Cryptojacking: Signs and Troubleshooting

Cryptojacking: Signs and Troubleshooting

If you’re into cryptomining or considering it, you need to be aware of the risks so you can protect yourself and your equipment. One of the most important risks to be aware of is cryptojacking, a new and popular kind of hacking where other miners redirect your computer’s processing power to work for them. Discover the signs of cryptojacking and how to troubleshoot the problem.

How It Happens

Cryptojacking can happen to any computer, and it usually starts when an end user clicks on a link in a spam email. Alternatively, hackers may place infected ads or run scripts on a website that spreads their cryptojacking code to anyone who sees the ad or visits the site.

Signs of Cryptojacking

If your computer is hijacked by cryptominers, you may notice a much slower performance while running programs because your computer’s processing power is busy mining crypto. This can cause your computer to overheat or shut down suddenly. You may also see a sharp increase in your electric bill because of higher power consumption.

Prevention Is Key

The best way to deal with cryptojacking is to avoid it in the first place. Use ad blockers, browser extensions that block mining, and don’t click on suspicious links. Always make sure your security programs and software are up to date to ensure your device’s safety.

How To Fix Cryptojacking

If you suspect that your computer has cryptomining malware on it, the first thing you should do is run a comprehensive security scan through your virus protection software. In some cases, the software can walk you through the steps to remove the malware. If the virus is extensive, you may need to reset the device with backup data.

We hope this information about the signs of cryptocurrency and how to troubleshoot it has been helpful. Unfortunately, cryptojacking is just one of the many problems facing cryptominers. If you decide to get into the industry, be sure to research the risks so you don’t end up losing money or equipment.