Man Reveals Truth Behind EV Ownership: ‘I Despise My Electric Car’

The news may be filled with daily announcements of new electric vehicles (EVs) with new features, extended ranges, lower prices, and the promise of a better driving experience, but what do EV owners have to say about them?

A Day in The Life of an EV Owner

A popular YouTube vlogger has spoken up and revealed his true feelings about his EV, and it is not all rainbows and unicorns. Lee has over 122,000 subscribers, and he let them all know about the challenges and frustrations he has encountered over the past year of owning his EV.

He recently released a video titled, “I DESPISE my ELECTRIC CAR. EV owners HATE EACH OTHER. My trip home from London almost ENDED in DEATH.” 

Apparently, when rubber hits the road, there are pitfalls to owning an electric car that owners aren't speaking up about. 

Check out his full video:


Lee's number one complaint? A lack of charging infrastructure.

EV Owner's True Feelings on EV Ownership

Lee is the not-so-proud owner of an all-electric Porsche, and his tipping point began when he experienced an airport's long-stay parking lot. After arriving back home in London, he got into his parked EV and noted that even though he charged his car before he left home, there wasn't enough charge to get him back home. 

He complained, “That really, really winds me up because it's going to add, what, an hour onto my journey. Maybe more because I've got to go and charge it up in a service station somewhere. Which means I'll have to get a coffee or whatever and wait along for it when really all I want to do is get home.”

Once he located and stopped at a charging station, he was even more frustrated to find that there was only one spot available. He deems the idea of electric cars “pathetic” when there's only one charger available, labeling EVs as “dangerous.”

To make matters even worse, as Lee was charging his EV, another EV owner came up and asked if he could take his charger, claiming that he had to urgently pick up his children from school. Lee obliged, but not without ranting about the inconvenience of EV ownership. 

EV Ownership Requires Careful Planning

In the comments of his video, many EV owners chimed in with their own frustrations and complaints about their EVs. But then, many happy EV owners called Lee out for his lack of planning. 

Meticulous planning is a crucial part of owning an electric car. When buying an EV, you must choose a car with a range matching your daily needs. If you have to drive long distances as a part of your commute, then an EV may not be the best choice. 

And, since charging stations are far and few between, EV owners must also plan their routes around charging station locations. 

Lee's experience is not an uncommon one. As EVs become increasingly popular, we will see even more mixed feelings on the real side of EV ownership.