DC’s Stargirl Showcases Exactly What Eclipso Can Do, and The Only Way To Stop Him

The majority of Season 2 Episode 9 of DC’s Stargirl takes place with Eclipso showing off his powers. Mike, Barbara, and Pat are the ones he is messing with this time – for the entire length of the episode. Because of this, the rest of the characters take a big backseat, with only Courtney stepping in for a little bit. This makes the previous episode’s focus on Beth and Rick make a whole lot more sense, so that this one could focus on others.

DC’s Stargirl Showcases Exactly What Eclipso Can Do, and The Only Way To Stop Him

Because of Eclipso’s presence, the weather in Blue Valley is getting worse and worse. With a storm rolling in, Barbara is sent home early from work, and Mike and Pat are preparing the house for them to hunker down. On her way home, Barbara’s car stops running and she finds herself trapped when Icicle shows up, telling her they have a lot to talk about.

Meanwhile, at home, Mike is nervous when Cameron knocks on the door asking for somewhere safe to stay during the storm. He soon reveals that he has the same powers his father does – and that he knows Mike is the one who hit him with a car, leaving him for dead. He explains that his father is not dead at all though, and is currently with Barbara and planning on killing her.

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As Cameron is attacking Mike, Courtney comes downstairs and forces Mike to touch the Cosmic Staff, which causes everything to disappear and Mike realizes this was all Eclipso’s doing. As for Barbara, she snaps out of it when The Shade appears to her telling her this is not real and just Eclipso making her think it is. It should be noted that The Shade is very weak and not in human form. He disappears almost as quickly as he appears.

Eclipso is forcing Pat to spend his time in the past and relive his darkest moments with the JSA. At first he is back at young Rebecca McNider’s funeral, where The Flash shows up vowing to help the team take down Eclipso. The Shade makes an appearance at the funeral as well, and asks to speak with Starman. The two disappear together and this is a great nod to the DC Comics where Shade and Starman are actually allies.

When Starman comes back to Pat, he explains that The Shade has said he has faced Eclipso before and knows a lot about him. He describes him as pure evil, the same way he did to Courtney earlier in the season. Starman confesses to Pat that the only way to stop Eclipso is to kill the host, and then lock Eclipso back in the Black Diamond – making sure that no one touches it.

This is something that has clearly been weighing on Pat’s mind in the present. He knows the only proven way to take down Eclipso is to take a human life. Something that the JSA did not want to do when they first faced Eclipso, but had no choice to do so. There was a vote and it was 2-3, with Wildcat, Starman, and Hourman voting to Bruce Gordon, the host for Eclipso.

Fans briefly learned about Bruce Gordon earlier in the season when it was revealed he is an explorer that discovered Eclipso’s island, and was the only one to leave. More details about him are given in this episode as viewers learn Eclipso destroyed the lives of his colleagues in order to give him renowned success, and then possessed Bruce – which is why the JSA had to kill him in order to stop Eclipso.

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Pat sees all the blood on his hands, even though he voted not to kill Bruce. At home in the basement, he imagines Eclipso and the JSA approaching him when Courtney rushes in forcing him to touch the staff as well. This snaps him out of it and he knows it is time to tell her the truth.

He explains everything, leaving nothing out – telling Courtney that the JSA killed a man and because of that, they grew apart. There was never a last meeting or a vote to end the JSA, they just drifted apart. When they did finally regroup to stop the ISA, they were never the same. This could be part of the reason they lost to the JSA that night, because it was hard for them to work together again.

Since they had promised to not keep any more secrets Courtney is furious – rightfully so. It gets even worse when she is told her mother knew about this as well, and kept it from her.

Just then Barbara rushes in the door, anxious to make sure everyone is OK because she knows Eclipso is making his rounds. Unfortunately for the family, Courtney starts yelling about them lying to her and everything escalates into a huge fight. As the camera pans out, Eclipso as that young boy is looking in the window and laughing.

Stargirl Season 2 Episode 9 is one of the best episodes of the season because it takes the time to really explain what happened with the JSA and Eclipso in the past, as well as show off just how strong his powers are getting. It seems there is no way to trap him without killing the host which means some very difficult decisions will have to be made.

Starman is looking for Pat as we know from earlier in the season, so it will be interesting if he shows up in time to help out with Eclipso. It can also be assumed that the new JSA will try to find a way to stop Eclipso without killing an innocent person. This episode sets up for some great action and tough calls that are sure to come in the final few episodes.

Stargirl Season 2, Episode 9


Stargirl Showcases Exactly What Eclipso Can Do, and The Only Way To Stop Him

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