24 Demon Slayer Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

As it is right now, I do not think that there is a single person who has not heard of “Demon Slayer”, Recently Demon Slayer Season 3 was also announced. Ever since it was released by the phenomenal studio Ufotable back in 2019, it caused a massive storm in pop culture, and even normies will at least have heard of it once in their life. 

And currently, the 2nd season is currently airing and still goes strong. So, in order to kind of make a tribute for one of the most popular anime series, I made these 24 Demon Slayer characters ranked from best to worst. Just because. 

For this list I try to avoid spoilers, and give my best to enlighten you all with some sort of foreshadowing. And do not worry, since it does not seem the anime will end soon, the list will be updated in the future. And with more characters of course.

This list may contain some personal opinion, thus it can be really subjective. So I apologize if you see any of those. Right now I do not think that I need to give more explanations. We have done this for a long time already lol. So yes, let us start from number 24:

24 Demon Slayer Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

24. Enmu

Demon Slayer Characters: Enmu

Perhaps among the demons who has the most screen time alongside some others. His appearance is possibly among the most annoying one. But at the very least, Enmu did his job as Tanjiro's stepping stone. And he did it quite well. 

Apart from the screen time he has, there is not that much to talk about Enmu. He barely has any good backstory like any other demons. And this is only a personal opinion, but his power is for me rather bullsh*t compared to other demons. So yeah, let us just say he is a filler for this list. 

23. Kibutsuji Muzan

Demon Slayer Characters: Kibutsuji Muzan

Just from a few appearances we can tell that Muzan is a sinister being who has no sympathy towards others, including the demons he has created. He only cares for whatever goal (I cannot tell you right now because of spoilers) he has for himself. 

And with that being said, it would be really satisfying to see the final fight between Tanjiro and him, and also seeing him losing to our main character. It should be pretty obvious that Muzan will be the last boss. I mean, he is the one who created these demons. 

22. Rui

Demon Slayer Characters: Rui

For me personally, he is the most compelling demon of them all. When you have a story like that, I do not think that you really need to have a strong power because you are going to die anyway. So it is better to die with a good plot, unlike Enmu. 

Jokes aside, Rui can also be considered as a strong demon. Even though Rui is a lower moon, he still provides a solid fight against Tanjiro. He only had a bad matchup because Giyuu came to help and easily demolished him. 

21. Akaza

Demon Slayer Characters: Akaza

I need to confess that I have mixed feelings towards Akaza. He is the one who killed the precious Kyojuro, yet it is hard to hate him because he beat him in a fair fight and does respect him while doing so. 

You also need to admit that Akaza is a badass character. Do not deny that you somehow got hyped when he first appeared in the movie (especially if you have read the manga). And yes, you can expect that he will get another screen time in the near future. 

20. Kuwajima Jigorou

Demon Slayer Characters: Jigoro Kuwajima

(Shameless plug incoming) I have explained why Jigorou is such a great teacher. If you want to read the full version, click here. But in short, despite his low screen time in the series, Jigorou has established himself as a brilliant grandfather and teacher figure. 

Jigorou always treats the loud and sometimes annoying Zenitsu with love and passion. He patiently teaches him to become a better Demon Slayer. If I were in his position, I would have exploded because I can imagine how hard it is facing Zenitsu. Jigorou needs more appreciation. 

19. Sabito

Demon Slayer Characters: Sabito

Just like Jigorou, Sabito is that one character that has a short yet memorable screen time. I remember back in the day when he suddenly got a ton of new fans in myanimelist because he taught Tanjiro a lot of stuff. 

Sadly it is quite hard to see Sabito making another appearance in the near future. He could have appeared in some flashbacks, but I think that is all. He has already died after all. But some fans would definitely remember him as one of the best early Demon Slayer characters. 

18. Himejima Gyomei

Demon Slayer Characters: Himejima Gyomei

Alright, so we are currently on the lower part of Hashira. And the reason why I put them here may varies. It may be because they lack of screen time, personalities, or perhaps they are all just simply an annoying character (at least for now). 

In Gyomei's case, well he is perhaps the most plain Hashira. By far though. He looks strong and all, but his personality lacks a bit. We can surely hope that Gyomei will get his time to shine because he does have a potential to be an interesting character. 

17. Shinazugawa Sanemi

Demon Slayer Characters: Shinazugawa Sanemi

I have my own grudge after seeing him stabbing Nezuko without knowing anything about her. I mean that is really rude and inappropriate from Sanemi. I can see his point of view, but still. Luckily he wants to hear Kagaya for not attacking Nezuko further even though she is a demon. 

So, what can we expect about him? His introduction was quite a bombastic one. Sanemi also portrays your typical badass yet rude character tropes. Last but not least, a wind powered type character mostly always be among the most powerful one. Let us hope it is true. 

16. Iguro Obanai

Demon Slayer Characters: Iguro Obanai

Obanai is equally just as rude as Sanemi, if not ruder. The fact that he almost became the cause of Tanjiro's death (remember when he pressed Tanjiro?) has also got into my note. Well, at least he did not attack Nezuko just like Sanemi. 

And of course, as a Hashira, we can expect him to be strong. I also need to point out that Obanai has an interesting character design. Starting from his multicolored eyes, and then his scarfs, and also his snake. No wonder fans quite like him despite his rudeness. 

15. Tokito Muichirou

Demon Slayer Characters: Tokitou Muichirou

And closing the lower part of Hashira is the most calm character alongside Giyuu. That being said, some fans think of him a bit plain and has no characteristics, kind of similar with Gyomei. And I do have the same idea with them. 

However, we are not even halfway through the series. From my personal experience as an anime watcher (a soft way for saying “I also read the manga), Muichirou is the type of character who will get softer and will play an important role later on. We will see if it is correct or not. 

14. Yushiro

Demon Slayer Characters: Yushiro

I have no idea why but Demon Slayer has some of the worst first impressions from a character. It is good because we will eventually see their other side after being introduced. But some fans will not wait and think of them as a bad character because of it. 

I almost got fooled by Yushiro. Insulting Nezuko already gave him a minus point. Thankfully Yushiro is also a capable demon on his own. Because I did think that he would be a mere weak and annoying side character. He still is annoying, but pretty acceptable. 

13. Tamayo

Demon Slayer Characters: Tamayo

Unlike her disciple Yushiro, Tamayo is a completely different kind of demon who is graceful and has mannerisms. Not saying that Yushiro is sh*t, but at least he needs to learn more from his master about those stuff. No really, it does matter. 

Back to the Tamayo topic, we have not seen much about her being in the series. Her past was not revealed that much, and as a demon, we can assume that she has her own power. Nezuko has one, I am certain she will also possess it. 

12. Ubuyashiki Kagaya

Demon Slayer Characters: Ubuyashiki Kagaya

Another character that I have talked about (as always you can check it right here if you want to). Kagaya has proven himself as the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. He cannot fight, thus he is definitely not a strong character, yet all of the Demon Slayer Corps listen to him. 

Kagaya uses his charisma and love to lead his underlings. And we can assume that he is a really good tactician. I mean, why else is the Hashira willing to follow them if it is not because of these qualities? 

11. Urokodaki Sakonji

Demon Slayer Characters: Urokodaki Sakonji

Another great teacher and loving figure who helped and trained Tanjiro so he can be a great demon slayer. Yes his method of teaching is strict and rather unforgiving, but we can see the results of the training as a massive success. 

As the ex Hashira, we can theorize that Urokodaki possesses a great swordsmanship. But whether or not he is going to use it is still unknown. I mean, Urokodaki himself is already old, and I personally do not want to see old men keep dying in shonen anime. Let the youngster handle the fight. 

10. Uzui Tengen

Demon Slayer Characters: Uzui Tengen

Welp, the current hottest commodity in Demon Slayer anime. His eccentric personality has either gained him a lot of fans, nor caused him trouble. Especially when he slapped Aoi's butt. If you have no idea about that issue, read it here

And frankly, I do not have that much to say or “expect” about Uzui. The anime is currently airing, we will eventually know what is going to happen to him real soon. So yeah, better sit down and wait patiently, because real talk, you do not want to miss it. 

9. Kanao Tsuyuri

Demon Slayer Characters: Kanao Tsuyuri

You see here, the main reason why I put her this high is because of the fact that the fans love her so much. For me personally, even right now I am kind of struggling to see her appeals (Kanao fans please do not attack me).

But you know, I guess she will have a bigger role in the near future. That pattern almost always happens in anime, you know. Starting as a plain character, it turns out he or she will be the one who can solve the crisis. Perhaps the same will happen to Kanao? 

8. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Demon Slayer Characters: Zenitsu Agatsuma

Personally, I kind of dislike loud and annoying characters in anime. Because well, most of them are deafening. Zenitsu is the embodiment of such characteristics in the series. Thankfully, when the gear kicked in, he became one of the most badass characters. 

Another thing that Zenitsu embodies is Bruce Lee's quote “training one kick 10,000 times” stuff. He practiced that one form so many times that he knows exactly how to do it perfectly. All we have to do now is wait for another chance for him to shine once more. 

7. Hashibira Inosuke

Demon Slayer Characters: Hashibira Inosuke

And another character who has quite a first introduction. I was so angry seeing him kicking the helpless Zenitsu who protected Nezuko. But sure enough, my impression of Inosuke has changed and now I cannot help to adore him (not in the gay way). 

For me, Inosuke has the best character development as it is right now. Started as a dish*t, now he became a decent human being with a dash of lunacy. Maybe we can eventually see him as a “normal” Inosuke, even though it might bore us because this version of Inosuke is amazing. 

6. Kamado Nezuko

Demon Slayer Characters: Kamado Nezuko

This might be a bad thing to say about Nezuko but I cannot unsee her as the mascot of Demon Slayer right now. I do apologize for Nezuko fans if this somehow offended you. But really though, the resemblance is there and you cannot tell me otherwise. 

On a serious note, the main story of the series is that Tanjiro tries to find a way to make her sister back as a human. This is why Nezuko is so important to the series. It is kind of like the gear starts moving when Nezuko becomes an anomaly among demons. 

5. Kanroji Mitsuri

Demon Slayer Characters: Kanroji Mitsuri

Welcome to the upper part of Hashira. These Hashira are so loved by the fans and did have either quite a good amount of screen time or at least a really nice first impression. And in Kanroji's case, she falls into the 2nd category. 

I still remember she gained a huge amount of popularity when she first appeared in the series. People love her because of so many reasons, from her personality to her look. And when she gets more screen time, I bet there will be more people who will start to love her even more. 

4. Tomioka Giyuu

Demon Slayer Characters: Tomioka Giyuu

The first badass character who appeared in the series. We (especially female fans, I guess) can definitely tell that Giyuu would be among the most important characters and really loved by the fandom. And they are absolutely correct about that. 

For men, Giyuu is known for his badassery personality and of course his swordsmanship. While for women, Giyuu is a good looking chad who has a nice personality despite his cold demeanor. Either way, fans love him no matter what the reasons are, and it also proved that Shinobu is wrong about Giyuu. 

3. Kochou Shinobu

Demon Slayer Characters: Kocho Shinobu

And speaking of which, we got ourselves arguably the best waifu of the series. I have explained that Demon Slayer has some of the worst first impressions. Such a thing does not apply to Shinobu. And I believe most of you will agree with me this time. 

To close things up for Shinobu, I have mentioned that she will have something massive in the series. And like I said for so many characters already, all we have to do now is simply enjoy the show. This series' story is something that we cannot see in your generic shounen anime. 

2. Rengoku Kyoujuro

Demon Slayer Characters: Rengoku Kyojuro

Apart from being involved in literally the best fight not only in the series, but also perhaps in the anime history, there are also more things to say about Kyoujuro. And I reckon his best aspect aside from his swordsmanship, is most definitely his personality. 

There are a lot of anime characters who have burning passion inside them. While some of them are annoying (just how many times did I say annoying again?), Kyoujuro begs to differ. That fiery personality is so entertaining to watch. It is just right, hence fans love him because of it. 

1. Kamado Tanjiro

Demon Slayer Characters: Kamado Tanjiro

I suppose that it is quite easy to understand why Tanjiro became number one for this list. I can argue that Tanjiro is among some of the best male characters for shounen anime. His motive, personality, and belief, honestly it almost never gets tiring to see. 

When his journey comes to an end, it could be one of the most heartwarming and tear jerking moments we would ever seen. The day will come soon enough, but as long as it still continues… Well you should get the point already. In conclusion, Tanjiro is brilliant.