Dad Breaks Down Basic Car Maintenance Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know

When it comes to car ownership, more is required than just filling the tank with gas when the low-fuel light comes on. If you're interested in keeping your car in good shape for years to come, then essential car maintenance is the secret to a long car life. 

Unless you grew up with an adult who taught you all the tips and tricks, you may feel a little lost when caring for your vehicle. What needs to be maintained? How often? How can you tell when it's time to replace something?

Good news: this TikTok dad has compiled a car maintenance checklist with everything you need to know about basic car care into a 60-second video.

Check it out:

@dadadvicefrombo I can make videos on each of these things, but an easy way to learn is to take your car to your local NAPA Auto Parts and have them walk you through each one of these. All of my kids learned to utilitize NAPA and I promise, they want to help you even if it’s your first time taking care of your car. Love, Dad #teamNAPA #NAPApartner ♬ original sound – DadAdviceFromBo


Your Car Needs Its Oil Changed

This dad says car oil must be changed every 3-5k miles, but this depends on your car. Older cars need their oil changed often, but newer cars are designed to use oil more efficiently and can sometimes go up to 10k miles between oil changes. Check your car manual to see how often your car's oil needs changing. 

Pre-Road Trip Oil Check

Before setting out on a long journey, pop your hood and check your oil's level and color. It's time for an oil change if the color is too dark. And if the amount is below the recommended level, it's time for a top-off. Checking this before you head out on a long trip will ensure you don't end up stranded on the side of the road. 

How's Your Battery Looking?

Battery maintenance takes a visual inspection. Locate the terminals and see if they're clean or if they have erosion that needs to be cleaned off. Some mechanics recommend baking soda mixed with water as a great erosion eraser if it needs to be cleaned. Clean battery terminals are necessary for a strong electrical connection to your engine. 

How to Spot Oil Leaks

Do you suspect that your car is leaking oil? This dad has a genius hack for that, too. He recommends putting a big piece of cardboard under your car. The cardboard will make it obvious if your car is leaking, and you'll know exactly what area the leak is coming from with this method. 

This dad has several other hacks on his TikTok channel, where he shares his best tips and tricks for everyday life needs. He signs off all his videos with “love, dad,” emphasizing his commitment to bring us his best life hacks.