Cutest Maternity Clothes on a Budget

Statistics show that birth rates drop in times of economic instability – but that doesn't help if you've already conceived before inflation and interest rates went up. Money is always tight when you’re preparing for a baby. You want the baby to thrive in her gorgeous new crib, with all – or at least some – of the latest educational toys and stylish infant wear.

One way you can save is on maternity clothes. Here are the best places to find cute, stylish maternity clothes, dresses, and more.

Zulily has daily deals up to 70% off! There’s a “Baby and Maternity” section with loads of deals for your beautiful baby bod. There are also swimsuits and a section labeled “Welcome Baby Shop” for all essential baby clothes, car seats, cribs, and more for the baby when they come home after delivery.

In addition, you can find cute tops, maternity pants, nursing bras, and dresses for prices as low as $12.99. You will always find a discount on this site, so a daily deal combined with deals on certain clothing items can rack up an overall great deal on Zulily.

Stitch Fix

What’s unique about Stitch Fix is that it provides customers with an assessment allowing you to personally customize your style and measurements, so the clothes are sure to fit your shape and body type. It also allows you to set your budget to input the price range you’re looking for.

There’s an option categorized as “the cheaper, the better” for those on a tight budget. Once you take your style quiz and choose your “fix,” you only pay a $20 style fee for your outfit. And you don’t have to pay for your order unless you are satisfied with the style and fit.

If you are happy with your order, the $20 fee goes towards the clothes you want to keep and purchase. Whatever you don’t want to keep can be shipped back free of charge. No payment is necessary for unwanted clothing. It’s that easy!

Stitch Fix also offers a $20 discount on your first order. There’s no subscription required, and Stitch Fix offers choices from various designer brands. You can’t go wrong with designers.


On, you can find great deals on cute maternity clothes of any style. Prices start as low as $5, and there’s a variety of maternity clothes, dresses, nursing bras, postpartum wear, and intimates to choose from.

This site is strictly for mothers. Want to save more? Don’t forget to check out their “Save” category that offers deals up to 80% off certain items. If you want to save big, this is a site worth looking into.


Is thrift shopping more your thing? You should check out! This site is not only for thrift shoppers, but also for future moms looking for cute, slightly used maternity clothes. And let’s face it, not many of us hold on to maternity clothes for too long, so these outfits are less likely to have a lot of wear and tear.

Upon scanning through this site, you can sometimes get deals up to 50% off with sign-up. Items with a price drop are clearly labelled, for additional savings.


Not interested in online shopping? Want to try on your clothes before you buy them? No problem! Target is a great go-to for affordable yet cute clothing. If you want to check out what they have to offer in-store or online, just search for “maternity clothes,” for over 700 results.

There’s such an outstanding variety of maternity clothes to choose from. Not to mention their maternity bras, swimsuits, season wear, hats, and jewelry to match. Don’t forget to grab something for the nursery on your way out.

For more savings, check out the “Deal” category on, where you can find lots of discounted offers, Target Circle offers, or items located in the “clearance” section. To receive Target Circle offers, you have to become a Target rewards member with a Target Redcard.

If you are a member with a card, you will receive a free loyalty and rewards program, allowing you access to loads more deals on most Target items.

Old Navy

Old Navy is another online or in-person store worth looking into for maternity clothes. Old Navy has always been known for pulling together cute outfits for the whole family. In this family-friendly store, you will find many deals on cute maternity outfits and dresses.

Even if you can’t find a good discount on an item you want, the store makes up for it at highly affordable prices. Old Navy shows its loyalty to customers by selling items at a fair price so that everyone can look good.

If you’re on an even tighter budget, not to worry. Old Navy also has a clearance section with lots of cute articles of clothing to choose from. So, don’t be shy. Try on some cute clothes. Being pregnant does not mean you have to sacrifice style. So, have fun with it.

It can be a struggle to save money for nursery items AND maternity clothing, but there are solutions. Being a smart shopper means doing your research. These items were a go-to for me, and I hope it serves well for you. Happy shopping!

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