Dave Ramsey’s Latest Comments Illustrate His Hypocrisy Once Again

Dave Ramsey runs his business to hold Christian morals, and he wants the appearance of being Christian. But time and time again, his actions have spoken louder than his website's words.

In February, he said regarding stimulus checks, “if $600 or $1,400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already. You got other issues going on.”

Thinking back to Dave Ramsey's book, he tells people in his famous baby steps to start with a $1,000 emergency fund.

This past week his double-talk was on display once again.

Dave Ramsey Sparks Twitter Outrage, Again

Dave Ramsey has comments that have taken Twitter by storm again. These comments stem from a question and answer section of his popular podcast. The question that was posed to Dave was, “Am I a bad Christian if I raise rental rates?”

Dave Ramsey is known as a Conservative Christian that runs his organization more like a church than an actual business. He gave us an answer that sounds appealing but is not in line with how he positions himself and his company.

His Answer to the Posed Question

In his latest comments, he made on January the 4th that went viral on Saturday, January the 8th.

These comments are valid, according to Lauren from Real Adulting Is Easy

“Insurance and taxes go up. Beyond that, if you don't raise rents for years and you sell, the tenant will not be used to paying market rents, which could leave them in a tough position. Gradual increases are a win-win.”

Yes, taxes go up, insurance rates go up, and many other costs on top of that go up. As an investment, you want to cover your expenses and make a little on the side. There is no problem with that statement, which does not make you a bad Christian, but Dave Ramsey continued to talk and warp his words into his narrative.

His Comments Illustrate His Hypocrisy

He continues, “I did not displace the person… the marketplace did, the economy did, the ratio of the income that they earned to their housing expense displaced them.”

This statement has a lack of heart and empathy for the tenant.

Dave Ramsey Sells Hope for Money

For a man that has a mission statement on his website that says,

“We provide biblically-based, common-sense education and empowerment that give HOPE to everyone in every walk of life.”

Hope was capitalized for a reason. Ramsey Solutions is all about giving hope, and with his callous prideful self, he rips that mission statement apart and gives us a dreadful outlook of who he is inside.

What type of hope are you giving someone when they are displaced from their homes? What kind of man blames the market, economy, and the income ratio on why this person is being displaced.

Of course, those who see the capitalist side of Dave Ramsey ask why it may be wrong to raise the rent. It is not bad; it is more like how he is callused and proud of displacing families.

If your whole brand is about being biblical and giving hope to everyone in all walks of life, it seems a bit insensitive to make such statements publicly.

His Belief System Appears Not To Follow What He Says Publicly

As you see, people on Twitter are already pointing out the hypocrisy using parables, stories, and sayings from Jesus.

Dave Ramsey's words come back to bite him.  “You have been blessed more than you deserve.” People know how businesses work. They know how real estate works, but they constantly see the holes that are placed in the words Dave prints and the ones and actions he speaks aloud.

People See the Double-speak and Are Calling Him Out

Here are many examples of people seeing the truth through several tweets.

His Focus is Making His Business Money

His purpose is not to give people hope; it is to sell them “hope.” Sell them books and products to make more money. Like that time, he sold hope to timeshare owners via a scammy Timeshare Exit company.

Inside Edition investigated, and it turned out that his 3-year advertiser took thousands of their dollars from 35,000+ people and didn't help them get rid of their timeshare. After a lawsuit by the State of Washington, this company is now out of business.

Take some advice, do not follow Dave Ramsey. Don’t buy his books, buy products from his advertisers, or even listen to his podcasts. He has one purpose in life, and that is to make money. There are plenty of places to get personal finance advice that's not focused on selling you products from his business or advertisers.

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