23 Stunning Curly Haired Anime Girls

Welcome to our weekly hair anime character series (I love the fact that it eventually becomes a series lol). But for today's topic, I am going to put a bit of a twist from what we usually do. Not like it is a surprise or something because from the title alone you should understand what we are going to discuss already. 

Yep, today's topic is about 23 stunning curly haired anime girls. Normally I would talk about the hair color of some female anime characters, because it is simpler and easier to define. But then I realized there are a lot of hair variables, so I thought why are we not discussing that as well. 

So that is it, the reason behind the making of this list. And before we enter the list (I swear this time I am keeping it short), I promise you all that these girls are all premium quality waifu who we can pledge to protect and support no matter what happens. 

As I promised, we are going to start from number 23:

Stunning Curly Haired Anime Girls

23. Sadie (One Piece) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Sadie

Remember her? She is a guard from Impel Down who has a really minor appearance in One Piece compared to other characters. I would not be surprised if I know that only real fans (or maybe a horny fans) will remember Sadie. 

Apart from that kind of body, which is definitely loved by some fans, the only thing that stands out about her is when she fought Ivankov. And after that, there is not much to say when it comes to Sadie. Even I forgot about her and just remembered her after looking for One Piece characters to be included for this list. 

22. Miura Yumiko (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Miura Yumiko

Yumiko in Oregairu did not have that much screen time. But when she does appear, normally it would not be a pleasant one because she is portrayed to be that cool high school girl who is surrounded by other seemingly cool high schoolers. 

But in reality, she is just a bully who likes to manipulate others for her own benefits. So I was actually reluctant to put her here on the list. But thank goodness that she is not like that anymore at the series' finale. Still quite annoying, but at least she has changed. 

21. Sakura (Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Sakura

Even though she is part of the Gamo gang, Sakura has her own personality that distinguishes her from them. Well, at least that I would want to say when I first saw him. But it turns out she is kind of similar to Gamo and Yuki after all. 

Well I guess Sakura has this kind of ara ara voice (yes even though she is younger than Paisen) and acts slightly more mature than them. But more than that, she is just like them. I mean why would she hangout with Gamo if she does not have anything similar?

20. Inuzuka Tsumugi (Lightning and Sweetness) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Inuzuka Tsumugi:

What? I could not have any child character on the list? Okay I need to admit that she is not stunning or whatever, but as a child, Tsumugi does not need to be stunning at her age. She can be whatever she wants to in the series and I can guarantee that most fans would not mind seeing her antics. 

And in the span of 12 episodes, she was able to grab our heart because of her cuteness and… I think that is all. To close things up, check out this video where Gigguk leads the anime fans to protect her smile no matter what. 

19. Emma (The Promised Neverland) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Emma

Her leadership and charisma is incredible despite her young age. I have talked about this in this article, but I am still in awe with the fact that Emma is able to lead children of the Grace Field to escape from that seemingly beautiful and peaceful place. 

Even when she was opposed by one of her genius friends, she is still able to come up with a perfect plan to deceive the amazing Isabella. Sadly, that brilliance ends up after the anime somewhat butchers the adaptation. Well no matter, because you all can read the manga to see what I meant.

18. Melty Q Melromarc (The Rising of the Shield Hero) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Melty Q Melromarc

Melty became one of the most favorite female casts in Shield Hero. She might appear a bit later in the series, but her usefulness has proven to help Naofumi's party to survive the hardships that they got. On top of that, the way she tries to be a proper princess in front of Naofumi but eventually shows her true demeanor is pretty fun to watch. 

It is understandable that a princess needs to act like a true noble in front of a lot of people. But here since she is with a friend, I think Melty can relax a bit around Naofumi, which she eventually does. And it is nice. 

17. Angela Carpenter (Carole and Tuesday)

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Angela Carpenter

My first impression when seeing this talented singer was like “damn what a spoiled brat she is”. Turns out Angela is more than a rich girl who loves to sing. I personally do not dislike overly competitive characters, and that also includes Angela. 

Especially when we learned about her past, I started to understand why she acts like that. Well as long as she never means any ill towards the main characters, Angela is fine, I suppose. At this point I cannot find her fault, and she is generally on the better side of a character. 

16. Dairenji Suzuka (Tokyo Ravens)

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Dairenji Suzuka

Have you ever met a certain person who always puts an act that is completely the opposite of him or her to make a really nice impression towards others, especially those who he or she is interested in? That is totally the case for Suzuka. 

Even though she looks pretty young and frail, Suzuka is actually kind of rough and even sometimes can be more sadistic than we can think of. Luckily that nasty and somewhat scary personality is going in a better direction after she met Harutora and Kyouko.

15. Biscuit Krueger (Hunter X Hunter)

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Biscuit Krueger

I wonder why most of these girls have blond hair instead of other colors. But none of it matters for me as long as they are worth putting on the list. I have mentioned that Bisky-chama is a great teacher who was able to polish a hidden gem like Gon and Killua to become brilliant Nen users.

But I have never mentioned her somewhat childish and “forever young” girly like personality. That is because it may ruin her reputation as a teacher. Regardless, fans know Bisky-chama's worth in the Hunter X Hunter series.

14. Launch (Dragon Ball) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Launch

Alongside Bulma, I am rather sure that a lot of anime fans (including me of course) had a crush towards this multi personality female character. Launch is actually a cute, kind, and nice girl who likes to help. At least at first. Because she also has another personality that is the total opposite. 

Rude, temperamental, and definitely not cute at all. I frankly preferred having Launch as a waifu when I was younger. But even I understood back then that Launch's other “face” is not something that I would like to see in a female. Nuh uh.

13. Harime Nui (Kill la Kill) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Harime Nui

Those who are not familiar with Kill la Kill would probably think that Nui is that kind of Deredere side character who loves to play around and always tries to lift the moods when the situation starts to become more gloomy. 

While she is actually a gung ho female character, she is far from the side character. Or rather she is one of the villains of the series. And I think rather than a Deredere, Nui is more of a Gangire, especially when she is in danger and under constant pressure from her enemies.

12. Koga Tomoe (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Koga Tomoe

You see, there are some of the previous characters who glorify their status as a “top tier” high schooler and want to stay in that place because she has control over things in school. But in Tomoe's case, it is not the same.

Due to her gloomy past, she tries to turn into a new leaf and is willing to put in an act so that she can be that kind of cool high schooler. I have written about a certain anime and manga that has the same case as Tomoe. I also have met this kind of person in real life, so for her, I will have some leniency because I sort of understand that feeling.

11. Beatrice (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Beatrice

A loli (yup that is a hyperlink. I wonder where it will lead) who spent most of her time in the library. For a loli, Beako of course possesses this amazing trait called “cuteness”. Sadly it is easily over written by her mean demeanor towards Subaru. 

Well at least at first though. Once she opens up more with our main character, Beako starts to show her expressive sides of her and fans definitely love that. And let us not forget that she is also among some of the strongest characters in Re:ZERO.

10. Quetzalcoatl (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Quetzalcoatl

It has only been a few days since the last time I talked about Lucoa. And now she comes back (I would say “with a vengeance” but what for lol) on another list. Even though most of us know her for those gigantic busts and sexy body, Lucoa has kindness and Onee-chan personality, which makes her the perfect “babysitter” for Shouta.

Her actions can go through the borderline, but at least we know that it is not intentional. Hopefully. I guess. Either way, let us start to look at other amazing qualities that Lucoa has apart from the body.

9. Elizabeth Midford (Black Butler) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Elizabeth Midford

For starters, we can agree that Elizabeth is a cute character (I completely forgot to put her in the cute characters list and I am embarrassed by that). But more than that, she is also known for her obsession to make everything and everyone to become as cute as her. 

That sometimes includes her love of her life, Ciel. For real though, their relationship can also be considered as cute because they are still young and still do not possess the ability to tell their true feelings because of egos and stuff.

8. Kiryuu Moeka (Steins Gate) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Kiryuu Moeka

I think most people will have the same first impression about Moeka: a perfect embodiment of a Kuudere. She barely talks, has flat emotions, and she does not seem like a person who has a big ambition. I was still an amateur back then, so I would not expect her to have something big later on in the series.

And when it happened, I was absolutely astonished by it. I was such a fool back then. Regardless, I do know now that Moeka is more than just a mere Kuudere and she turns out to be either a hysterical character or a badass one.

7. Fiel Nirvalen (No Game No Life) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Fiel Nirvalen

I have mentioned over and over the importance of first impressions in a lot of my articles (you should check this article if you do not trust me how important it is). At first I thought Fiel would be a graceful elf race who loves peace and hate conflicts. 

While she is an elegant and beautiful elf indeed, Fiel does not portray that elegance that an elf should have. Well at least for me. And there you have it, your expectations are scattered because of it. I am not saying it is bad though. I am just telling you it is way more than I expected from her.

6. Kamado Nezuko (Demon Slayer) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Kamado Nezuka

Ah of course she is also going to be on the list. As it is right now, I did not find any reason on why I should exclude her from the list while I still have a lot of things to say about Nezuko. And this time, I could tell you that you should anticipate what will come from Nezuko in this season of Demon Slayer.

Oh yes, it is something big (at least for me lol). So yeah, do not skip on her despite we have a new girls to appreciate, being Uzui's wives. Nezuko will not let them outshine her.

5. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Tatsumaki

Just how many times do I need to tell you all about Tatsumaki? Just like Nezuko, if you have been reading some of my articles, you should find quite a good amount of it talking and discussing about her. 

And in the end, it will be always the same as usual: a strong loli esper hero who has a bit of a temperament issue because of “stuff”, yet a very dependable one when the society needs help from her. And I do believe that will not change for quite a long time.

4. Mai Valentine (Yu Gi Oh) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Mai Valentine

Remember this one OG waifu from one of the most popular childhood anime (for me it was really popular back then)? Whenever Mai appeared on the screen I would be entertained by her antics and I knew the fact that she would be one of Yugi's greatest allies and rivals alike. 

Sadly she lost in almost every duel I have seen as far as I remember. I know that it is for the plot but it will be nice seeing her win more often. But as it is right now, the fact that Mai will always be on the losing side of anime characters is inevitable.

3. Ravel Phenex (High School DxD) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Ravel Phenex

High School DxD introduced a lot of strong female casts whom we loved so much. You basically can find any type of girl in your preference. If you want that type of a Himedere like character who is spoiled and annoying, your choice would probably go to Ravel. Well, at first. 

Because she eventually revealed her real “gold” character which is far from that. A character development that everyone loves to see. And to close things up, I would say over and over that Issei is a really lucky protagonist, surrounded by a lot of female characters. Not every male character can have the life of Issei.

2. Serena (Pokémon) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Serena

Although it is targeted mostly to children, Pokémon has introduced good quality female characters. And I can bravely say that among them all, Serena is the best female character. Maybe my decision by saying that bold statement is based on the fact that she has the best ship with Ash. And yes, that is certainly true. 

Over time we have seen a lot of female characters have this confusing relationship with Ash. Do they like him, do they not? Who knows. But Serena has stepped up and shows to other Pokémon female characters how to properly state your current feeling to the main character.

1. Mami Tomoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 

Curly Haired Anime Girls: Mami Tomoe

Everything in Madoka Magical is a tragic disaster, and everyone in this series are all sad humans who are trapped in their own destiny. That of course includes Tomoe, a really kind girl who wants to help others because she does not want to see them suffer. 

It is sad that with that kind of intention, she is way too pure and kind of naive because not everyone will have the same mindset like her. At some point Tomoe went mad and for a pure but poor soul like her, it is so heartbreaking to see her like that.