Frugal Ways To Decorate for Christmas This Year

It's Halloween – why are we talking about Christmas decorations? It's bad enough in the stores – especially when only about a quarter of the population puts up any decorations before Thanksgiving at least.

But psychologists say that putting up Christmas decorations can elevate your mood and reduce stress – and it makes sense that planning ahead can cut back on anxiety by minimizing last-minute holiday preparations. Many of the top DIY-ers recommend starting eight weeks out.

Now is the time to consider what gifts you want to give to your family and loved ones – and how you can make them feel at home in your festive home.

According to YouGov research, approximately 72% of Americans decorate their home's interior, and 17% start after Thanksgiving. Statista reports that 33% of Americans will spend over $150 on Christmas decorations.

On a positive note, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to give your home a festive touch for Christmas. Here are seven unique and subtle ideas to create a unique atmosphere at home this Christmas – and affordable enough even Scrooge would approve.

1. Bring In Nature's Touch

You don't have to spend much on decorations when nature offers many things. Pine cones are popular decorations. You can add them to wreaths, tie them up with ribbon, and place them in a bowl as a centerpiece. Other ideas could include cinnamon sticks, dried fruits, and driftwood.

2. Decorate With Evergreens

Mini evergreens are ideal for placing around windows or on your stairs. How about getting some tiny artificial trees to place around a room? They are so easy to take care of and can box it up with other decorations at the end of the holiday.

3. Stay Away From Flashy Stuff

When talking about minimal decorating, less is more. Collect ornaments, vases, and candy bowls with colors that will work well together. Your traditional colors can include green and red to represent Christmas or white and blue, which symbolize snow. Stay away from flashing lights that only complicate your scheme and are a far cry from frugal ideas.

4. Stockings and Mugs

How about starting your very own tradition? Get your stockings hung and top it off with matching mugs for the family. Then, fill them with treats, small gifts, or something you think is unique but does not have to be a Christmas theme.

5. Scented Candles for a Magical Touch

One of the most classic decorations for Christmas is scented candles. Not only will the glow be welcoming and appealing, but the variety of scents is perfect for everyone's taste. You can place them on a table or arrange candles to draw attention to one area of your room while ushering in Christmas cheer!

Candle scents include pine, apple, cinnamon, cranberry, or other scents that add a magical and nostalgic touch to your room. These aromas can transport you back to a childhood Christmas celebration.

6. Artwork Inspired by Christmas

Replace your paintings at home with Christmas-inspired artwork. You can find beautiful and reasonably priced pictures from Amazon or Etsy that you can frame. By hanging artwork on walls with Christmas themes, you can add artistic emotions to your house. It may be subtle, but it does speak volumes about the holiday.

7. The Perfect Christmas Tree

Naturally, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if there wasn't a glistening tree proudly positioned in the living room's corner. If you decide to purchase one decoration this Christmas, make it a tree.

Many people prefer a real tree for its natural pine scent, but real trees are a lot of work. It would help if you considered an artificial tree. These trees are easy to take care of, never need watering, and are safer because they are fire-resistant. Some scents are available to spray on the tree, including pine. After the season ends, box it up and store it for next year.

Although you don't have to decorate your tree heavily, make sure you decorate the tree with your entire family to intensify the holiday spirit. It's much more family-friendly to decorate the tree together than to do it yourself. Your children will be thrilled placing ornaments around the tree, then let mom or dad place the angel on the top.

Final Thoughts

This year, set aside time to decorate your home for Christmas. It's good for the soul and is an excellent way for families to come together over the season. Using imagination, you can decorate for little cost but a huge impact. Some of our ideas might give you the incentive to go for it! Christmas only comes around once a year, so decorate it and celebrate it!

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