As you read through the article, there are positives about the software program.

You will enjoy the following benefits upon subscription to use the program.

#1. There is a free 30- day trial period.

You have the opportunity to test out the software. This trial period lasts 30 days and it is available for all subscription plans offered on the website.

In this free trial period, you have access to the most basic features of the credit repair software program that is to say the core features available across all plans.

This gives you a chance to check out the program without committing any finances.

You have access to a demo account. The demo account is another bonus you get to utilize the bonuses offered by the platform.

With the demo account, you can utilize the software using this account.

This is because only paid up users have an actual account.



#2. Generates dispute letters in a short time.

The software helps you generate letters for the specific issues affecting specific clients.

It does not have pre-written letters that one replicate.

It generates them basing on the specific issues affecting the specific clients.

This helps you save time you’d have wasted while typing the letters out.


#3. Imports credit reports and generate credit audits.

The algorithm in the software allows you to add reports from which it can start investigating the information.

As it investigates the credit information, it critically analyses areas that could have been overlooked when coming up with the credit report.

The audits help you identify negative remarks that can be eliminated.


#4. Access to an exclusive private community.

When you purchase the software, you are given access to a community of experts that you can freely interact with.

These experts can give you advice regarding how to continuously improve your credit repair business and how to further grow your business.


#5. Credit repair expo.

When you pay for the software program, you also get access to the credit repair expo.

It is a meeting of great minds in the credit repair business that helps you to learn more about the business and keep up to date in a field that could potentially make you more money.


#6. Giving back to communities.

Another thing I like about the platform is the charity work. Every other time, the team at credit repair cloud works to improve the livelihoods of various people in the states.

I like the fact that they give back some of their profits to the community.

This is not really about the software itself, but it’s a nice deed all together.


#7. Helps you to increase your clients’ credit scores.

With the help of the software program, you can identify the areas in a credit report that can be cleared due to derogatory remarks that were made with no basis whatsoever.

The software also runs credit audits to help you work on the critical areas of disputes in the reports.


#8. Helps you to double your income with an add on service.

You may have a credit repair business running already.

When you add the software, you have the chance to use affiliate marketing on your platform.

The software has tools that can help you venture out into the field of affiliate marketing thus doubling your income.


#9. You get to enjoy the privileges of a private client portal.

Unlike most software providers, the program only displays information that belongs to you as the client.

There is no information relating to the credit repair cloud at all.


Cons of credit repair cloud

With this product, I have not seen a lot of negative reviews. The biggest issue is the disclaimer about revenue.

The other issue is about the money back guarantees.

No money back guarantees. You do not have any chance to claim back money for the services you have already used.

This is the biggest issue with the platform.

They do not give you back any money if you are not satisfied with the services they offer.

This is because they give you a chance to review the product before you even get to use it.

Another issue can be the prices of the package. These prices can be challenging to pay if you are just starting out.


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Conclusion: Is Credit Repair Cloud Legit?

I recommend this program to anyone in the credit repair business.

The software program has a lot of features that could help you to scale your business.

The platform has a favorable pricing format with discounts to suit your wallet.

Now my hope is that you found this credit repair cloud review helpful.

Feel free to leave any questions or concerns you may have about credit repair in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this review of credit repair cloud with your friends and family.