DC Comics Treats Fans to a New Trailer for the Highly-anticipated ‘DC Future State’ Event

As we previously reported, the upcoming two-month DC Future State event is set to make big waves in the DC Comics universe as fans embark on a journey from the near future to the end of time. Where else could you witness the destinies of fan-favorites like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Teen Titans?

Today, DC Comics unveiled the brand new sizzle reel trailer for the DC Future State event. Following the finale of Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 (on sale January 5, 2021) DC Future State will launch into existence, taking fans through a two-month extravaganza centered around all of their favorite superheroes. Even though the Multiverse has been saved from the brink of certain doom, it would seem that things are about to be shaken up in a very big way.

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Wonder Woman design: Joëlle Jones. Yara Flor and Nubia both share visual similarity with classic Wonder Woman, but with their own distinctive touches—complete with Yara’s version of the Lasso of Truth.

DC Future State will force Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to tackle new situations as a younger generation of heroes steps up to fill their shoes. Heroic missions turned upside down? Sign us up! All of this will unfold from January to February through 25 miniseries, written by some of the most beloved comic book writers.

“Who are the new heroes carrying on the mantel of old?”


The DC Future State is taking readers into a bold unknown future, introducing DC Comics fans to a new trinity of superheroes. The brand-new character Yara Flor, Clark Kent's son Jonathan Kent, and a mysterious new someone beneath the cowl will be taking on the titles of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.

DC Future State
Superman of Metropolis design: John Timms. Jonathan Kent enters Future State exuding the type of confidence that only taking over for your dad as the world’s premier superhero can provide.

Are you feeling anxious about what awaits your favorite characters during this epic two-month event? DC Comics has created a 34-page DC Future State magazine that walks you through the destiny of the DC Universe. But that's not all you'll find in the magazine — dive into interviews, behind-the-scenes artwork, and articles about the making of this massive comic book event.

DC Future State kicks off January 5, 2021 with Future State: Batman #1, Future State: The Flash #1, Future State: Harley Quinn #1, Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1, Future State: Swamp Thing #1, and Future State: Wonder Woman #1.

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