Creepy Neighbor Keeps Pestering Lady To Invest in Her Business

For the wealthy, privacy is a prized possession. But even the biggest bank accounts can't shield some people from their nosy neighbors.

Meet The Neighbor

OP is quite successful. She works in a company where the contracts they recently attained guarantee revenue and royalties. Nothing sounds better than that! She's definitely raking in the big bucks. So, she's considering moving to a new place. It's not because she doesn't like her current place but because her neighbor (Chris) keeps crossing the lines of friendship.

Almost everyone has had experiences with terrible neighbors. They really can be the worst! The painful part is you must deal with running into them all the time, whether you want to or not.

OP said that they used to be friends, and she had worked with Chris and her ex-boyfriend's group. That didn't go so well. In the end, things took an unlikely turn, and Chris' ex and his group were accused of fraud. Who saw that one coming?

Following the accusation, she figured cutting ties with them was best. They say bad connections can corrupt the best of us. Besides, staying in touch with someone like that places you at potential risk.

A Solid No

Now, Chris has been trying to get OP to go into business with her. She doesn't think that was such a good idea, so she refused. But some people don't take no for an answer. Chris has been pushing it, trying to get her to change her mind. OP has already made her decision. It's a solid no.

She mentioned that when she told her she wasn't interested in investing in anything, a few minutes later, Chris sent her some links, showing that she had done some research about OP. I don't know about you, but that's a screaming red flag to me.

Not only did Chris send her links, but she also added this message: “You are not broke, so why don't you want to invest?”

Chris didn't stop there. She sent her pictures from her profile. These were pictures of how OP rewarded herself for hard work, OP dining, buying a book, getting her nails done, etc. Then she said, “Obviously, you like to treat yourself.”

OP still ignored her. It was money she worked for, and someone wanted it all in the name of investment.

Stalker Vibes

OP returned late from work and saw Chris watching her from her doorway. Things got even creepier after that. OP tried to get into her house as quickly as possible but could not, and got even more pissed when Chris started laughing, asking why she was in a hurry.

Of course, none of this made her feel safe. The very next day, Chris was standing outside when she was about to leave her apartment. Fed up, OP told her that people like her made individuals cut others off when they became wealthy.

Chris hated the sting, and things were moving crazy. Since then, her sister has been blowing up OP's phone with messages asking her to apologize to Chris.

The question now is why? Why does she have to apologize? Chris was acting like a stalker. How didn't she realize that OP would get offended?


There's hardly anyone who would call OP the bad person here. Chris is being a weirdo and not in a cute way. She must realize that OP's money doesn't belong to her and let her go. The whole thing is giving stalker vibes, and OP should move more carefully around her.

Someone shared their opinion on the case:

“NTA. You’ve been polite. You’ve been subtle, then diplomatic, then clear. You’ve told her a bunch of times and she’s being a crazy stalker.

I’d be tempted to text back to the sister saying ‘Has she told you she’s lurking in the hallway to ‘catch me’ and hounding me, not once, but twice a day? Like I’m going to invest with a crazy stalker!' but that might just kick things off again.”

They offered her some tips on how to deal with Chris, at least until she moved away from the place.

“Don’t tell her where you are going (if you haven’t already), divert your mail somewhere safe, and avoid the hell out of her. Pack and move as quickly as you can and breathe a sigh of relief.”

u/ImInAVortex's sense of humor is top-shelf, and we're here for it. They said,

“NTA. Put two cents in an envelope that says sorry, I gave you my two cents. Please feel free to keep it and invest as you see fit. I hope the best for you and your future endeavors, but have no interest in further investing. Please stop asking.”

OP is most definitely NTA, but she might have to be extra careful now and change places ASAP. There's a stalker on the loose. Chris sounds weird, but she might become very dangerous with her entitlement mentality.

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