DisputeBee Review (2023) : Scam Or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Starting a credit repair business can be tough. You need to complete a lot of tasks and follow up on replies from the three credit agencies.

At times, the work seems so easy because of the easy steps to file and settle a dispute. However, there are a lot of underlying tasks that must be completed for you to be in position to file a disputed credit entry on your credit report.

As a business, the only way to make some money from it is by automating the processes that would otherwise take a lot of time to complete thus the need of credit repair software.

There are various software offerings on the market and they need some research to get used to.

In this article, you shall see what I have learnt about one of these software platforms known as.


What is DisputeBee?


DisputeBee is a credit repair software platform. The platform is used by professional credit repair businesses to ease their operations.

The platform also has a section dedicated to serve individual clients.

The software platform was created in 2018.


Who created DisputeBee?

DisputeBee was created by Lee Schmidt. According to the DisputeBee home website, Lee Schmidt is also listed as the CEO.


How does DisputeBee work?

DisputeBee is a credit repair software program. Just like most software programs, its functionality is mainly determined by its features.

When you purchase the license to use the software, you are sure to get access to:

1. Automated credit repair.

The software platform walks you through the process of generating dispute letters that you can send to credit bureaus, debt collection agencies, banks, lenders, and other agencies on behalf of your clients.


2. Remove negative items.

The software’s algorithm is designed to remove items that have a negative effect on your client’s credit report.

This includes collections, credit inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies and other contentious issues in your clients’ credit report.


3. Increased credit scores.

The software helps you to remove erroneous negative remarks embedded in your credit report. This helps to increase the credit rating and apply for better credit terms.

The platform gives you a general outlay on how you can use their software.

The first thing to do is to select a subscription plan that you can use to suit your needs.

When you go through the plans and select one to use, then you can make payments and the software program will be accessible to you for use.

Most of the functionality is directed towards improving your credit scores.

The other features support affiliate marketing.

To put it into perspective, the best way to utilize the software program is by following these steps:

1. Import a credit report

There are three agencies that provide credit information for individuals and businesses alike. The agencies are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

These agencies compile all your credit history into a single report that can be accesses at any time.

They are responsible for collecting your information regarding your past credit history, how long you take to pay back and it is used to generate a credit score.

When running a credit repair business, you are trying to improve the credit history thus better your client’s credit scores.

In this endeavor, you have to analyze your clients’ credit reports find those areas that can be altered.

The software platform allows you to import your clients’ credit reports from the three agencies mentioned earlier.

This is crucial since some software providers in the field do not allow for this.

You should know that this can happen online directly from the agency website to your software program.


2. Automatically generate dispute letters.

After you import your credit report, the software allows you to generate dispute letters.

This happens after the software’s algorithm runs and performs a credit audit on your credit report.

Basing on the discrepancies found in the contents of the report, the software automatically generates dispute letters for the information that is contentious.

The software has a library of written dispute letters for both personal and business use.

You do not have to pay for this feature since it comes in the package along with other features.


3. Track your progress

The platform helps you solve your disputes. After you send out some letters to the three credit bureaus, you have to keep checking with them until you receive a response.

By law, they are required to answer the dispute letters within 30 days.

Beyond the 30 days, the negative remark you are disputing is automatically removed from your client’s credit report. This rarely happens but it is a possibility.

When you receive a response to the dispute form any of the three agencies, it must be uploaded to DisputeBee. In most cases, the response may not be satisfactory.

Therefore, as you upload the response letters, DisputeBee will continue generating response letters to the ones sent to you. This goes on until the required outcome is gotten too.

This often means that the negative remark has been removed from your client’s credit report.

You can see a summarized version below.

how disputebee works

The software also comes with bonuses including:

1. Educational material.

It includes information on how to make the credit repair business work for you.

Since it deals in fixing credit, it also includes some additional information on how credit works and how it can be of use to you.

Credit can be a good source of cash flow if managed well.


2. Organized interface.

Since you are handling a lot of information on the dashboard, it may be hard to keep up with all of the interactions.

The interface is very well organized featuring a lot of easy to access whatever you need as you use the software.


3. Dispute letter templates.

The software comes equipped with credit dispute templates that are helpful in creating dispute letters and sending them out.

The best thing about the platform is that the algorithm does not generate a generic letter for all disputes.

It sends out letters according to the unique nature of the dispute at hand.


4. Guidance on what to send.

The DisputeBee algorithm has a clear layout of how it operates ready for its users.

At the second step, the software starts generating letters to send out to the credit reporting agencies.

This does not require any input at all. It only needs the information and the process is streamlined going forward.


DisputeBee also offers step by step video training and long form article content to help you become more educated in the credit repair business.

Once you pay for the monthly plan for either individual plan or business plan, you will receive educational material to ensure that you get the best result when removing disputed items in your credit report.

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How much does DisputeBee cost?

The DisputeBee software can be bought for individual and business use.

Currently, the prices for the two as described below:

1. Individual plan

This is the basic plan offered on this platform. This plan is most suited to cater for the needs of individual credit repair.

You can even use it to your own advantage.

The plan costs $39 per month.

The individual plan’s features include:

  • Import your credit report
  • Supports all 3 bureaus
  • Personal disputes to bureaus
  • Personal disputes to collectors
  • Pre-written letter templates
  • Dispute process tracker
  • Dispute collections
  • Dispute credit inquiries
  • Dispute late payments
  • Dispute bankruptcies
  • Intelligent letter suggester.

According to the platform, they shall add educational credit material and dispute tax liens at a certain time in the future.


2. Business plan

This is the second plan offered by the DisputeBee platform.

This plan is best suited to serve the credit repair needs of your clients.

The plan costs $99 per month. It contains all the features displayed in the individual plan.

In addition to those features, you also get enjoy features like:

  • Adding unlimited team members
  • Creating unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Bulk generate letters
  • Bulk print letters
  • Send mail via API
  • Custom letter templates
  • Custom letter sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Client portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Client billing integration.

The platform accepts payments from Visa and MasterCard. You may be required to pay extra money for services that are not bundled together with the credit repair software.

You can cancel your subscription at any time if you are not satisfied with the product offered to you.

You can find this section when you click the “Cancel” button in your billing settings when you log in to your account.

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Pros of DisputeBee

DisputeBee brings a lot of features that are useful to anyone that owns a credit repair business.

There are other demonstrated advantages of using the DisputeBee software for your credit repair needs.

They include:

1. Suitable for personal and business use.

The DisputeBee software was designed to suit the credit repair needs of both an individual and a business alike.

This means that you can buy it and use it to fix your own credit rating you can also use it for other people around you like your family and friends.

The software also has an option of serving businesses involved in the credit repair industry.

The platform helps automate and significantly streamline your operations.


2. Upload and send out dispute letters.

The algorithm in the software helps to send out dispute letters to all credit agencies.

Once the credit report audit is complete, the platform helps you find the areas that need to be addressed.

The letters are then sent out to correct any contentious information.


3. Training videos.

The platform includes training videos in its package. The training videos can be accessed when you purchase the rights to use the software.

disputebee training videos

The training videos are aimed at improving the clients’ knowledge of the credit repair business.

On top of the training videos, the platform also gives you access to long articles with information on how to improve your credit.

They improve your value for money and significantly increase your knowledge about credit repair.


4. Dispute letter generator.

Following an audit on your credit report, areas with contentious information are identified by the DisputeBee algorithm.

When this happens, the algorithm helps you to look for the best letter that can suit your dispute.

In addition to this, the platform allows you to generate more respond letters to send to the credit agencies in case the dispute has been responded to.

This gives you free time off the backlog of creating and drafting dispute letters to suit the needs of an individual.


5. On boarding process is simple.

Most software providers have this feature pinned down including DisputeBee.

When you are a new customer, it is very easy to get you setup with the DisputeBee software.

The beauty about it is that the interface is user friendly which allows you to navigate across various the software making it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

It is easy to get used to the platform whether you are using the individual plan or business plan.


6. Offers great value for money.

When you purchase rights to use the software, you are buying a lot of features including dispute letter suggestor, dispute collections and a host of other features available in the individual plan and the business plan packages.

The platform also offers some educational material about credit repair.

This increases your value for money paid for the software.


7. User friendly.

The easy navigation of the interface combined with no additional programming knowledge required makes it a candidate for the best user friendly software out there.

You do not have to worry about any hardships regarding the use of the software.


8. 90-day money back guarantee.

According to the terms and conditions of use of the DisputeBee platform, you are eligible for a money back guarantee within the first 90 days of purchasing the software.

Despite the good things about it, sometimes you are just not satisfied with the services availed to you.

The platform allows you to claim any amount paid for the software in 90 days.

This gives you ample time to check out the service and see whether it will be a good fit for your business and / or personal needs.


9. Powerful software.

The software platform boasts some incredible features especially the business plan.

It has the ability to handle multiple disputes and clients at the same time.

There are also other features including adding unlimited team members and clients which need a powerful algorithm to run smoothly.


10. Supports all three credit bureaus.

The platform helps you keep tabs with any dispute you filed with the credit bureaus.

Since it supports all three credit bureaus, you have the opportunity to file complaints with all of them regarding the nature of correctable remarks made on your credit reports.

As a business person, this helps you keep tabs with all possible areas of customers for your business.

You also have the opportunity to clear out any errors with any agency using DisputeBee software.


11. Dispute tracker to track your progress of disputes.

The platform also has a dispute tracker to help you keep tabs on the disputes you sent out.

These trackers are very useful to you especially if you are running a credit repair business.

This is because it may be hard for you to remember all the dispute letters you have sent out on behalf of your clients.

This helps you to find an organized approach to dealing with the disputes of your clients and improving your service delivery.

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Cons of DisputeBee

DisputeBee operates like any other human system and it exhibits some flaws inherent to it.

The areas of concern include the price and others discussed below:

1. The cost can be a bit much for some people.

The cost might be justifiable if you are running a credit repair business.

However, the price of the individual plan is a bit high considering the fact that the features are lacking.

The bad thing about it is that there are no discounts when you consider the pricing plans for both programs.


2. You have to follow up on your results.

The algorithm is not designed to show you the results of the credit dispute.

All it does is help you create the dispute letters for your credit repair journey.

You have to keep checking for the outcome of your disputes.


3. No trial period for the software.

You do not have the opportunity to test out the software before you use it.

The software can only be accessed after you purchase the rights to use it.

Otherwise, the platform cannot be accessed to see how good it runs.


4. Upsells associated with the software.

There are a few other features you have to buy if you are to use the software efficiently.

If you purchase the individual plan and need some features from the business plan, you have to pay extra money to access these features.


5. It has limited features in the individual plan.

When compared to the business plan, the individual plan is absolutely lacking.

There are numerous features that are included in the business plan but not in the individual plan.

You can read more about them where you find the pricing.


6. Does not have invoicing options or business integrations.

You cannot generate invoices using the software itself.

This means that you have to find another way of sending your invoices showing the amount of work you have done for your clients.

There is no way you can integrate other businesses like other platforms.

Unlike other software platforms, you cannot add affiliate marketing or any other software to the mix.

You can also watch this YouTube Video for more information on DisputeBee.


DisputeBee Reviews Reddit (Customer reviews from Reddit)

According to Reddit, a few people have talked about credit repair software.

The only thing I was able to find relating to DisputeBee is in the screenshot below.

It appears to rate the platform as a good recommendation for credit repair.

disputebee customer review

Review on Reddit

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Conclusion: DisputeBee Review: Is it legit?

I advise you to sign up with this software. According to my extensive research, this is a legitimate and user friendly software platform to help smooth out the operations of how to run a credit repair business.

It is one of the best platforms you can come across on the website. It can suit your basic business and individual needs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this DisputeBee review and found it helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What are your thoughts on DisputeBee?

Do you have any questions or concerns about the software?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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