DC’s Titans Season 3 Just Gave Fans Its Best Episode Yet

Anyone who has been watching DC’s Titans since it was first released knows that Season 3 is the best season yet, but they just completely upped their game with episode 11. This one brings some great action with good fighting choreography, deeper explanation into the past of Starfire, the snapping of Jonathan Crane, and even the possible death of one of the Titans.

DC’s Titans Season 3 Just Gave Fans Its Best Episode Yet

For the entirety of the episode the Titans are split up in groups – Dick and Conner, Gar and Rachel, Donna and (not yet Titan) Tim, Starfire is solo and Blackfire is MIA. As for Jonathan Crane, AKA Scarecrow, and Jason Todd, AKA Red Hood, they are hanging out at Wayne Manor just because they can.

Donna has run into Tim Drake, whom she met in the afterlife, and the two decide to work together. She is looking for the Titans and he just wants to get home to check on his family. Both paths lead them to Chinatown where Tim offers to use all of his technology to track down where the Titans are. He has a whole room full of computers, radios, and more, which is how he knows so much about the Titans and their identities.

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While there, the police stop by asking strange questions like how many of them are inside and what weapons do they have to defend themselves. It becomes clear that they are not asking so that they can help out the Drakes, but rather so they can kill them in order to break up the pockets of citizens that are protecting their homes from the infected citizens that drank the water. This is all Crane’s doing, who is paying the police to be in his pocket now. Donna vows to help train them to fight back.

Rachel feels bad for leaving the Titans for so long, especially because she came back with nothing to show for it. Remember, the team does not know that Donna is alive again. Gar tells her not to worry about it and that she did what she had to do. He then tells her about how he has been reading Bruce Wayne’s journals and has discovered something called the Lazarus pit. She works her magic, literally, and says she knows exactly where to find it.

Starfire’s story takes a massive jump forward as more about her visions are revealed. She find the mother and baby that appeared in her last one and ends up getting shot protecting them from a crazy debt seeker. In doing so she gets shot and propelled into a longer, more detailed vision, of herself when she was a baby.

It turns out that everything she knows is a lie. She was actually the child born without powers. Her father opted to lie to the citizens of Tamaran. When Blackfire was born WITH powers, he had them removed and put inside of her. So when it seemed that Blackfire stole them from her last episode, they were just returning home.

She isn’t left completely powerless though. When she is shot a blue haze comes over her and heals her. It then shoots out of her and attacks the man that shot her. She thinks she has had these different powers all along. They were just laying dormant until the powers that were not hers left her.

Back at Wayne Manor Crane is really enjoying himself. Using Bruce’s razor to get a clean shave and even dressing in one of his nice suits. But it is when he decides to listen to Bruce’s files on him that it all goes wrong.

Bruce has claimed that Crane is the most pitiful of Gotham villains and that he cannot do anything himself. He always needs a proxy to be scary, whether it is a manipulated person or the Scarecrow persona itself.


This causes him to completely snap. He orders a pizza in order to lure a victim into the Manor but when he tries to cut him up, he can’t even do it. He ends up having a full-on conversation with himself where the Scarecrow persona breaks through, almost taking over his body, and saying the time for masks is over. Going so far as to cut up his own face with a razor blade.

All this sounds like a lot, and it is, but the most shocking part hasn’t even happened yet. Jason has told Dick to meet him somewhere so that they can finish this once and for all – Red Hood versus Nightwing.

The two start off with a fight-filled with fantastic visuals and choreography. It starts in the dark and when the fog bomb is introduced it gets even better. Of course, there is a car explosion too and while that seems out of place, it actually works. This causes Red Hood to lose his helmet and become – well, Jason again.

The two face off in one of the best action scenes of the season. Heck, of the show. The dominance of the fight changes constantly, making for a really interesting back and forth. When Jason falls to the ground Nightwing takes his gun and points it at his head. Jason tells Dick to just go ahead and do it, but Dick can’t.

Meanwhile, a crowd has formed and they are all on Red Hood’s side. The city has turned against Nightwing and they feel that Red Hood is there for them, and they are willing to do anything to protect him. That includes killing Nightwing.

Yup, as Jason looks on one of the people in the crowd shoots Dick. At first it doesn’t phase him but then one shot gets him in the neck, and he goes down. Blood spurts out of his artery as he collapses and Jason looks on in horror. The one who shot Dick yells to Jason that he did it for him, and the crowd swarms Dick – literally kicking the man while he is down.

Is this the end of Dick Grayson? Perhaps. But probably not. At the same time this is going down Gar and Rachel have reached the Lazarus Pit. Rachel starts screeching and says that something is happening with Dick. The best guess is he will end up being the next body dropped into the water that brings people back to life.

In true Titans fashion, there are some cheesy moments in this episode – especially when Dick blows kryptonite in poor little Krypto’s face in order to stop him and Conner from coming with him to face Red Hood. This not only looks silly, but the green that they added to the dog’s face and body just looks ridiculous.

That being said, this is a moment that is easily forgivable as the rest of the episode truly delivers and sets fans up for what is sure to be an epic last two episodes.



DC’s Titans Season 3 Just Gave Fans Its Best Episode Yet


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