DC Comics Announces Comic Book Continuations for ‘Batman ’89’ and ‘Superman ’78’

If you have been hit hard by adaptation-fatigue over the past years as Warner Bros. reintroduced your favorite superheroes into live-action, DC Comics may have some exciting news for you today. 

Get ready to return to the Metropolis of 1978 and the Gotham of 1989, as two of the most beloved DC Comics superheroes make their way back into the comics set within the worlds of two of the most popular adaptations. Starting in July 2021, Richard Donner’s Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman will find themselves facing new stories crafted by the ever-talented writers Rob Venditti and Sam Hamm. 

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Rob Venditti (Hawkman) and artist Wilfredo Torres (Batman ‘66) will reintroduce Superman fans to Richard Donner and Christopher Reeves’ Superman: The Movie, where Lois Lane doesn’t know that Clark Kent is secretly Superman (yet, at least). This wonder of Donner’s classic, timeless version of Superman will soar back into our lives in just a few months. 

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Fans of Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns will be thrilled to learn that DC Comics has brought in the films’ screenwriter Sam Hamm, along with artist Joe Quinones (Dial H for Hero) to usher in the return of Batman, Catwoman, Two-Face, and a brand new Robin. The gothic style and realism of these cult-classic films will be brought to life once more on the pages of this new digital-first comic series. If you ever wondered about the threads left dangling within that cinematic world, it seems that they may be addressed very soon. 

Interestingly, DC Comics' press release noted that Quinones “has a vision for Harvey Dent/Two-Face that is as close to movie magic as a comic can get!” This has already sparked fresh excitement for Batman fans who may remember Quinones' 2017 interpretation of Harvey Dent, which featured Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent. Fans will remember that in Burton's Batman film Williams played Harvey Dent, only to have the role of Two-Face played by Tommy Lee Jones in Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever. Is it possible Quinones will bring a Billy Dee Williams Two-Face into the comic?

Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 will debut with six digital chapters of each new series on July 27th, followed by new chapters of each comic book for the following six weeks. The twelve chapters of each new series will also publish as six printed comics between August and October and as hardcover collections in October (Batman ’89) and November (Superman ’78).

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