U.S. Democrats Are Closing in on a Senate Majority

In a surprising turn of events, Democrats are now within reach of a Senate majority. The “red wave” predicted by Republicans never came, and Democratic candidates exceeded expectations in this year's midterm elections.

Breaking Tradition

Traditionally, midterm elections do not go well for the party in control of the White House. With surging inflation, a dismal economy, and Biden's low approval ratings, Republicans were expecting to coast to victory in the House and the Senate.

The wave never came, and now the parties are neck and neck. Both hold 49 seats in the Senate, but while Democrats only need to gain one seat to win the majority, Republicans need to in order to override the Vice President's tiebreaking vote.

Republicans are still favored to take the House, but the remaining races are too tight to call yet, leaving everyone in tense anticipation.

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The Wave Becomes a Ripple

Many of the poor-performing Republicans were endorsed by former President Donald Trump. With so many losses across the board, Republicans are beginning to question whether Trump is the best candidate to shoot for the 2024 presidency.

After his sweeping win in Florida, Ron DeSantis may be the Republicans' new favorite for 2024.

The disappointing performance this November has caused a lot of finger-pointing within the Republican Party. Most of the blame has fallen on Trump, the other party leaders, and the campaign messaging.

Three Republican senators have asked for the party leadership elections to be postponed. The elections were set to happen next week. The reasoning behind the request for the delay was, “We are all disappointed that a Red Wave failed to materialize, and there are multiple reasons it did not. We need to have serious discussions within our conference as to why and what we can do to improve our chances in 2024,”

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From Bad To Worse

Trump is now fighting a battle on two fronts. Not only did he take a blow in the midterms, but he is currently under investigation as well for criminal charges arising in the final weeks of his presidency.

On Friday, Trump's lawyers fought a subpoena from the Congressional committee investigating the January 6th incident. The subpoena called for Trump to be questioned under oath next week, but his lawyers filed a lawsuit, arguing that he has “absolute immunity” as a former president from being compelled to testify before Congress.

The lawsuit claims that the subpoena is “invalid, unlawful, and unenforceable.”

After Democrat Mark Kelly took the win in Arizona, all eyes have turned to Georgia and Nevada to decide the fate of the Senate majority. If Democrats manage to win in Nevada, they will hold onto their majority. If they lose, they will need to depend on the results of the Georgia election, which will not be revealed until after the December 6th runoff election.

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