Does AutoZone Install Batteries? All FAQs Answered

Does AutoZone install batteries? And all common FAQs are answered below!

AutoZone offers the facility of free testing and charging of the batteries. It will enable you to make sure that whether your battery needs any replacement. In case you need a new battery, they will assist you in finding the most appropriate battery for your vehicle, as well as the habits of your driving.

It offers battery installation services free of cost. It is applicable only if you buy a new battery from their store. However, if your car's battery is difficult to access or it requires the removal of certain parts, it might not install the new battery on your vehicle.

AutoZone review:

autozone battery policy

It is a well-established and leading retailer of automotive parts for replacement. This leading distributor of accessories in the United States sells parts of auto and light trucks. Along with this, some other accessories are chemicals and parts in about 50 states in the USA. It also expands its services in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, etc.

They also sell automotive diagnostic and other repair software via diagnostic, ALLDATA, and repair information. It makes use of for selling auto and light truck accessories and parts.

Does AutoZone install batteries or not?

This retail store offers batteries only when you buy a new car battery from this store only. The customer service representatives said that all the installation services are available free of cost and the purchase of every new vehicle battery.

However, AutoZone might refuse to install batteries under certain mandatory circumstances. If the installation requires the associates to remove the car's components, you will initiate battery installation somewhere else. Also, this retail and distribution store might not install the battery if it is located at some unusual location, such as under a seat or in the wheel.

Along with the installation process, it also offers free testing and assessment of the vehicle's batteries while the battery is still inside your car. The services of the stores vary as per the variation in the location. Therefore, you must contact the nearest store before paying a visit to such a place.

But, at first:

Before buying a new battery, you must get the workers at the store to conduct a test check of your battery. It might be possible that the battery must have lost its charge. In such a case, you can wait while they engage in changing your vehicle's battery. Both of these services do not require the payment of any charges. This opportunity is free of cost. Hence, the clients must grab it. In case it turns out that your battery is weak or dead, then you have nothing to lose. They have removed complex installation of the batteries, which requires removing certain parts of the vehicle.


A battery at the AutoZone will cost you about 50 USD to 120 USD. It depends upon the battery type as well as the model and year of the car. A team member will look at your vehicle and will quote the numerous price options in front of you. If you seek a premium level battery, you need to pay between 90 USD to 200 USD. The expensive the battery is, the longer the life of the battery will be, along with a rise in warranty period. The amount you are willing to spend on the car depends on the user's choice and also on the recommendation of the customer service staff. Battery life is determined based on age. It does not depend on the use period of your vehicle. They will take the time to explain to you all the available choices.

Wrapping up: Does AutoZone install Batteries?

AutoZone installs car batteries, which is often a part of their free service. The AutoZone installs batteries free of cost. The only condition is that the client must buy the new batteries from their store only. It undertakes the installation of a battery within less than 15 minutes. They have removed complex installation of the batteries, which requires removing certain parts of the vehicle.

Apart from the removal of batteries, it also assists by checking the previous battery and charge the same, if required. Instead of replacing the old battery, AutoZone will suggest checking and assessing the old battery first.