20 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters

This is currently my 2nd My Hero Academia article and you can expect to see more of them because it is how good the show actually is. If you have no idea what My Hero Academia is, well if you are reading this chances are you already know a thing or two about the show. 

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters

This time, it is all about 20 cutest My Hero Academia characters. And before we are starting to talk about this, there is something that I need to explain a bit because it may cause some sort of misunderstanding if I let it slide just like that. 

Unlike my previous My Hero Academia character list that can be judged objectively from fans' opinion and character aspects (because it was about sexiest characters), when we are talking about cuteness, I frankly have difficulty to have a proper reference and definition of “cute“. It is a surprisingly more subjective topic than I thought. 

More than that, I am myself a man, therefore I consider women and girls cuter than boys than general. But that will not do because most girls certainly find men and boys cuter than girls in general. So what I did was to look at some comments about some characters whom girls find cute and adorable, and put some of them into the list. 

Regrettably the list is still dominated by girls, because I personally cannot understand why these male characters are considered to be “cute” or stuff, hence I only put the ones that stand out the most. If you have characters who in your opinion are cute but did not make it into the list, I apologize because of the explanation I gave earlier. 

But enough talking. We are going straight to number 20, starting with:

20. Nezu

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Nezu

And we are starting with a literal mouse on the list. But hey, if you look at the design, I personally do not see anything wrong about it. In fact, it is somewhat cute (?) If I were still young I would probably ask my parents to buy me Nezu plushies or something. Because it looks doll-able. 

In the anime, it also has this unique soft voice and it is quite cute. Nezu's cheerfulness and sometimes his specific antic like staying on Aizawa's scarf also adds some cuteness point. Sadly Nezu is also known with his sadistic personality, as we have seen in the UA final exam that made Mina and Kaminari fail. We need to be careful about it. 

19. Chiyo Shuzenji

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Chiyo Shuzenji

Recovery Girl, despite being old, has shown some cuteness throughout the series. I mean, are old people not allowed to be cute? Well for me it fully depends on their personality or act. If you are talking about old people like All for One, that is definitely not cute at all. But for Recovery Girl, you can see why some people think she is cute. 

For starters, the way she talks and acts looks somehow adorable. Not to mention her squeaky voice and her tiny posture only enhance her cuteness. Despite that, she is sometimes a bit fierce and has a sharp tongue especially towards those who are reckless and do not know when to stop. 

18. Keigo Takami

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Keigo Takami

(Starting from here, there are some characters that I would talk about from a girl's perspective) When Hawks was first introduced, he quickly gained popularity. For boys, he looks calm and badass, and must be a strong hero (and he is). But for girls, his look is perhaps something that they have taken to account. And it is understandable. 

When you look at his smile and his laid back personality, there is no way that girls would not like him. Sure he can be a serious and somewhat vicious person when he needs to. But most of the time, Hawks' true character is the gentle and playful one. No wonder girls are flocking around him. 

17. Taishiro Toyomitsu

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Taishiro Toyomitsu

Just like Hawks, Fatgum gained quite a good amount of fans who liked him. But in terms of cuteness, Fatgum is more diverse because it has one thing that Hawks does not: fat body (this is not a kinkshame I promise). Fatgum's body makes him kind of your friendly neighborhood hero who has cute merchandise for his fans. 

And with his friendly personality, it is easy to see what is so cute about Fatgum. But of course, it is useless if a hero is just being cute and unable to fight for justice. Behind that gentleness, he possesses a strong spirit to fight his enemies and saves the day, just like we have seen when he fought with Kirishima. 

16. Shimura Nana

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Nana Shimura

All Might's teacher is more known for her beauty and gratefulness. But I could not say that she is not cute. One aspect that perhaps makes the fans see her as a cute person is definitely her smile. It is so warm and cheerful, it feels like you are in safe hands whenever you see that gentle smile. 

Having that kind of smile would also mean that Nana Shimura has a gentle and kind nature. It is not necessarily cute, but it is still worth mentioning because heroes without those personalities cannot ensure the safety of their people. They may save them physically, but what about their heart? Are they truly able to recover from what happened? 

15. Manami Aiba

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Manami Aiba

Believe it or not, Gentle's partner in crime is already 22 years old. With her stature, you can consider her as a legal loli. And in spite of that considerably mature age, we cannot deny that she is arguably among the most adorable characters in the series. I think the main selling point here is her love towards Gentle. 

It is shown that she loves her partner so much that she is willing to sacrifice herself. I know that is not really cute, but it leads to the next point. If you remember her past with gentleness, you can see the amount of cuteness that she gave when she was with Gentle. And that is enough to put her here on the list. 

14. Neito Monoma

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Monoma Neito

Honestly I do not really understand why girls are fangirling so much to him. But since he is said to be cute, then I guess it is worth putting him on the list. And after seeing some clips of him on YouTube, I think I sort of get why girls think of him as a cute human being despite that hideous attitude. 

The main reason is probably because of Monoma's antics whenever he is with class A. I personally think of it as annoying, but fans, especially girls, see it as a stupid jealousy and that what makes him cute. And frankly if you put it that way, it might be a bit understandable. Still questionable, but for the female fans, I decided to put him here. 

13. Bakugou Katsuki

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Katsuki Bakugou

(For the next few numbers it is going to be me not understanding women. So please bear with it) Another problematic student who is weirdly beloved by fans. They even got him a nickname “Angry Pomeranian” because of his explosive personality. Some of them even find it “cute”, which raises questions for some people. 

Well he is most of the time considered as an awkward yet honest student. People think Bakugou's rage is simply because he does not know how to react properly. And it was made worse by her mother's similar explosiveness. Regardless, they still love him because of it and surprisingly are very supportive towards him. So yeah, it is what it is. 

12. Todoroki Shouto

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Todoroki Shoto

Todoroki outside battles is a chill guy but barely knows social needs. We can assume that it is because of his tough and rough past. But no matter what the reason is, I believe that his clueless behavior towards almost anything can be considered as “cute”. Well at least that was what the female fans said anyway. 

He does not know what he did was hilarious. More brilliantly, Todoroki can say or do what he is doing with a straight face, whereas other people may get embarrassed because of it. Since he does not get embarrassed, fans are the one who get secondhand embarrassment. And there you have it, reasons why Todoroki is adorable. 

11. Midoriya Izuku

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Midoriya Izuku

With Midoriya being on the list, we got our complete list of Three Musketeers which consists of Angry Pomeranian, Half and Half, and Shy Broccoli. And among them, Midoriya is perhaps the cutest. Subjectively and objectively of course (again I need to remind you that this is what the female fandom said. Not mine). 

Objectively, he is the main character. So it is common sense that he gets more attention than any other characters, hence some people like him and think that he is cute. And this leads to subjective opinions after witnessing him a lot. Fans have splitted into either liking Midoriya's personality or design and face. Whatever it is, we can all agree that Midoriya is a woman slayer.

10. Itsuka Kendo

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Itsuka Kendo

At half point on the list, Class B's representative is probably more known for her beauty instead of being cute, similar to Shimura Nana. But again, just like her, Kendo has her own thing that makes her cute. And for me, it is a specific situation when she handles Monoma whenever he starts to make ruckus. 

It does sound like a fetish, and I do not blame you for that (seriously I too think what the heck am I thinking). But in that specific situation we can see her truly act like a big sister of Class B, and that is adorable. Sure there are some other times, but that is mostly due to her duty instead of really acting like one.

9. Pony Tsunotori

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Pony Tsunotori

The transfer student from the USA adds a more interesting addition to the already colorful Class B. When Pony was first introduced, she made a brilliant impression because of her bare minimum knowledge of Japanese which led her to be manipulated by Monoma. It was fun, hilarious and cute to watch her cluelessness. 

The voice actress here did play a role to make her adorable and funny. It is your typical Japanese speaking English for a foreigner character and that is why it is funny. Her design is also really cute, with her big eyes and horns. Overall, Pony is among the cutest characters in Class B and should get more attention because of it. 

8. Nejire Hado

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Nejire Hado

Nejire is part of the Big 3 of UA Academy, which means that she is certainly strong. But we are not really going to talk about that in this article. Not at all. Instead, just look at her cuteness whenever she appears. There are reasons why she received such a warm welcome during her introduction and instantly got loved by the fans. 

Her facial expressions, her curious feeling towards everything, the way she talks, and many other aspects, no wonder fans considered her as a cute character even though she also has a pretty face and sexy figure. Among the list, she can definitely be categorized as cute and beautiful at the same time, a rare occasion for such a character. 

7. Hagakure Tooru

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Hagakure Tooru

Apart from her design (because you know, we cannot see her face and body), Toru's main selling point is most certainly her bright personality and attitude. Correct me if I am wrong but never have I ever seen her being dead serious. She may get mad, or scared, but she always has this happy on going attitude. 

And for some fans, this is exactly what makes her adorable even though we cannot see her. To think we can have an invisible character who can be defined only by her personality instead of designs means that Horikoshi Kohei did a brilliant job for character writing. Toru is considerably cute and those explanations already did justify it. 

6. Jiro Kyoka

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Jiro Kyoka

Some fans may think that Jiro is a plain female character because of her pretty basic design. And I understand, I do not blame them even though I disagree. But when it comes to personality, although she rarely shows it, Jiro is easily among the most adorable personalities in the series. And there is one arc that shows it the most. 

If you are a real fan you should know this already. Yes, it is the UA school festival arc. My Hero Academia has arcs to make certain characters shine, and this time is Jiro's time to show her adorable personality. She turns out to be sweet, caring, and simply just lovable in general. We might not be able to see it often, but boy is it a memorable one. 

5. Mina Ashido

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: MIna Ashido

Perhaps the only cute pink character not only in the series, but also in anime. Just like Toru, she always keeps her cheerful personality regardless of the situation. We did see it during the Provisional Hero License Arc when despite being in the pinch situations, Mina is still able to put a smile on her face. 

It is not only cute, but also shows that she can be a real hero with that kind of attitude (I already explained it in Shimura Nana's part). And honestly apart from that, there is not much to say that has not been said already about cheerful characters like Mina. The evidence is pretty much on the show already and needs no further elaboration. 

4. Yaoyorozu Momo

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Yaoyorozu Momo

It is common to see typical rich kids characters in other anime who are spoiled and act like a douche. But not Yaoyorozu. In fact, she is really humble and always prepared to help others. And of course, she has her own cuteness that makes not only us, but even other My Hero Academia characters fuzzy because of it. 

Her eagerness to help and willingness to learn more about everything makes her really adorable. And the best part about it is that she does not realize it. As you may know it is annoying to see people who know that they are cute and use it for their own benefits. But Yaoyorozu is simply built differently, and we clearly love her for that. 

3. Tsuyu Asui

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Tsuyu Asui

Into the top 3, we got our rainy day hero who is among the cutest characters here on the list. Do not lie that your heart did not get squeezed after seeing that picture above. It is a smile that is definitely worth protecting, even though she does not really need one considering how reliable Tsuyu is as a hero. 

She is usually seen with her poker face because she herself admits that she has trouble expressing her facial expressions. But for fans, that only adds more points to her adorableness. And it is even better when we realized she got her own episode. Tsuyu is definitely an undisputed top tier cute character and deserved to be ranked 3rd on the list. 

2. Uraraka Ochako

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Uraraka Ochako

Ochako is the first female character (apart from Deku's mom) that has been introduced in the series. Just like Mina and Toru, she easily grabbed fans' hearts because of her bubbly and cheerful personality that makes a lot of people happy. Not only the anime characters, but also us. The watchers. You can really tell whenever she appears on screen. 

She can sync with different people and still shows her cheerfulness. And not only is it cute, sometimes it is so heartwarming seeing her bonding with others. And as we know already, she is also strong-willed and can be pushy depending on the situation. Like other characters, Ochako is more than your typical cute character who is capable of managing on her own. 

1. Eri

Cutest My Hero Academia Characters: Eri

I mean, it has to be an obvious choice at this point, am I right? We have seen her adorable personality and actions and everytime it happens, Eri melts our heart just like that. She is without a doubt the cutest character in the series, and there should be no question why she is the number one choice. 

Starting as a shy character who is afraid to do basically anything, Eri slowly opens up and acts like a normal child. Thanks to her surroundings like Deku, Mirio, Aizawa-sensei, and others, we can finally see her true self as an adorable character. That means a lot for someone who has lived her life towards fear since the earliest day.