12 of the Most Disturbing Facts About the Human Body

What is the most disturbing fact about the human body? I think it’s that it self-diagnoses and self-medicates to a certain extent. Whenever I have stomach problems, I always know what food causes it. I can see a clear mental picture and know to avoid it next time. After a community member posted this question on an internet platform, here are the answers people gave.

1. Your Immune System Can Blind You

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According to a contributor, the back part of your eye has a complex protein called crystallin. It helps your eye process light, but it’s not found in any other body part. Thus, your immune system doesn’t recognize it. If you experience excessive eye trauma, your immune system could destroy the undamaged one while going after the foreign protein.

2. Body Organs Move

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Have you ever felt your stomach or any of your organs shifting? Several women say they could feel their organs moving in the space the baby once occupied. The organs move back into their original position as the uterus shrinks.

3. Old Wounds Can Reopen

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Collagen does all the patchwork in our body. A responder discloses that if you have vitamin C deficiency, your collagen levels may drop to the point where old scar tissue breaks down. This will cause your wounds to reopen.

4. A Minor Brain Trauma Can Change You

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Who knew your brain could reset your personality? Somebody writes that a minor brain tumor can change the things you like, dislike, and other aspects of your personality. You’ll keep doing what you did in your previous life to avoid questions, but you now exist as a memory of your former self.

5. Fatal Familial Insomnia

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Whenever I pull an all-nighter, I always have an out-of-body experience, so I can’t imagine how I’d feel after multiple sleepless nights. A forum member with occasional insomnia shares their terror of getting fatal familial insomnia. This is a condition where you don’t sleep for days, and you lose your mind bit by bit until you die.

6. Your Liver Regenerates

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Many answers marvel at the realization that if two-thirds of your liver is removed, it will grow back. However, the bile duct, veins, and arteries can never grow back, so you can only donate once.

7. Human Intestines Move

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This may feel disturbing, but another reveals that intestines wiggle around in a bowl when surgeons take them out during abdominal surgery. When they complete the surgery, they put them back in and let them wiggle back into place. They’ve mastered the ideal orientation.

8. Your Body Is Always Fighting Cancer

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Your body destroys five to eight cancers that do not self-destruct in one lifetime. An individual claims that some cancers could fool the immune system so they grow and spread. The best easy to prevent cancer is to work on your immune system.

9. Hormones Define You

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We tend to think we have control over who we are, but we couldn’t be further from the truth. A person discloses that the hormones in your brain define who you are. Your mind, willpower, or intelligence cannot change that.

10. Your Immune System Can Kill You

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When we fall ill, our bodies will do anything to heal us. Someone explains that in order to heal the body, the immune system develops fever and swelling to kill the virus. Such defense mechanisms can be too severe for the body.

11. Babies Are Unaware of Their Individuality

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One replies that newborns think they are a body part of their mother. It takes them a while to discover that they’re separate.

12. Breastmilk Comes From Blood

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Finally, an internet user indicates that breastmilk is filtered out of blood with fat. This means babies are little vampires.

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