DC’s Titans Season 3 Finale Give Fans Exactly What They Want

DC’s Titans Season 3 has come to an end and there is no denying that this is the best season yet. Red Hood and Jonathan Crane terrorized Gotham, some Titans died but most of them came back to life. Beast Boy finally transformed into something else and it was a pretty great choice. Not to mention there was some romance, some betrayals, twists and turns, and a whole lot of forgiveness.

DC’s Titans Season 3 Finale Give Fans Exactly What They Want

The end of the previous episode left Donna, Tim, and his family fighting the Gotham PD and the start of this episode has Rachel and Gar showing up to help them out. Gar is in green tiger form, and it was fun seeing Rachel’s magic in action. With three Titans on their side, they take the police out easily, but the best part is that Tim comes in and helps as well. He shows off his moves and impresses not only Donna, but his family.

As he prepares to say his goodbyes to the Titans, his mother tells him that after seeing how he stepped up she knows that Gotham needs him more than his family does. Fans will be happy to see Tim taking a step in the direction that he so badly wants to go in – down the road to becoming the next Robin.

At the Gotham Police Department, a big surprise in store for fans and Barbara when V helps rescue her from the police and confesses that she actually works for Argus. She tells Barbara that Dick is alive now, thanks to the Lazarus Pit, and that it is all hands on deck to save Gotham.

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When Barbara calls Dick it is clear that he is very happy to talk to her. They decide they need to get the Titans together to stop Crane’s plan, and he explains to her what he knows about that plan. Things take a turn though when Crane’s plan starts right then and there, and a building is blown up with a fear gas bomb, killing hundreds of civilians. Crane tells Dick that there are ten more bombs placed around the city, and the countdown is on to stop them from going off too.

The last time that we saw Conner, he had just betrayed Blackfire by causing her ship to blow up but surprisingly she doesn’t blame him. Starfire is furious, but Blackfire says she understands that he was just doing what he felt he needed to do to get what he wants.

Back at Tim’s place the Titans are studying the poems Crane left behind for any and all hints to where the rest of the bombs could be. But then it dawns on Dick that they are all feeding right into Crane’s hands – this is what he wants. He calls Barbara and tells her that instead of looking for the bombs they are going to head to Wayne Manor, and he wants Argus to work on getting remote access to the computer Crane is using to detonate the bombs.

The Titans split into two teams – Dick, Tim, and Gar head off to Wayne Manor (and Dick has a special guest meeting them there) and Donna, Conner, Rachel, Starfire, and Blackfire head to the downtown Gotham and the Lazarus Pit.

Rachel uses her dark magic to pull the water from the pit, Blackfire uses her powers to heat it up, and Starfire uses hers to trap it inside a bubble. They take that bubble to Conner who blows cold air onto it, starting a storm. Donna uses her lasso as a pole to attract the lightning, and they all hope for the best. In theory, the Lazarus Pit rain will come down and bring all the dead Gotham citizens back to life. This is the only water from the pit they have, so they won’t have a second chance.

At Wayne Manor Dick tells Gar they need him to turn into a bat again. By doing this he can easily get inside and turn off the alarm that will be triggered when entering. Once inside they need him to attach a router to the mainframe, allowing Argus to take over the controls of the bombs. Dick and Tim will be outside talking him through it all.

When the alarm inevitably goes off, Dick has a plan to help protect Gar until he can turn the alarm off and connect the router. Jason is inside, fighting the Gotham PD. Gar is surprised at first to see him, but then very thankful. Dick ends up going inside to help when the shots over the comms get to be more and more.

Gar successfully connects the router, and Jason and Dick take out the police that are stationed inside the manor. Tim joins them so that they can go to the Batcave and take Crane into custody, but first fans get a very tearful goodbye. Jason was happy to help but knows this is a job for the Titans, he says that he should not be a part of it and leaves. But not before Dick thanks him.

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In the Batcave Tim is clearly in awe of everything, but is focused on the task at hand – Crane. Dick allows him to do the honors and when Tim punches him, knocking him out, he tells him that it is for Gotham. Outside the purple rain is flowing from the sky, bringing back to life the citizens of Gotham.

Conner feels bad about what he did and decides to make it right. He calls the scientist that runs the facility that was holding Blackfire and her ship and uses his photographic memory to give him plans to make a new ship. This means that Blackfire can go home, but that he will have to say goodbye to her.

V offers Donna a job with Argus and it seems like she is thinking about it, but first, she will go see Dawn and give her the message from Hank. Dick asks Barbara to come with the Titans back to San Francisco, but she just asks him to stay. Ultimately the two split ways, but vow to see each other again next time.

Bruce comes back to Gotham and tells Dick that he is proud of him for accomplishing what he never could. Jason is there as well and he has one of the more tear jerker conversations of the season with Bruce. When Jason tells him he knows Bruce can’t forgive him, Bruce says there was a time that was true but he can now. He also tells Jason that he killed Joker for him, and Jason thanks him before saying he is leaving Gotham, not knowing what is next for him. As he walks out of the room Bruce calls him son.

Dick decides to get an RV, thinking a road trip back will be a lot more fun than taking the Batjet, and when Starfire hears it will be 44 hours she does not agree – but says she gets to DJ. As the Titans are all saying their goodbyes, Dick asks Tim if he is coming or not. That he did great but needs more training and he is willing to be the one to give it to him. Tim doesn’t even think about it and gets right on the RV.

The finale has action, intense moments, forgiveness, and even quite a bit of humor. Fans get to see Beast Boy transform into his newest animal again, but also see a lot of their favorite characters split ways.

At DC FanDome 2021 it was confirmed DC’s Titans is getting a season 4. It is hard to know exactly what is in store for us all, but it can be expected that Tim Drake will finally suit up!

Titans Season 3 Finale


The finale has action, intense moments, forgiveness, and even quite a bit of humor.


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