One of America’s Guilty Pleasures Is Holding Strong, as Long as There’s a Coupon Involved

The digital coupon market accounted for 4.67 billion dollars in 2020. According to a report from Transparency Market Research, the industry will continue to grow significantly to $29.7 billion by the end of 2031 – showing just how much people love a good deal and saving money.

Gone are the days of all-day coupon clipping to save a few dollars on groceries, eating out, and other household necessities. While it's still possible to find coupons in the newspaper or spam in your mailbox, trends show consumers rely on shopping apps for savings.

Ultimately, Americans love a good bargain. With over 36% of adults consuming fast food daily, it isn't a surprise that fast food coupons are a frequently Googled item in 2023. These trends give insight into what type of food Americans love buying at a discount.

America's Love for Coupons Goes Way Back

Coca-Cola designed the first coupon around 1887 to drive consumer behavior. Soon after, Coca-Cola's sales rose to historic numbers, making it a household staple. As a result, coupons are now a mainstay marketing strategy that works like a charm for companies to get customers through their doors and spend money.

As technology progressed, so did the ways shoppers could access discounts for their favorite products and services. From printed coupons to online codes and mobile apps, customers have more options than ever to ensure they get the best deal.

Today's Coupons Trends

In 2023, a survey shows that 92% of U.S. shoppers are regularly looking for coupons to save on their purchases, especially when it comes to online shopping. Americans love coupons regardless of age or income status.

Shoppers can access coupons in various ways, from newsletter email subscriptions to retail apps and browser extensions. Of course, food is always a popular choice for savings. Grocery coupons make it easier to shop at home and save money, while fast food coupons offer immediate satisfaction without breaking the bank.

The Top Food Delivery Coupon Searches for 2022

A 2022 study by the frugal living experts at examined consumer habits regarding fast food delivery and coupons. They looked at the average monthly Google searches over the past year for coupons that involved food delivery services in the U.S.

Which food delivery service was the winner?

Data shows that DoorDash coupons were the most searched in the food delivery service sector, with over half a million searches per month. DoorDash outranked Uber Eats (#3) and GrubHub (#6), illustrating people likely find the delivery service more accessible and affordable in their area.

And while the CDC revealed in 2018, “The percentage of adults who consumed fast food increased with increasing family income,” it's clear these adults are still looking to offset the cost of fast food and delivery fees.

The Runner-Up: An Ode to a Classic

At over 400,000 searches per month, Papa John's outranked Pizza Hut, Subway, Burger King, Little Ceaser's, and Domino (all in the top ten) as the single most searched fast food restaurant for discounts.

What people search for every month confirms that pizza is a guilty pleasure for many Americans, with half of the coupon search results leading to people's favorite pizza joints.

Whether customers craved Papa John's or another fast food restaurant, the love story between hungry bellies and pizza continues.

Pizza: A Love Affair

In the 1800s, Italian immigrants brought the recipe of flatbread topped with tomatoes and cheese to the U.S., and it instantly became a hit. Fast forward two centuries and pizza has become an integral part of America's national cuisine. Pizza is a classic favorite for all, including billionaires, teenagers, and everyone in between.

A 2015 poll showed that one-third of consumers eat pizza at least once a week. The biggest pizza enthusiasts (16%) ate 16 slices per week. Ultimately, pizza has a monopoly on the nightly meal plan for most Americans.

Guilty Pleasures Without The Guilt

Katie Ren, the founder of Common Cents Mom, commented on the findings: “We all love some takeout every now and then, and coupons shed some of that guilt off. With half of the top 10 most Googled food coupons being a pizza specialist, our study reaffirms America's favorite – the good old classic pizza slice.”

A Practical Choice in Today's Economy

Why do Americans love pizza so much?

Well, to start, the combination sets our taste buds on fire with a delicious blend of fatty cheese and carbs. Besides, tackling the age-old question, “What's for dinner” is a breeze, unlike other fast food options.

There's no need to order separate meals; instead, grab a couple of large pizzas that everyone (friends, family, etc.) can share. This also makes it economical, especially when you add a coupon.

There's a Coupon for That

Coupons are still alive and well in the United States, evident by Google searches for discounts on restaurant takeout. While there is a lot of competition among fast-food establishments vying for customers' attention with various deals, it's clear that pizza reigns supreme as America's go-to guilty pleasure.

The fact that discounted pizza coupons are the most Googled food query speaks volumes about Americans' cravings for this tasty treat. Coupons allow pizza lovers to enjoy their guilty pleasure guilt-free while keeping more of their hard-earned money in their bank accounts.

The next time you're craving some pizza, take a few minutes to first search for a coupon.

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