Disney100 Celebration At Disneyland Features Brand New Entertainment & More

Fans around the world are celebrating 100 years of Disney and what better place to be sure to visit this year than Disneyland! This is the theme park that started them all, and they are going full force when it comes to ringing in this very special year. With new nighttime shows, delicious food, must-have merch, and a stunning purple and platinum overlay, fans will want to make their way to California this year!

Wondrous Journeys Nighttime Spectacular

Gaze in wonder as Sleeping Beauty Castle and Main Street, U.S.A. become a marvelous canvas for 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios storytelling. Thrill as talented artists transform empty pages brimming with possibility into beloved Disney characters and vivid animated worlds awash with magic.

All of this and more is brought to life by soaring music, stunning state-of-the-art projection technology — and on select nights, sensational pyrotechnics!

For over 100 years, Walt Disney Animation Studios has unlocked a special kind of wonder in our lives. These films have inspired us to dream bigger, unleash our spirit of adventure, discover the power within—and realize that it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.

Wondrous Journeys is an enchanting celebration of the wishers, dreamers and artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios who have shared their imagination and talents with the world.

Wondrous Journeys propels guests through an incredible and epic journey through years of animation over just 13 minutes. The biggest issue with this show is that it is just not long enough. Guests will gather in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and feel all the feels.

But just as quickly as it starts, it ends. Pooh Bear even makes an appearance at the end of the show, asking for it to please go on just a little bit longer. We can all relate, Pooh!

That being said, the show itself is absolutely phenomenal. While at times it is reminiscent of shows of the past, Disney is unafraid to completely step it up into new territory and bring us things that we have only dreamed of seeing. We don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to go in blind, but if you are a Baymax fan, prepare to have your world rocked!

Not only are we given some truly touching moments that play out over the castle via projection technology and an incredible fireworks display — keep your eyes on the sky because there are jaw-dropping surprises that will have you cheering (and possibly shedding some tears).

Wondrous Journeys is a celebration of all things Disney. It showcases the best of the best, while also delivering on a powerful message of what the talented Disney artists have given us these last 100 years. It is magical, wondrous, and truly spectacular.

This show is sure to become a favorite of Disney fans as they watch it over and over.

World of Color – ONE

Discover how a single action can make a world of difference during this exhilarating nighttime extravaganza. World of Color – ONE is finally showing at Disney’s California Adventure and it is a huge step up from its predecessor.

That isn’t to say that World of Color was not something special, because it was, but this new show incorporates many of Disney and Pixar’s fan-favorite characters and films, and uses their stories to inspire audiences to do better, be better, and send a ripple through the world that can help change it.

As someone who usually takes advantage of the shorter ride lines during shows and parades, it came as a shock at just how much we loved the World of Color – ONE show. We have a rule in this house that we always try something once, and usually that is enough for a show like this.

However, Disney has outdone themselves here as this water show is absolutely stunning. Not only do our favorite Disney and Pixar characters show up to prove how one small act can change the course of the world, Marvel and Star Wars ones do too.

When we say that tears were shed during the Marvel moments, we mean they were streaming down our faces. The way they are incorporated is absolutely beautiful.

Even during the very windy night when we watched the updated World of Color show, the pictures were clear and awe-inspiring. This show takes key moments from films like The Lion King, Encanto, Mulan, Moana, Coco, and Soul and puts them together perfectly. They blend well and tell a full, cohesive story.

The show itself lasts 24 minutes, but it flies by as viewers will be memorized by their favorite moments of their favorite films. Witness characters changing lives, inspiring others, and learning to believe in themselves.

A Special Disney100 Exhibit

The Disney Gallery on Main Street, U.S.A. gives Disney fans seasonal art exhibits to explore and so of course there is a special Disney100 exhibit currently on display. Here, guests can read about many of the iconic rides, both old and new, as well as see maquette sculpture up close.

Not only will they be stunned by these works of art, they can read the inspiring stories behind their favorite Disneyland Park attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and even Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough.

In reference to Disneyland Park, Walt Disney said, “It all started from a daddy with two daughters wondering where he could take them where he could have a little fun with them, too.” The park was also an opportunity for Walt to tell stories in a whole new way, bringing Disney films to life in the real world.

It was as if guests could walk right through the silver screen and become immersed in the Enchanted Forest, Never Land, Toad Hall and Davy Crockett’s Wild Frontier.

The Disney100 exhibit is a self-guided attraction. While you can spend as much time as you like there, we suggest setting aside at least thirty minutes. Longer, if you wish to read every plaque and look at all of the displays in detail. It truly is something magical.

Disney100 Must Have Merchandise

Nearly every shop at Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, and Downtown Disney have Disney100 merchandise for guests to browse. No matter what you are looking for, they have something for you! The Disney100 colors are platinum and purple, which is exactly what color the merchandise is as well.

Classic items like ears, hats, and balloons can be found just about anywhere you look – and yes they are adorable and yes, you need them. The spirit jerseys are colorful yet subtle, and feature the fab five (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, and Goofy) as well as Pluto on back. They also include the Disney100 logo and are a must-have for collectors.

When it comes to the other Disney100 merchandise that guests can purchase, there are shirts, sweatshirts, statues, dolls, plushies, and so much more. Truly something for everything. Honestly, all are reasonably priced when compared to the non-Disney100 merchandise, which is sure to make Disney fans happy.

Currently discounts are able to be used, so if you are a Magic Key holder or a Disney Vacation Club Member, prepare for savings!

Disney100 Delicious Dining Options

There is something to be said about Disney food. Somehow, everything just tastes better at the parks. Disney has gone all out to help celebrate Disney100, and that means they even stepped it up with the food offerings. There are a lot of delicious sweet treats, with our favorite standout being the Lemon Tea Cake. However, cream cheese pretzel lovers will be thrilled to get their hands (or rather tastebuds) on the Violet Pretzel which is the cream cheese-filled pretzel drizzled with salted vanilla cream and lavender sugar. If a churro is more your thing, Disney has you covered with their Disney100 version which is a churro rolled in cherry sugar and drizzled with white icing and purple and silver pearls.

Collectors rejoice because of course Disney thought about the items that will last forever as well. There are popcorn buckets and mugs/cups – our favorite being the Disney100 Poison Apple Mug.

Here is a complete list of the food and beverage offerings for Disney100:

  • Lemon Tea Cake: Lemon curd, lemon zest glaze, and a fresh slice of lemon
  • Celebration Cake: Pecan brownie, chocolate truffle mousse, red berries, and milk chocolate mousse glazed with chocolate ganache and topped with a star
  • Minnie Apple
  • Minnie Cake Pop
  • Platinum Trifle: Layers of chocolate cookie crumbles, cheesecake, cherry compote, chocolate cookie mousse, and crème fraîche chantilly with crunch pearls and a chocolate piece
  • Old-Fashioned Cream Soda: Sprite, cherry, and blue cotton candy gourmet syrup served frozen and topped with whipped cream and purple pixie dust
  • Potato & Cheddar Cheeseburger: 1/3 lb Angus chuck patty, green chile, and bacon cheddar sauce with spicy crispy potato planks on a brioche bun
  • Lemon Chiffon Pie: Classic lemon chiffon pie with graham cracker crust topped with vanilla chantilly cream
  • Mr. Banks Shortbread Tart: Caramel and chocolate ganache in a shortbread tart, purple-colored white chocolate mousse, sea salt, edible silver stars, and silver crunch pearls
  • Violet Pretzel: Cream cheese-filled pretzel drizzled with salted vanilla cream and lavender sugar
  • Sparkling Grape: Sprite with grape syrup topped with a candy stripe
  • Disney100 Churro rolled in cherry sugar drizzled with white icing and topped with purple and silver pearls
  • French Onion Dip Pizza: Mozzarella, Gruyère, caramelized onion, and sliced roast beef served with a side of beef au jus
  • SNICKERS Sundae: Butter-pecan ice cream topped with chocolate shell, caramel sauce, whipped cream, chopped peanuts, and SNICKERS bar pieces served in a waffle cup
  • Steamboat Willie Shake: Cookies & cream shake with whipped topping and chocolate creme-filled cookie ears
  • Disney100 Thermo Tumbler
  • Disney100 Mickey Mouse Sipper
  • Disney100 Poison Apple Mug
  • Disney100 Magic Key Refillable Popcorn Bucket
  • Disney100 Star Glow Cube
  • Disney100 Mickey Mouse Straw Clip
  • Disney100 Cinderella Premium Bucket

Magic Happens Parade

As part of the Disney100 Celebration at Disneyland Resort, celebrate the return of this unforgettable spectacle that reminds us you don’t need wings to fly, shooting stars are for wishes and magic doesn’t end at midnight!

Beginning February 24, 2023, witness the return of this fan-favorite parade.

No matter how you like to celebrate, Disneyland Resort has you covered. There are new magical nighttime shows, merchandise as far as the eye can see, and a whole lot of delicious offerings.

Disney is celebrating 100 years with their Disney100 celebration, so be sure to visit in 2023 so you too can experience all that they have.

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