How to play Disney Uno? Rules and Point Distribution

The Uno, also known as the game of matching cards, is enjoyed by everyone. Disney has added a luxurious touch to the game by adding people’s favorite Disney characters such as princess Jasmine, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, and so on.

Just like the regular Uno, the goal is to finish the set of cards in hand as fast as possible and the one to get rid of all of the cards in hand will win the game. The basic rule is to match the card displayed over the pile. When the player has one more card remaining, they will have to say “UNO.”

UNO Disney edition has some special cards like the wild card called “Power of Friendship” which gives the players an opportunity to get rid of a card that matches the current color of the discarded pile. 

How many players can play Disney UNO at one time?

As UNO is a showstopper of every family game night, the Disney edition lets 2 to 10 players play at one time. The game is perfect for kids above 7 years old.

How to set up UNO Disney cards?

At first, the cards will be shuffled and distributed among the players but the person who will shuffle has to be chosen at the beginning. The person who’ll get a chance will be called the dealer.

For that, every player will pick a card and the player whose card’s value is the highest will get the chance to shuffle. 

The cards will be distributed among the players and each player will get 7 cards. The remaining cards will be kept unshown at the table which will be known as the drawn pile.

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The top card will be drawn to start the game and this will be called the discard pile. Now, keep in mind that if the discard pile’s card is a “Wild card” it has to be returned to the pile and another card has to be picked from the drawn pile.

Fun fact: If the game begins with a wild card then the player sitting next to the dealer will get to select the color to start the game with. Also, the game will begin from the left side of the dealer.

If other wild cards are drawn at the beginning, the first player has to do whatever the wild card directs. For example, if a plus 2 wild card comes at the beginning, the player on the left side of the dealer will have to draw two extra cards from the draw pile.

What are the Rules for Disney UNO?

Just like the UNO regular edition, it is also played clockwise. Meaning the game will start from the left side of the dealer and continue onwards. 

The first and foremost rule is the players have to match their cards to the top card of the Discard pile by color or number. 

Now, let’s say the top card of the discard pile is a yellow 2. You can either play any number of the color Yellow or you can play with the number 2 of any other color. 


In case you don’t have the matching color or number, you can play a wild card. If you don’t have any of the above cards, you will have to draw a card from the drawn pile. 

If the drawn card doesn’t match the top discarded card, the next player will get the chance. Before any player plays their last card, they will have to say “UNO.”

When a player plays a wild card, it will be applicable to the immediate player sitting on the left. So, if the player plays plus two, the player sitting on the left will have to draw 2 extra cards. 

If any player forgets to say UNO and any other player catches the action, that player will have to pick 2 extra cards. 

But if nobody catches the action and the next player has already played then that player will not have to draw any extra card. Once a player gets rid of all the cards in hand, the game will be over and scores will be counted.

What is the scoring system of Disney UNO?

When a player gets rid of all the cards in hand, the remaining cards of the other players will be regarded to count the score. 

For the cards with numbers, the face value of the cards will be counted as points. For wild cards the scoring is different. 

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For each card of Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip, 20 points will be counted. For wildcards like Discard a color, 50 points will be counted and for villain draw 4, 75 points will be counted. 

Disney UNO is a beloved game of every kind, especially the one who loves the Disney characters. The characters drawn on the cards give a special touch.