Disney Adults-easy To Make Fun Of, Until You Need Their Advice

The internet has been abuzz with the notion of “Disney Adults.” Most define them as adults, with or without children, who are “obsessed” with everything Disney. But, as some have dramatically claimed, are they the end of rational adult thought? Many Twitter users believe these adults need to grow up, while many others defend their choice to like what they like and ignore the naysayers.

Whatever side of the argument you fall on, everyone can agree that those with a certain degree of passion for Disney are helpful in more ways than one. We reached out to some of the most ardent adult Disney fans to discover what mistakes they've made in the past and why they always share those mistakes with others planning their magical vacation.

Dressing for the Occasion Is Important

The attire chosen for a Disney Parks or cruise vacation is critical. Above the desire to be fashionable, it's essential to know how to dress for the weather and time of year a guest will be visiting. Florida is known for its rain showers that pop up out of nowhere, and California can become quite chilly when the sun goes down.

“My first trip to Orlando, I did not understand about the torrential rain,” says Samantha Davis-Friedman, contributing editor for Travel Age West. “My shoes and socks got soaked, and I got terrible blisters! Now, rubber flip-flops are always in my backpack, and I swap shoes the second I feel a raindrop!”

Becky Moore, the founder of travel website GlobalGrasshopper, said, “The number one mistake we made the first time we went on an Orlando Disney adventure was to completely and utterly underestimate the amount of walking involved. My advice now to everyone going is to invest in walking shoes.”

Another clothing consideration is dressing in layers. Even in the warm, typically mild California spring, it can get quite chilly after sunset in  Disneyland. The same applies to sunny Florida. It is not unusual for Orlando to suddenly become warm or cold at an unseasonable moment.

Don't Underestimate the Need for Sustenance

Another aspect of Disney vacations that needs considerable planning is meals and snacks. “Don't buy water,” freelance writer Casey Clark shares. “Order a case from Amazon Prime to your resort or stop at a nearby gas station if you're driving in.” You can also acquire cups of ice water for free at many quick-service dining locations throughout Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Rachelle Talley, a Disney fan and mom of one, told us, “In 2000, I booked multiple meals a day, some in different parks. We spent some days just rushing to meals. I tell people to go with a plan but also be ready to change that plan and don't miss those impromptu magical moments!”

Many meals and snacks at Disney Parks are large enough to share. Sharing a meal or a snack with someone else in your group can be cost-effective for the whole group.

Breaks Are Ok. It Is a Vacation After All

Adults and kids are not so different in their needs, especially for rest and food. Building in natural breaks in the day or even using a whole day as a reprieve from lines, rides, and the crush of crowds is crucial to a pleasant vacation.

Leslie Harvey is the founder of the travel website Trips with Tykes. Leslie said, “Having a full day in the middle of a vacation to sleep in, lounge by the pool, shop, or stroll around Disney property can rejuvenate tired parents and kids for a few busier days. Bonus that is also can make your vacation a little cheaper by shaving a day off of park ticket costs.”

“If you try to go, go, go your entire trip, no one will enjoy any of it because you'll be too exhausted,” Britni Vigil of the website Play, Party, Plan agrees.

Disney Cruise Specific Advice From Disney Adults

Disney Adults have made mistakes on their cruises before as well. “I was on a recent Disney Cruise Line sailing with other adults and originally opted for the late-night dinner seating as I assumed that made the most sense as a childless group,” freelance writer Carly Caramanna said.

“After realizing the bulk of live entertainment takes place during those times and that night lounges close before the standard last calls on land, I recommend that adults take advantage of the early dining if they want to experience the nightlife on board.”

Additionally, packing appropriate clothing for a cruise is just as crucial for the parks. Depending on the cruise length, you might need casual and more dressy attire. However, don't make the mistake of bringing too many outfit changes. You will spend much of a cruise vacation in pools or on the beaches of the various ports of call.

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