Do Space Heaters Save Money?

Few people ask me do space heaters save money?

I live in Canada in the GTA area so heating houses efficiently without paying extra is my main concern

If you live in cold climate where winter is really cold then you have to budget your heating bill

That's why some people use space heaters to help warm their room

At the same time they can lower their thermostat for a little bit like 1 or 2 degrees

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do space heaters save money

That's why in this post I will try to cover if space heaters save money and it is worth buying one

Do Space heaters save money?

There is no specific answer to that question as there are many factors controling that

  • First how much you pay for electricity in your area?
  • How much power does your space heater consume?
  • Also how much you pay if you use your heating system alone?
  • How spacious is your house or townhouse?
  • How long does it take for space heater to heat your house?

Based on all the above factors you can search the market for a high review low power consumption space heaters to buy

Then you can try many combination of lowering your thermostat along with using your space heater in your room or main storey and monitor your electricity bill

Again there is a power watt consumtion to use that measures the consumption of any device you use at home

Also the above hybrid of thermostat with space heater work best with smart thermostat

Is it cheaper to run a space heater for the whole house?

First if you are living in area where the weather is not below zero in winter

Then it would be practical to use space heater alone

As you can wait for your space heater to heat your home and save money

Space heater is slower than central heating to heat your entire area

So small square footage home like 1200 sq feet can be heated with space heater alone

If you are living in a condo then you get a forced central heating system included in your building

So it doesn't make sense to use a space heater in condos

How to save money using space heaters?

There are so many techniques you can follow to save money with space heaters

You have to try them yourselve and see if it impacts your power bill

1- Lower the temperature of your thermostat

Your body adapts to a certain temperature if you keep using every day

I used to setup my thermostat to 23.5 then I lowered to 21 c

Again it all depends on the outside temperature

For example, Toronto in December most of the times it is above zero

You can have your thermostat set to 21 c and you still feel warm

In January, if it hits -10 c or more then anything above 21 c would be better

2- Use a smart thermostat

I discussed before on my article about how to save on electricity? the benefits you get from using smart thermostat

There are many things to set in Smart thermostat that is impossible with regular one

For example, you can setup a night mode to lower your thermostat to 20 c as you will be under blanket and heat up again back to normal an hour before you wake up

You can setup a program when you are away and you can control it from your mobile if you decide to return home early

3- Look for energy efficient space heaters to save money

Almost all space heater models tell you in advance how much power they consume

There are so many energy efficient space heaters that can help save money

As I said earlier if you have the power watt consumption you can run it for one day

Take the value and apply it to weekdays as you will get a 3 rates of electricity (low, meidum and high peak)

You can apply it on weekend and see the consumption

Now you will be ready to estimate how much you will pay for your space heater

4- Heat only the area you stay most of the time

You can buy an easy to carry portable space heater and take it with you whenever you move at home

But the easy and convenient way is to locate it in an area like the living room where you stay most of your time

An open concept homes make it easy to locate a space heater in the middle of your main storey while having the fans distributed evenly across both directions

5- Shut registers in rooms you don't access

This is very important to help you save money with space heaters

You definitely need central heating in area with very cold weather

If that is the case then think about shutting all registers in rooms you don't access

For example, I had to count all my registers when I decided to change all of them with stylish look ones

I realized when I moved around my house there are many registers located in rooms like my closet and washroom where I barely need them open

Tips for using space heaters to save money

Few tips below when using space heaters to save money like

Safety comes first

Remember you decided to use space heater and this is not as safe an central heating

This is a source of heat and it can burn papers or clothes if they are put on top of it

I know this may sound obvious but if you have kids in your home they don't know these rules

Don't leave your kids alone with a space heater in their rooms or while playing alone

Save money by not setting space heater to its highest temperature

You may know that the more you increase your space heater temperature the more it will consume electricity

So try to set your space heater to a moderate temperature

Dress appropriately according to winter weather

I know some people like to stay with little clothes even in winter

This can be good if you don't care about your heating bill

It is a well known issue that dressing heavy clothes while lowering your thermostat temperature can be something practical to follow

But it is impossible to do that while wearing light clothes

Try all possible locations and different settings

Always try different locations for your space heater

Especially if you are facing it you would feel hot

While it is not heating up your main living area

Also try different settings like setting up a duration to switch off automatically

Experiment different thermostat settings

As I mentioned above if using space heater and lowering your thermostat one degree

That would make a big difference in your heating bill

Use smart plug with your space heater to save money

I highly recommend to always use smart plug programmed to shut down at night

That is the case if your space heater does not come with a duration feature

Not only to help you save on electricity but it is for safety reason

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