Myths and Legends: The Most Popular Cryptids in Every US State

the most popular cryptids in every us state

Are you fascinated and pulled into the mystery of cryptids? Do you ever wonder if eyewitness reports of encounters with these supernatural creatures are real? You’re not alone. According to data pulled from Ahrefs, millions of people are searching the world wide web for evidence of monsters and mythical creatures around the world, along with the most popular cryptids in every US state.

What Are Cryptids

most popular cryptids in every state

Cryptids can be considered creatures or animals whose existence hasn’t been “scientifically” proven or accepted. Instead, these creatures typically originate from folklore and continue to be spotted by ordinary people all the time in real life. From Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest to the Ozark Howler in the Midwest, American culture is rich in cryptid folklore. Here’s a look at some of the most famous mythical creatures lurking around the forests at night.

In Search of Monsters: Most Searched Cryptids in The US

cryptids around the world
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According to data sourced from Ahrefs in March 2023, these are the most famous monsters and cryptids Americans are searching for online, along with other people from around the world.



With over 771,000 searches from people in the US annually, the famous Yeti tops the list of most searched cryptids. It’s described as a large, bipedal creature often covered in white, gray hair and sometimes brown hair.

It's most famous in the regions of Tibet and the Himalayas. However, it’s also said to roam the mountain peaks of China and Russia. Sometimes, it’s referred to as the Abominable Snowman.



Known to show themselves (or itself) along the Norwegian coasts, the Kraken is a famous sea monster. Described as a cephalopod-like creature, it has played a role in Scandinavian folklore, destroying ships and drowning crews. Over 389,000 searches have been done in the US alone in the last year for those seeking answers on the Kraken.

Did you know Seattle's NHL team is named after the beloved sea monster?



The Wendigo is a supernatural being or evil spirit. It is said to eat human flesh to survive the long, dark, and cold winters of North America. They are dangerous and can infect persons isolated by the winter—the Algonquian-speaking First Nations People of North America most fear Wendigos.

If you’ve watched “The Wendigo” on the Travel Channel’s In Search of Monsters series, you’ll never want even to consider thinking about this terrifying legend. However, 314,000 curious souls still Google the Wendigo online.



Skinwalkers are part of the Navajo legend. It is believed they can shapeshift into animals. Talking about Skinwalkers is taboo in Native American culture because it is said that speaking the word alone can bring unwanted and evil attention into your life. It is believed that Skinwalkers are shapeshifting witches.

Don’t think they are real? Then, watch “Paranormal Rangers” on Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries, where one Navajo Ranger shares his encounter with a Skinwalker.



A popular and curious part of Southern US and Central American folklore, the Chupacabra is said to be a “goatsucker.” It’s known for drinking the blood of livestock. Is it a sick canine mix, a new dog species, or a mythical beast that comes out of the night’s shadows to vampirize livestock? One thing is sure; the Chupacabra is a legendary cryptid getting 247,000 annual searches from people in the US. It has also been spotted in Puerto Rico.



Is Bigfoot real? With 116,000 annual searches, it’s in the top 10 of the most searched cryptids in the US. Bigfoot is famous for being spotted in the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest, but they are seen all over the US. As a result, Bigfoot is one of the most famous cryptids in America.

Sasquatch is another term for Bigfoot, which has over 90,000 annual searches online. The name Sasquatch comes from the Salish Indians in the Pacific Northwest that have a long history of interactions with the “hairy man.” Some say Bigfoot is an ape, but some say it is more man-like than ape.

There is also a belief that Bigfoot is interdimensional and a spiritual being, which is why it is hard to get scientific proof of its existence – though some avid researchers out there claim they have the proof, but mainstream science won't acknowledge it.

Some people also believe that if you see orbs in the forest at night, Bigfoot could be around.



Part of many North American Indigenous cultures, the Thunderbird is a giant supernatural bird. It is said to be connected to weather events and is a powerful spirit creature. With over 101,000 annual searches from people in the US, the Thunderbird is still a legendary mythical creature.



Point Pleasant, West Virginia, is home to the famous Mothman sightings from 1966 to 1967. People of the town were terrorized by a creature flying through the air with red glowing eyes that looked part man and part moth. The Mothman Prophecies (2002) was based on actual events – talk about a spine-tingling supernatural flick. Even though this event happened decades ago, Americans love the legend, with 98,000 annual searches online. There is even a Mothman Museum you can visit!



Originating in European folklore, but now made mainstream in many supernatural shows like the hit series The Originals (2013-2018), on a full moon, men, and women are said to turn into beasts. The man-to-wolf transformation legends have been around for thousands of years. Certainly, you don’t want to be out at night on a full moon. Over 94,000 searches are done annually in the US about werewolves. Are these real werewolves researching their latest victims?

Loch Ness Monster

loch ness monster

Popularly known as “Nessie,” the Loch Ness Monster might be one of the most famous named cryptids around the world. Whether you believe it or not, many people have sworn to have seen Nessie on Scotland’s Loch Ness. Is Nessie a myth, or perhaps a plesiosaur dinosaur swimming back out to the ocean? Around 81,000 searches are done annually by Americans trying to uncover the truth about Nessie.

Jersey Devil

jersey devil cryptid

Known for inhabiting the Pinelands of South Jersey, the Jersey Devil is another one of America’s legendary cryptids. Legend says the Jersey Devil was Mother Leeds’ cursed child. One thing is for sure, if you see it in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, you’ll be terrified. And, with 39,000 annual searches from Americans, others are just as interested in unraveling the myth.



Most popular in Cajun folklore in the Southern US, the Rougarou is known to prowl the Louisiana swamps. Described as a wolf-like beast, this is one cryptid swamp-goers pray they never encounter. It is also considered the French version of a werewolf but lives in the swamps. Around 28,000 curious searches are done annually on this swamp monster.



Have you ever heard of a Ningen? The Ningen is part of Japanese folklore and is described as a whale-like creature that looks like a human with pale white skin. It has been spotted in the oceans of Southern Asia and Antarctica by sailors in the area.

These cryptids have been seen mostly at night and in frigid waters. Online searches for this elusive pale monster are around 16,000 annually in the US.

Ozark Howler

ozark howler

People in the Ozark Mountains have shared tales about a beast, described as a black cat or wolf-like creature with dark hair, red eyes, horns, and a torturing scream. The Ozark Howler is an elusive cryptid prowling the forest at night. This enigmatic phantom beast is a legend whispered about in the dark, but 6,400 curious souls are staying up late at night, Googling more about it.

Monsters and Cryptids in Every US State

cryptids in every us state
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From the Chupacabra in Texas to Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, cryptids have haunted America for generations. Above are the most famous monsters and cryptids in every US state, with the Arkansas Fouke Monster being a personal favorite. Here is a list of things that go bump in the night.

Exploring The Unexplained

cryptid monster

These hidden and enigmatic creatures with mysterious legends have captivated hunters, folklore enthusiasts, and cryptozoologists for thousands of years. So many people have seen them, and scientists have tried to find them and prove they exist. But what if they exist and are just in different dimensions?

What if cryptids exist more on a spiritual plane, making it harder to collect scientific evidence? One thing is sure, whether they are real, living behind the veil, or simply stories of tall tales and folklore, people are utterly fascinated by their mysteries.

From Bigfoot to the Mothman, cryptids have become mainstream entertainment for those seeking supernatural thrills and mysteries. One thing is sure, millions of people are searching for the most popular cryptids across the globe.

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