What Does a Divided Congress Mean for Biden and 2024?

Republicans managed to pull off a slim majority in the House, which throws a monkey wrench in Biden's agenda for 2023 and could affect his 2024 run.

Narrow Margin

This year's hot-button topics of the midterm elections were inflation, rising crime rates, abortion rights, and threats to democracy. Now that Republicans have their majority in the House, they can press Democrats to cut spending and start their investigations into Biden's administration and family.

Without control of the House, Democrats will not be able to pass any of the legislation they had planned on voting rights, police reform, and abortion access, among other things.

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Budget Cuts

Republicans will reportedly be pushing for spending to be cut in various programs. Now that Republicans have the House, the fight over raising the debt ceiling will begin. The government is predicted to hit the limit on how much money it is able to borrow by early 2023.

Wendy Schiller is the director of the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy at Brown University. She claims that the debt ceiling significantly affects everyone's lives.

“That’s the single biggest thing that affects everybody’s lives. It affects everybody's retirement, it affects Social Security, it affects every bond issued by the federal government.”

Republicans have been pushing back against raising the debt ceiling in recent years. “They come back to the table and say, ‘OK, we won't default the country, but you have to cut $85 billion from the budget,’” Schiller said. “So I think Republicans will continue to use that tool, and they use it effectively.”

Democrats could theoretically limit Republicans' ability to leverage steep spending cuts by raising the debt ceiling before the new Congress takes over. Republicans reportedly want to cut spending to Social Security, Medicare, and clean energy.

“After two years of irresponsible spending by Democrats driving historic inflation, American families can’t afford for us to not have a serious debate about government spending,” Rep. Adrian Smith, a Republican from Nebraska, said.

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What This Means for 2024

Biden might have a slightly harder time rallying support for his 2024 campaign now that his party lost the House. Going forward, it looks like Congress will be locked in a constant battle to make good on their campaign promises going into 2024.

Despite the divide in Congress, each party will now be able to run on the argument that if they had full control of the government, they would be able to accomplish all of their promises.

Former President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he will be running again in 2024. Democratic strategist Danny Sragow said that Trump is a great distraction amid the division in Congress.

“Donald Trump is an incredible distraction, and he’ll continue to be an incredible distraction,” Sragow said, “but at the end of the day, what he does or doesn’t do and what the consequences are of his running or not running, nobody really knows.”

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