Daughter Shuts Down Overbearing Mom’s Dating Advice Once and for All

Reddit user u/Weirdmania is asking for different perspectives on the way she handled her mom after she snapped and finally told her mum how she felt about her “unwanted and irritating” relationship advice.

Here's What Happened:

OP was having a family video call with her sibling and parents.

Towards the end of the call, her mum started talking about how, although her husband would love being a dad, he would also miss being a husband.

Apparently, that was not the first (or second) time her mom would say that.

This is despite the fact, have known each other for ten years, and have been married for a few of those years. OP and her husband even have a child and feel her relationship is a stable and happy one.

After her mom made that statement, she knew she was done with her mom's unwanted relationship advice that made her feel inadequate, so OP told her mum that her advice irritated her and that she didn't need it.

OP's mom went silent, which made OP even more pissed. So she ended the call before the argument progressed any further. After this, OP said what followed next was an unusual fallout.

So much so that OP started considering if maybe she overdid it.

In her words,

“What I mean by an unusual fallout is that my mother has never failed to comment on any post I make to the family chat about my baby (her grandchild), but since the argument, she has been silent, not even in response to baby-related posts. She has seen them (the app tells you).”

According to OP, her mom is not a terrible person, but she was proud and she used excuses or white lies to cover up her mistakes or even used her children as scapegoats to save her face.

OP's husband thought she was right for putting her foot down and walking away when she was getting pissed. He felt OP's mom was overreacting to OP standing up for herself. 

To him, OP's mother cares more about her pride than her daughter. But OP's not convinced she's NTA. 

Here's What Redditors Think:

Redditor u/wriker10 commented on this case, saying,

“NTA. Do not give in to her tantrum. She’s an adult and is acting like a child. If she misses out on family events, she has herself to blame.”

Another user shared their thoughts, saying OP did nothing wrong. u/realstareyes had this to say:

“NTA. Your mom should keep her so-called “advice” to herself. You didn’t do anything wrong, this is entirely on her.”

Some other users u/NanaLeonie and u/cakes701 also agreed that OP is NTA. U/NanaLeonie commented,

“NAH if only because I can’t figure out what the heck your mother was going on about. It would be arrogant if she was trying to push a certain narrative about how your husband feels about being a father and won’t let go of it till you figuratively thumped her for it. Or maybe she was getting a dig in that you wouldn’t be his sole focus anymore.”

While u/cakes701 said, “NTA. Don’t give in. You give in and she will count it as a win and expect you to keep bending to her will. She will get over herself eventually. She’s only hurting herself. Stick to your guns!”

All in all, Redditors passed the verdict that u/Weirdmania was NTA. Instead, they concluded her mum was.

What about you? Do you think u/Weirdmania is NTA or not?

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