10 Films People Believe Will See a Critical Reappraisal in the Future

Many films experience critical reappraisals years, sometimes even decades, after their initial release. But which recent movies, or not that recent movies, do people think will receive a reappraisal in the future. Whether that reappraisal is a shift from negative to positive consensus, a recognition of a film that was unjustly ignored upon release, or even the dreaded transition from positive to negative consensus, one film fan was curious about what movies others thought would receive significant reappraisals in the future. 

1. Iron Man And Other MCU Films

iron man
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Several movie lovers thought that Iron Man and the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that have followed in the decade and a half since would be looked at differently in the future. But thoughts varied on how they would be looked at. For example, one film fan says that they think the franchise’s quality will decline so significantly that early films in the MCU, like Iron Man, will be more highly praised. Alternately, another believes that all the movies in the franchise will be looked at as overly praised upon release in the future. 

2. Top Gun: Maverick

top gun maverick
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One film fan thinks Top Gun: Maverick only received critical praise because it was so much better than anyone expected it to be and that once that surprise wears off, the movie won’t be remembered as much more than a fun blockbuster. Some disagree, citing that the action filmmaking is phenomenal, while others go even further to say that the movie will be rightfully considered “straight up propaganda schlock.”

3. Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

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A film that didn’t receive much attention or a major release, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is a brilliantly small-scale science fiction film that explores what would happen if a group of people found themselves in a two-minute time loop. One user calls the movie “one of the most clever and satisfying sci-fi concepts on a tiny budget I’ve ever seen” and says the film “has to get its due at some point!”

4. One Cut of the Dead

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One Cut of the Dead is another film that never received a major release, but one user believes it will get the attention it deserves in the future. The film, which includes a breathtaking 37-minute long take, is a delightful meta-comedy about moviemaking and the lengths people go to to get things right. 

5. Annihilation

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Based on the novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation did well enough with critics upon release, but many users lament that so few people seem to have seen it. The movie follows a group of scientists who venture into a mysterious “shimmer” that appears around a comet after it strikes Earth. It’s an equally beautiful and horrifying science fiction film that multiple film fans hope will gain broader appreciation. 

6. Hulk (2003)

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A distinctly non-MCU superhero movie that one movie lover is sure will receive the proper attention and praise one day, Ang Lee’s Hulk is one of the most idiosyncratic movies ever made. The film, which tells an origin story for the titular character, is one of the few movies that are incredibly formally inventive in the ways it attempts to bring the feeling of reading a comic book to the screen. 

7. Only God Forgives

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The original poster says they believe Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives will receive a positive reappraisal in the future. Several respondents agree that the film about a drug dealer coming into conflict with a mysterious policeman, which is often criticized for offering “style over substance,” will be appreciated in due time. Some, however, strongly disagree, with one user saying that the film should receive a reappraisal but that we should consider it even worse than the poor reviews it received upon release. 

8. The Village

the village
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M. Night Shyamalan’s career has had highs and lows. But some believe that even The Village, a movie considered a low point in his filmography upon release, will see a greater appreciation in the future. Others agree that the movie deserves to be better remembered, with one noting that they’ve already heard some people discussing it more positively. 

9. Go

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A personal favorite of mine simply for the delightful Timothy Olyphant performance it offers, Go is a movie that one film fan is sure will see a wave of new fans when a 1990s revival takes off. The user says that Go, which follows three different intertwining stories about raves and the drugs used at them, is “the perfect 90s film.”

10. Knock Knock

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Another film I love that I’m elevating beyond the level of the person who says they think it will be more appreciated in the future. That commenter says the film is terrible but deserves attention as a so-bad-it’s-good movie for fans of bad movies. I’d go so far as to say that the film, which is a remake of 1977’s Death Game, is a hilarious, sexy, and effectively thrilling movie that will one day be viewed as one of the director Eli Roth’s best. 

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