30 Cutest Anime Girls That Will Make You Squeal

And we are back to our weekly waifu series 101. And for this week's topic, it is honestly the most generic topic I've written on this platform, and I kind of find it challenging while writing this list because boy, there are way way too many entries to pick. 

If you have not realized already, today's topic is about 30 cutest anime girls that will make you squeal. And when I said “cute”, it means that the subject is already pretty much subjective, hence I can literally pick anyone whom I think adorable and deserved to be put on the list. 

To make it slightly more fair, I only put 1 female character from one anime. It is practically impossible to put them all inside one list. I mean I could, but the list would be incomprehensible and I do not think it has an end in it. 

Fair warning that this list is not a real in-depth list article. This is basically me rambling around and trying my best to explain why a certain character is cute. And that is all. You will probably get anything new by reading this list. Do not get your hope high, because it is all only for fun. 

Last but not least, you can rearrange the entries as much as you like. It is fine, because it is all my personal opinion. So be free, my people. Without further ado, let us start from number 30:

Cutest Anime Girls That Will Make You Squeal

30. Eris Boreas Greyrat (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Eris Boreas Greyrat

It is always nice seeing a Tsundere in an anime. Whenever I see them, mostly I do not feel intimidated when they are angry. In fact, I find them adorable. In Eris' case especially, I do not think that I could resist myself to burst laughing when I see her mad. Just look at her. Despite her ability, Eris is still Eris. What can possibly go wrong when we think of her as an adorable character? 

29. Sawabe Tsubaki (Your Lie in April) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Sawabe Tsubaki

For me personally, while Kaori is more like a gorgeous female character, Tsubaki is definitely more on the cuter side. Her voice is high-pitched, suitable for any cute characters. Her personality, her look, I mean like literally everything about her screams about “cute”. Just look at the design man. I do believe that from the visual alone we can tell what kind of character she is. That is right, a cute character.

28. Hitoka Yachi (Haikyuu) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Hitoka Yachi

It is quite rare to see female characters in a sports anime being emphasized by the author. Well, it is a sports anime, you should focus on the sport. But here, the author of Haikyuu did an amazing job to have some sort of character development for our cute Yachi. Yes it was quite short, but at least we can see her in the spotlight and eventually know that she is a brilliant and adorable character. 

27. Ichijou Hotaru (Non Non Biyori)

Cutest Anime Girls: Ichijou Hotaru

Non Non Biyori introduced a lot of female casts. And among them of course there are some who can be considered as a cute character. Apart from the obvious Ren-chon, Hotaru fits the criteria. It is a different kind of cute. Hotaru is more of a child who tries her best to look like an adult. Or rather, forced to be kind of one because her surroundings are so childish. It is adorable. 

26. Yoshino Yuuki (Food Wars) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Yoshino Yuuki

Perhaps the true hidden gem of this list. Food Wars may have tons of female casts, but I personally think that Yuuki is the one who fits the description of “being cute”. Just like Miwa, if you have been watching anime for quite a while, then you can easily see that Yuuki's cheerful personality kind of tells us to appreciate her even more. Real talk, she is overshadowed by other characters. 

25. Azusagawa Kaede (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Azusagawa Kaede

For quite a good amount of male anime fans, having a cute and clingy younger sister would be a dream come true. They must be envious of Sakuta having such a little sister. Even though Kaede's personality is mostly affected by adolescence syndrome, I do not think that people would really care about the details. As long as she is cute, then she is cute. No need to ask for more. 

24. Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Winry Rockbell

A perception of Winry differs from one to another. Some think of her as an independent, beautiful, and strong-willed female character, while others think that Winry is a cute character who deserves protection. I do not say that she is a weak character, not at all. But it is hard for me personally not thinking that everything about Winry is so adorable. Like her smile, personality, outfits, everything. That is why we pledge to protect. 

23. Suika (Dr. Stone) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Suika

Remember her from my loli character list? Do not worry, there are more of them later on. And you need to accept it because loli has always been considered cute and adorable. Some of them may be annoying, but not Suika. No, not at all. She is among the most useful characters in Dr. Stone and she deserves to be praised higher for her contribution and of course, cuteness.

22. Kayano Kaede (Assassination Classroom) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Kayano Kaede

Yes Kaede may possess the ability to kill you with her tentacles. But it is all in the past. It is not the real her. We all know that our real Kaede is a cheerful and adorable character who deserves to be loved by the fans. Besides, she can try as much as she likes to be a bonafide assassin and we will still adore her and praise her for her cuteness. 

21. Aioi Yuuko (Nichijou)

Cutest Anime Girls: Aioi Yuuko

It is an undeniable fact that she is THE punching bag of the series. There are not any other characters who suffer as many tragedies as Yuuko. But hey, at least the fans know her value and her adorableness because clearly those who have watched the show can appreciate that. I mean, just look at her smile and tell me that it is not cute at all? Because that would be nonsense. 

20. Kawamoto Hina (March Comes Like a Lion) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Kawamoto Hina

Look what we have here, another character who is involved in bullying. And a cute one. It is quite interesting that a character is bullied because he or she is better than the bullies. Hina is cute, diligent, and has a warm personality. All of the characteristics that the bullies do not have inside themselves. That episode where she stood out to them was so satisfying to see and among the top moments in the series. 

19. Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Yachiru Kusajishi

Let us not forget that in Bleach, we got ourselves a cute loli lieutenant. She may be annoying at first, but you cannot deny that Yachiru is slowly winning your heart over time. Well what can I say, bright and warm personality can always melt the coldest heart in solitude. I mean, if the stoic and rough Zaraki can accept her existence, the same can also apply to you.

18. Sengoku Nadeko (Monogatari Series)

Cutest Anime Girls: Sengoku Nadeko

The Monogatari Series has introduced a lot of amazing female characters. And now it is time to talk about the cute Nadeko. Apart from the fact that she is able to kill you if she wants to, there is no denying the fact that Nadeko is simply the cutest character in the series. And frankly I have nothing to say anymore because you can simply look at the picture and realize that my explanation is pinpoint. 

17. Mankanshoku Mako (Kill la Kill) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Mankanshoku Mako

If there is your typical cute teenage female character, then I would pick Mako as an ambassador. Do not get me wrong, I do not think that she is a bad character at all. I am just saying that Mako is exactly what you have expected for an adorable anime girl. Bubbly personality? Check. Look and outfits? Check. Voice? Check. If you want a reference about this character trope, then look no further than Mako. 

16. Honda Tohru (Fruits Basket) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Honda Tohru

Surrounded by people who have deep dark secrets and old wounds, Tohru's cheerfulness is different from some previous characters. It looks so genuine and warm. We all know that she tried her best to break the curse of the Sohma clan, but her existence alone is more than enough for them to feel some sort of compassion that they never have. It is wonderful seeing them having fun together with Tohru.

15. Shiina Mayuri (Steins Gate) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Shiina Mayuri

Hell yeah the Tuturu girl is here. Even without her signature phrase, we can all still agree that Mayushii is a precious being who is adorable and will definitely brighten your day. I actually have talked about her precious being here, so I have not much to talk about her. Except maybe to command you all to go watch Steins Gate and try to appreciate her even more than before.

14. Takanashi Hikari (Interview With Monster Girls)

Cutest Anime Girls: Takanashi Hikari

If there is a character who is able to change your perspective about vampires, then it would be Hikari. I do not think that I can say much about her, since what I am going to explain is pretty much the same over and over and over just like any other entries on this list. What I am going to talk about is that you should definitely watch the show and see Hikari in action. 

13. Azusa Nakano (K-On) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Azusa Nakano

I mean come on. There is a whole reason why she is among the most popular members of the music club. And there is another reason why she is called “Azu-nyan” by other members of the music club. There is also a good reason why there is a compilation of her being cute on YouTube. And as usual, just take a look at that picture and tell me that Azusa is not cute. Because you lie. 

12. Komi Shouko (Komi Can't Communicate) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Komi Shouko

Alongside some characters who have not been included to the list, I did talk a lot about Komi. And it really never gets tiring. Can you really get yourself to stop talking about this majestic yet cute female high schooler? And boy I am so glad that Komi is surrounded by people who praise her, support her, and most importantly, think of her as an adorable person who deserves to be protected. 

11. Kamado Nezuko (Demon Slayer) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Kamado Nezuko

I read some comments related to Nezuko that they wish that Nezuko keeps being a demon because she is more adorable that way. While that is a cruel thing to say, I can see their perspective. But let us not hope so. If you are a true Nezuko fan, then you will be glad when you see Nezuko turn back into a human. She will definitely stay cute even as a human.

10. Megumin (KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Megumin

Okay this one is definitely a certified adorable anime character who can make your heart go doki-doki. It is not only me who said that Megumin is easily among the cutest anime characters of all time. Yes, all time. I have no idea why but a lot of arsonists in anime are really loved by the fans, despite how dangerous they are. Megumin is clearly no exception for this. 

9. Kasumi Miwa (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Cutest Anime Girls: Kasumi Miwa

Female characters in Jujutsu Kaisen are normally known for their strength and stoic behavior. But not for Miwa. No, she is not weak. She is strong. However, when fans saw her first appearance, they started to identify a hidden gem among all these characters. Veteran anime fans can sense a certain character who is able to squeeze their hearts. And in the Jujutsu Kaisen, that character would be Miwa.

8. Rem (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Rem

This list probably would not be complete if we are not including Rem on the list. Who is Rem? Oh I am glad you ask because she is the most precious being in the series. I am myself more pro to Emilia, yet I cannot deny that Rem truly deserves being the most popular character in Re:ZERO because of her relentless support and her unconditional love towards Subaru. Not a lot of people can do that. 

7. Uzumaki Himawari (Boruto) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Uzumaki Himawari

Boruto is extremely blessed with a lot of things. He is a talented ninja, has brilliant parents, loyal friends, and of course, such an adorable sister. If you have no idea, Himawari means sunflower in English. And living her reputation, she does bring a sunflower feeling towards a lot of people. Her family, Boruto's friends, the fans, you name it. Her appearance shines a bright aura and always makes us smile uncontrollably. 

6.  Kanna Kamui (Kobayashi Maid Dragon) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Kanna Kamui

I need to admit that today I did quite a lot of “just look at the picture” explanations rather than talk about what makes this character cute. But for real, you guys do understand why I said such a thing right? There is a quote that said “a picture can tell thousands of words”. And that is true for this list. Oh, about Kanna? Man just look at the picture. It is more than sufficient as an explanation. 

5. Platelets (Cells at Work) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Platelet

Well yes as I said we are going to have some of the characters from my loli list. And as I said, they are all deserved to be here and it is really dumb for me for not including some of them. I tried my best, okay? I did explain why this list is so damn difficult. And these platelets have certainly made it even tougher for me to pick and what to explain.

4. Eri (My Hero Academia) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Eri

A ball of sunshine who deserves so much love from us. It is still fresh in my mind after seeing her being freed by her old trauma. I have said this many times, but she truly deserves all kinds of happiness in this world after everything she has been through before being rescued by the heroes. And let us hope that her precious smile will never fade until the series comes to an end. 

3. Yuigahama Yui (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Yuigahama Yui

While I did talk about Yukino's beauty over and over and over, she will never be able to touch Yui's cuteness in any way possible. I know that she may have a rival in the form of Iroha. But with that kind of personality, she will never be able to touch Yui's cuteness in any way possible. We can settle right here and right now that when it comes to cuteness in Oregairu, Yui comes out as the winner. 

2. Shiro (No Game No Life) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Shiro

Just how many loli again did I include for this list? Well who cares, they are all cute. Just like Sora has said when it comes to cuteness, “Cute makes right!”. So yes, please excuse me for adding so many loli characters here, because they are all cute. And of course that includes Shiro. You cannot tell me that you did not squeal when you saw Shiro's cuteness. It is impossible to do so. 

1. Fujiwara Chika (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) 

Cutest Anime Girls: Fujiwara Chika

As you may have noticed, I am a sucker for cheerful and bubbly female characters. I see them, I think they are cute, and boom, into the list she goes. And the exact case happens to Chika. Everything about her screams for being cute. Last thing to say about Chika, you guys remember that Chika dance that caused a riot among the anime fans? Yup. That is all to explain about her.