Dance with Devils Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon? Here is Some Information about It!

For more than five years, fans have been waiting for the sequel of Dance with Devils and now they are demanding Dance with Devils Season 2. When the anime was aired, it get such a good response from the viewers with unique characters that were rarely found in other anime. Now with the popularity, is there any chance for the next sequel?

Dance with Devils was a Japanese musical and reverse harem. The story first came in a manga series back in 2015 written by Samako Natsu. One month later, in October 2015, Brain’s Base Studio decided to bring the story into an anime series directed by Ai Yoshimura. With the current story still ongoing, there are still many possibilities for the anime to continue. But after five years, the mangaka was only able to produce 1 volume that run for 12 episodes of the anime series. 

Dance with Devils Season 1: Plotline

Dance with Devils Season 2

Ritsuka Tachibana, a seemingly normal schoolgirl. Later she was transferred to Shiko Academy. She just wants a normal peaceful life with her mother, Maria. Little that she knows, she suddenly finds herself becoming entangled in a conflict between devils and vampires at her school. She was involved in this conflict because her friend, Rem, a boy that she just met was actually a devil.

With both sides believing she is the last remaining key to discovering the location of the forbidden grimoire, a powerful item that will give mastery over the world to whichever side obtains it first. Also, Ritsuka's older brother, Lind, was a devil slayer. This anime was rotated around the story of Ritsuka dealing with her devil and vampires friends. But she does not know, they are all pretty handsome, good-looking. Also, all of them want to be with Ritsuka.

Dance with Devils Season 2: Renewal Status

Dance with Devils Season 2

Brain’s Base Animation Studio that animated the debut season of Dance with Devils gained a lot of profit due to the popularity and success of this anime. So everyone must eagerly be waiting for the sequel. A lot of rumors are going around the fans. Some speculation said that there is no chance for the second season of this anime due to limitations from the source material. But some speculation said, the studio will make a new story from the previous plotline and make it to Dance with Devils Season 2.

Other speculation said that there will be an OVA episode coming soon if the sequel was too hard for the publisher to make. But there is no official announcement for the fate of this anime. So we fans can only speculate. Also with a five years gap, there are a lot of chances for the demand for Dance with devils Season 2 to decrease. The highest demand came in 2017 and now it's already been four years since then.

Dance with Devils Season 2: Source Materials

Dance with Devils Season 2

As we mentioned above, the makers of the manga series stopped releasing the manga after only one volume. But there are no cancellations from the manga series yet. So there are still possibilities for the manga to come back to readers. After that, the Brain’s Base Studio will have source material for the next season. Because the previous season's story was already finished. If not, they need to grind the story from scratch in order to make the story continue.

Dance with Devils Season 2: Release Date

Dance with Devils Season 2

The public hasn’t yet got the information about when the new season release date will be announced. But all the viewers consider that there is not too much time to wait. On IMDB the rating of the series is 6.6/10, which is not very high, but a large army of anime fans proves that the show is worth watching. Hopefully, the producer will give us a green light soon. Stay tuned not to miss the premiere and get the latest news on us!