15 Cutest Anime Animals That You’d Want to Keep

They say that dogs are mans' best friend. Even cat is a cute animal that almost everyone wants to keep. But, in the world of anime where magic exists and inanimate objects can talk, the pets are also pretty cool and cute! Even some of them can talk and keep you company. Whether if they're small or big, these cutest anime animals of all time not only will keep their partner company, but also dedicated in protecting them too. Here are some of the cutest anime animals of all time that you definitely wish to had.

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

15. Momo- Avatar

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Momo is a winged lemur and also a loyal companion of Aang and his friends. He lived at the Southern Air Temple and was the only known specimen of the winged lemur species to be alive after the Air Nomad Genocide. Momo's known personality is curious and intelligent. He is an asset to the team with his friendly and playful traits, and he also even helped to feed Sokka's humor. Momo's personality really lifts up the group's mood from time to time.

Momo showed compassion and intelligence, and aided them in their escape while at the same time making a formidable allies. He was also a foodie, and would often eat any fruit available in front of his eyes.

14. Appa – Avatar

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Just like Momo, Appa is Aang's loyal companion. Appa is a sky bison, who shared a strong relationship with Aang and Momo, as they were all some of the few remaining living of the Air Nomad civilization. Appa was most noted for his ability to fly in spite of his heavy weight. Hence, he is the primary means of transportation used by the team.

Not only he can fly, Appa is also capable of fighting when necessary. With his air bending, Appa could create powerful gusts of air with just a flick of his tail and could gain advantage and support for his team by hovering the opponents.

13. Kilala – Inuyasha

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Kilala is Sango's nekomata companion and main method of transportation. She's also currently Kohaku's traveling partner and companion. Kilala is a cat demon, and she acted like any regular cats: she eats cat foods, treats, fishes, and also playing with cat toys. In the show, Kilala is shown as a very intelligent and sentient animal. She is fiercely loyal to Sango, but she also showed loyalty to all the members of the group with time.

Kilala also projected exceptional patience. For example, she allowed Inuyasha to practice the potentially lethal Kaze no Kizu attack, which is potentially lethal to her, leaving bald spots on her fur. She also helped Miroku to impress village women. Kagome even admitted to playing dress up with her, and also using her to return to the Modern Era without the knowledge of the rest of the group.

12. Puar – Dragon Ball

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Puar is a shapeshifting animal and Yamcha's best friend. Puar attended the Southern Transformation Kindergarten along with Oolong. After some time, Puar met Yamcha and became his companion in Diablo Desert.

When they first met Goku and Bulma along with Oolong, Puar says that he and Yamcha have been together for two years, one month, and three days. The two were originally a pair of desert thieves.

11. Monokuma – Danganronpa

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Monokuma is known as the symbol of Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Despair and the main antagonist in the series. Monokuma is a robotic stuff toy who acts as the avatar for the mastermind in both series, being an AI in the second game.

Monokuma's personality can be divided into two separate parts: his white personality which resembles a normal teddy bear who can act cute, innocent, and sometimes even patronizing, and his black personality which is malicious, evil, and a cruel bear who will do anything for the sake of despair. He can change his personalities in a flash, making him unpredictable to deal with.

10. Panda – Shirokuma Cafe

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Panda is a lazy, dimwitted, and kindhearted giant panda who works part-time at the zoo. He enjoys lazying around and eating bamboo as well as only orders iced coffee at the cafe. Panda is obsessed with all panda products and has a tendency to point out his popularity at the zoo along with his cuteness.

He is a lazy character and loves eating. Panda also refers to himself as cute, but little did he know that he also has a habit of being brutally honest.

9. Chopper – One Piece

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Tony Tony Chopper, also known as Cotton Candy Lover Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. Chopper is a reindeer that ate a Devil Fruit called the Hito Hito no Mi. He came from Drum Island, where he learned how to be a doctor.

He is the sixth member of the crew and the fifth to join Luffy, as well as being the youngest on board. He has a bounty of Beli100 due to being mistaken as the crew's pet. Most of the time, Chopper is a toddler-sized human/reindeer hybrid, but his Devil Fruit abilities allow him to change his appearance, depending on the situation.

8. Kuroneko – Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

The other title character is a male cat and the narraror of the film. He is a stray cat before the woman finds him outside her door. He admires her and falls in love. But, since he is a cat, he does not fully understand what's in the human world.

7. Hamtaro – Hamtaro

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Hamtaro is a hamster who's always ready to help out his friends and his owner, Laura. He is often seen as the leader of the Ham-Hams. Due to his innocent nature, he is clueless about many things, most notably love. Hamtaro makes the most of his life as a small hamster and lives each day in happiness, hoping to make more friends and have fun.

Hamtaro also cares deeply about others. He loves to help his friends and is very selfless and kindhearted towards everyone he meets. Hamtaro is also brave, as shown when he saves Penelope from a cat in one of the first episodes.

6. Moro – Princess Mononoke

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Moro is the god of the wolves. She is 300 years old and possesses divine power and intelligence, as well as being capable of understanding and speaking human language. When San was just a baby, Moro caught her parents violating the forest and attacked them.

San's parents then threw their baby to Moro's feet as a sacrifice and ran away. Instead of eating her, Moro raised San as her own daughter. Because of this, San acts and behalf like a wolf, and despises humans as well, just like her mother.

5. Akamaru – Naruto

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Akamaru is Kiba Inazuka's partner, as well as his best friend and companion. At some point, while Kiba was still in the academy, his mother entrusted him with Akamaru. Akamaru is described as active and devoted. This can be seen from his interactions with people, especially with Kiba. His devotion can often be seen when Kiba is hurt in battle, as Akamaru will immediately run to his side.

Akamaru's heightened senses along with Kiba's ability to communicate with him makes him a powerful ally for gathering information. He can sense chakra with his nose, which allows him to judge the enemy's strength. In combat, Akamaru often takes Kiba's form using the Beast Human Clone technique, or combining with Kiba into a single entity for more devastating attacks.

4. Pikachu – Pokemon

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Pikachu is undoubtedly the most iconic creatures ever come from Japan. Not only he is Ash's first Pokemon, Pikachu is his friend as well. The electric rodent made his first appearance in Pokemon Red and Blue as just any random Pokemon that can be caught. However, Nintendo decided to make Pikachu as the mascot of the Pokemon franchise and became the main character in the Pokemon animated series.

With over 7 generations of games, spin-offs, 19 movies, and almost 650 TV episodes, Pikachu is Pokemon. Pikachu is stubborn, caring, fun, adorable, and so many more. He will also always help a fellow Pokemon or person in need.

3. Mokona Modoki – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time
Mokona Modoki

Mokona and Modoki are replica of a dimensional god Mokona made by Clow Reed and Yuuko.

Mokona was created specifically for Sakura, as a counter-measure for certain events foretold to happen in her journey by Clow Reed. It is “the thing” given to tsubasa crew as a means to travel between dimensions. Mokona is more energetic and cheerful than its counterpart, Black Mokona, Modoki. Soel likes to tease the tsubasa team members, especially Kurogane.

Mokona's main functions include dimensional travel, universal translator and communicating with Modoki. It is later revealed that these functions are part of his “108 Secret Skills”. Mokona bears an earring on her right ear, while Modoki has one on his left ear.

2. Keroberos – Cardcaptor Sakura

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Keroberos used to be a massive lion beast, complete with its mane and wings. But, after Sakura accidentally sets them free into the world, Kero turns into its small and cute figure as you see and decided to make Sakura the next keeper of the cards.

Kero now spends lots of his time in Sakura's room or backpack, trying desperately not to get caught talking. He also teaches Sakura on how to use her magic as well as cheering her on. Kero is also essential to the plot, and his character grows as the series goes on.

1. Totoro – My Neighbor Totoro

Cutest Anime Animals of All Time

Totoro is a forest spirit that lives in the largest camphor tree in a small village. He is feature in Studio Ghibli's film, My Neighbor Totoro. He has grey fur and beige belly with grey arrows on his chest. He has pointy ears, long whiskers, and large paws with long claws.

In the movie, there are three Totoros: Big Totoro that often sleeps, medium Totoro that is much less featured that has a mixture of blue and grey with a white belly, and small Totoro that is white and has a lot simpler features.