Do I need to watch Line of Duty from the start?

Do I need to watch Line of Duty from the start?

You do not necessarily need to watch Line of Duty from start to finish, but you do need to watch seasons two and three.

Line of Duty is widely regarded as a BBC channel classic. First premiering on BBC One, the series only grew in its cult following after it was moved to BBC One before the fifth season of the series with 10 million viewers tuning in for the season four finale.

Considering how many seasons and episodes there are of the crime drama series that focused on the discovery of bent law officers in the field, one of the commonly asked questions is whether it is worth bingeing the series from the beginning to the end to get into it.

While there is no bad season of the series, this you can do, but there is one stipulation to this.

Line of Duty: How many episodes are there?

On IMDb, Line of Duty has an impressive overall rating of 8.7 out of 10. This rating asserts that the series is beloved not only in the UK, but globally.

The show first premiered in 2012, and the series enjoyed six seasons and a total of 36 episodes as each season consisted of six hour-long episodes.

Unfortunately, imagining a seventh season was off the back of the slow recovery of the world from the COVID-19 pandemic and how it changed the world. this is why the end of the series is largely attributed to these changes.

Do I need to watch Line of Duty from the start?

To sufficiently answer this question, it is important to discuss  the type of format that Line of Duty follows.

While there are the main characters, Superintendent Ted Hastings and his two main co-stars, Detective Inspector Kate Fleming and womaniser, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, who are played by Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure, and Martin Compston, respectively.

The drama series was formatted as having a single season premise, meaning that each season had a particular bent law officer that they had to discover as to their real identity.

This meant that for the six hour-long episodes, we watched as they got close to the truth then failed, only to eventually figure it out at the end of the season.

Due to the fact that this is the primary focus of every season, and the storylines of the characters are secondary to the A-story or the main premise of the season, it allows newcomers to the series to watch the best seasons, according to viewers and fans, before watching the less lauded seasons of the series.

If you want to start watching the series, below is our list of binge-worthy seasons to introduce you to Line of Duty.

The list outlines the order in which you should watch the series. But again, there is no bad season of the crime drama series, just preferences.

Line of Duty: Season 2

The reason for this is that newcomers are often told that they cannot watch Line of Duty’s conventionally considered best season without watching the previous season. As such, season two, which premiered in 2014, is the best entry season to watch.

The premise of the season is focused on the AC-12, which is investigating which bad police officer is behind the ambush of a police escort of a protected witness.

Arguably, one of the shocking moments aside from the revelation of who it is, is the death of Detective Constable Georgia Trotman at the end of episode one.

Line of Duty: Season 3

Unanimously considered the best season of the series, season three of Line of Duty premiered on BBC Two in 2015.

The season is given its high praise because of newcomer and bad cop, Sergeant Danny Waldron, who makes the season worth its best season rating.

He provided a lot of drama for the season, but what is considered the most impactful scene was when Mays bested Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott, and Dot Cottan in a classic interrogation scene that saw AC-12 left wanting.

Besides Mays’ portrayal, the season is filled with episodes that will leave you gobsmacked.

Line of Duty: Season 1

The season that started the series is always a place to revert to once you understand the hype of a show.

As such, the season premiere in 2012 of one of the most popular crime drama series is the best place to go after you have watched season two and three chronologically.

The first premise of the series was that of the AC-12, in which they had to investigate super-cop, Tony Gates, for fiddling his crime clearance rates. But in one of the biggest twists, the AC-12 the fall upon a world of murder, drugs, and organised crime.

How to watch and stream Line of Duty?
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