Date Night Outfit Ideas on a Budget

Being able to dress well is something that will generally have you admired by others, especially if said others are interested in you romantically. However, dressing for a date can sometimes be agonizingly difficult.

How do you know if your date will appreciate your sense of style?

Is it better to stay casual or dress up a little and hope they do the same?

How do you dress for a date night when there are so many different places you could potentially be going?

Stay calm when wondering what to wear for date night, and follow these tips to impress your date with your excellent sense of style in three popular date locations:


Art Exhibition 


Movie Date Outfits on a Budget

A date that involves watching a movie should evoke ideas of comfort and coziness, and this can be reflected in your outfit. Cinemas are generally kept cold regardless of the season, so even if your date is in summer, you don’t need to rely on shorts and t-shirts for comfort.

Date outfits Movies for men

 A long-sleeved shirt will always look effortlessly stylish, and you can add a jumper to create a cozy layered look. Pair with dark jeans and leather shoes. Although leather shoes can be expensive when bought new, you can find some in excellent condition at your local opp shop or second-hand market for less than $100. You can freshen up a second-hand pair with a leather treatment or colored leather nugget if needed.

Wondering what to wear on a date night? On a budget? Read about what to wear for men and women on a budget. Guest post by Maia Fletcher.

Date outfits movies for women

​​Try a combination of a chunky knit, jeans and flats, or ankle boots – you’ll look cute and cozy without compromising style.

If dresses are more your thing, try a fit-and-flare dress and a cardigan to keep you looking chic and snug.

Your local second-hand store can carry some great vintage-looking cardigans and dresses. You can even re-purpose an older cardigan by adding a broach or an embroidered patch – all you need is a needle, thread, and a quirky patch that often goes for less than $10. This will highlight your unique style and add personality to your look.

Wondering what to wear on a date night out? On a budget? Read about what to wear for men and women on a budget. Guest post by Maia Fletcher.

How to dress for an Art Exhibition Date

This one depends on the type of gallery the exhibition is being held in.

Firstly, however, forget all those scenes in movies where everyone visiting an art gallery wears black. While black can still be a good choice in many settings, it’s no longer necessary. You should generally dress formally for a gallery opening or exhibition – consider it a chance to play dress up.

Art exhibition date outfit ideas on a budget.

Art exhibition for men

Consider a blazer and coordinated pants for a formal setting, but remember, depending on the event, you may get away with something a little less formal. 

If you don’t have a blazer, you can find a cheap one at a local opp shop, often less than $100. Spend another $50 to have the blazer altered to fit correctly, and you’ll have a tailor-made blazer for less than $200!

Don’t consider anything less formal than dark jeans, but try to find out in advance the usual dress code for the gallery you’ll be visiting to get an idea of how to dress.

Chinos are another great option that can be easily dressed up or down. Regardless of which trouser you choose, ensure that it is the correct length for you, with the hem sitting at your ankle or just below. You can often find a local tailor that will hem your trousers for around $15.

This will make all the difference to your outfit.

Art exhibition for women

If you go the all-black route, try a little black dress with simple jewelry – you can find some vintage jewelry at your local store, or consider asking family members for old jewelry they no longer wear. 

If, however, you desire a little more color to match the works you’re at the gallery to see, a patterned dress with a leather jacket can be a bold, effortless choice. 

Usually valued at $500, Vintage leather jackets can often be found for around $100 at second-hand stores. Heels will suit any setting, but wear something comfortable for standing and walking all evening.

Outfits for dinner date nights 

Another date for which you should dress depends on the type of place you’ll be going to. Dinner can be tricky.

Dressing for a dinner date night can be tough. Maia Fletcher describes some stunning ideas for outfits on a budget.

Posh dinner outfits for Men

For a casual dinner date, try a dress shirt and dark jeans. Why not wear a fitted black suit with a white shirt for something more formal?

 A blue or patterned suit is also a great option and will show off your fun side. You’ll be sure to impress your date. 

If you’re unsure about the dress code, you can’t go wrong with a stylish shirt, blazer, and chino combo. Allowing for a chic balance between casual and formal.

Posh dinner outfits for Women

If this is a casual date, try skinny jeans and a blouse with heeled boots. 

If a little more formality is required, use it as an excuse to wear your favorite dress paired with a simple necklace and earrings. You can’t go wrong with black, but adding a little color is okay too. 

If it’s cold out, opt for a sleek overcoat or leather jacket, which will provide you with a stylish edge while keeping you warm and cozy. Local markets are great places to find cheap one-off jackets that can be the focus of your outfit.

To conclude

Ultimately, if you’re happy with what you’re wearing, you’ll be much more likely to feel confident and enjoy your date.